Happy Birthday "+nm+"!
") window2.document.write("Today you are "+parseInt((tody-dty)/372)+" years old and about:

") for (i=1; idts[i]) {dif=dty-dts[i];ar="younger"} else {dif=dts[i]-dty;ar="older"} yr=Math.floor((dif+15)/372) mn=Math.floor((dif+15-yr*372)/31) if (yr==1) {yrs=" year "} else {yrs=" years "} if (mn==1) {mns=" month "} else {mns=" months "} window2.document.write(" "+yr+yrs+mn+mns+ar+" than "+nms[i]+", age "+parseInt((tody-dts[i])/372)+"
") } window2.document.write("

This also means you were:

") for (i=1; i(dty+743)) {window2.document.write(" "+parseInt((edt[i]-dty)/372)+" years old "+ettl[i]+"
")} else {if (edt[i]>(dty+371) && edt[i]<(dty+744)) {window2.document.write(" a 1 year old "+ettl[i]+"
")}} } for (i=1; i<31; i++) { if (edt[i]>dty && edt[i]<(dty+372)) {window2.document.write(" not yet 1 year old "+ettl[i]+"
")} else {if (edt[i]==dty) {window2.document.write(" a newborn "+ettl[i]+"
")}} } window2.document.write("

") window2.document.write('©2000, TSAA

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The Birthday Printout Age Gauge

This Age Gauge will generate a page which will open in a new window. Most current browsers will allow you to print the new page for your use. Many browsers will also allow you to send and receive the page by email. Check your software information to see if your browser can print and/or send a page generated by java script. After completing the following form, press PROCESS (or AOL Process for most AOL users) to generate the new window and page. Only the birthday dates and year of birth or current age are required. Close the new window to return to this page. Note: Early versions of Netscape may experience problems if the new window is not closed before attempting to generate subsequent print pages.

First you must enter the month and day of the Birthday, and the year the person was born or the age they will be on this birthday.
Month: Day: Year Born: or Age:

If the birthday you are using this for is not in the current year you can change the year to calculate to.
Year of this Birthday:

You may enter the name of the person having the birthday.

Now you can slip in one or two personal events that have occurred in the person's life, such as: at the time we were married or when I graduated. Just enter the event and the date it occurred. Always begin the event with at the time, when, on the day or similar introduction.

You can also add up to two other people to compare the persons age to. Just add the date of birth and a name.

Now you can enter a short ending comment such as: "with love, Muffy" or "still younger than you, you Jerk"
Ending Comment:

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STANDARD VERSION AGE GAUGES: JOAD DIVISION CALCULATOR - This Age Gauge is from: Texas State Archery Association
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