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Issue 74
June 10, 2009

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Total Archery - Inside The Archer
Old Programs and Fliers From Past NAA Target Championships
TSAA State Target Championship 2009

This newsletter is much shorter than usual. Why? The focus of the issue is the excellent book on archery, the latest in a series by our national head coach, Kisik Lee. I did not want to wait to get this into your computer screen.

I was able to persuade an excellent archer who has a superb way with words, Lindsey Carmichael, to review a pre-print copy furnished by Tyler Benner, archer and co-author of the book. It's linked below, and you will find it a very good explanation of the book.

I will, for the future, refer to this method that Kisik teaches as "Kisik's Way", or Kisikdo (like Judo, TaeKwanDo) - there is no official name, other than to say that the book does not once use the phrase "Best method". And I have not asked permission to coin this name - I may be in hot water - I hope Kisik will forgive me. But for me, after reading this book, on top of all I have learned from him since his arrival, it is indeed a "do", a "way", and it's his. Kisikdo. It's a natural.

The "BEST method" name was an introductory way to establish in America, to signal a break with the old ways, to show how different his method is from anything that has been devised before. And I think it is not so important what you call you it, it's critical that you use it. And if I were to call it the American Method, be sure that elite archers and coaches around the world will rapidly adopt this method as well. US archers that ignore this way, this martial art, Kisikdo, will be left in the dust. I have a history of studying several martial arts, judo and TaeKwanDo, up to the brown belt level, 1st dan, and I am completely convinced that this book by Kisik has scientifically established a new martial art, of modern archery, and barring some compelling reason not to, will refer to this as KisikDo. (Kee Sik Doh') Sorry, coach Lee, but it is so - this is a path, a way, a method of not just shooting an arrow, but a way of life. I suspect his next book, for coaches, will profoundly complete this "way".

Once you read this book, you will realize as I have that he has created a new way of being an archer. Totally dissected, completely specified, each and every aspect is covered, in the mechanical sense and in a martial arts way. Kisik and Tyler speak to the archer on the most precise level.

NEXT, please read the review by Lindsey. Even if you do not adopt this way, if you are not able to commit to a new philosophy and cannot buy into this method now, if you are an archer you should be able to find something of value that can improve your game. And the vast majority of this applies to compounders, not just recurve archers.


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Total Archery - Inside The Archer
A new book by Kisik Lee and Tyler Benner, reviewed by Lindsey Carmichael.

Lindsey's Introduction to the archer and coach who might read this book:

"Coach Lee’s latest installment in the Total Archery series provides a comprehensively detailed guide to shooting your best.

Co-authored with archer Tyler Benner, this book is written from an archer’s perspective, yet packs all the punch of a top-level coaching seminar. Inside the Archer grants shooters of every caliber a rare glimpse into the athletic development and evolution of technique taking place at the Olympic Training Center. Each page is filled with accessible descriptions, photographs, and charts that delve into each component of the shot cycle with unprecedented depth.

If there was ever any question or confusion regarding this popular shooting style, the answer must surely be in the pages of Inside the Archer. Like no archery book ever published, this book trains the reader to understand the shot with the eyes of one of the world’s best coaches, and to feel the shot with one of the nation’s top archers. Inside the Archer is the new definitive guide to understanding the difference between shooting well and shooting with true athletic excellence. "

Note by editor Ron Carmichael: In my years of studying what we initially called the BEST method, I have found it to be a continual process of improving my comprehension of what Kisik Lee was saying and teaching. A significant aspect in this teaching and learning process was the translation factor. Korean thought into American understanding is not always an accurate process! During the classes, seminars, and discussions I have experienced with Coach Lee I found it vital to repeat back to him in my own words what I THOUGHT he was trying to teach, so that he could decide if I was "getting it", and we would often arrive at an agreed-upon meaning.

In this book I think that Tyler Benner has served in that same capacity. Only, Tyler has done a far better job than I have because Tyler has been under Coach Lee's constant supervision and tutelage as a resident athlete for years, and has been able to get it right over and over again. I suspect that it is best to have athletes that learn well from a coach, so that in turn the better coaches learn from watching these athletes gain the knowledge, learn what ways of communication work best, what phrases and tactics work best, such that the good coach is he who learns from his own teachings as the student is changed. Make no mistake, this book is written using Kisik Lee's superb knowledge and abilities, by both Kisik himself as well as by Kisik speaking through an American archer, Tyler Benner. The two together provide a synergistic complement.

This book is aimed not at the coach such as myself but rather directly at the archer. It is for the archer to hold, to read, to study, and to implement. Of course, every coach wishing to help that archer must also be completely familiar with the book, if only to insure that the archer does not stray from Kisik's path. I myself, have ordered two copies, to insure that I always have at least one while I am working with a student.

For the full review of Inside the Archer, written by paralympic medalist and writer Lindsey Carmichael, please use this link to the acrobat document on the TSAA's website.

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Old Programs and Fliers From Past NAA Target Championships
I am involved in a project to obtain and digitize (scan into a computer) any printed materials from the National Archery Association's past tournaments. For more than 100 years the NAA has conducted an annual Target Championship, which has been held in every corner of the land.
I have posted programs and information from 1903 to 1955, in the form of pictures of typewritten and printed pages, arranged in photo albums for easy viewing. These are available for viewing 24/7 online in the
USA Archery Records website , at this specific link .
Unfortunately, I have NOTHING from the year 1956, onwards, and nothing prior to 1903! I know there are a lot of archers still shooting today who participated in events in the 60's 70's, and so on - who may have tucked some programs or results, or maybe still have medals, pins, and awards they won. I'd like to get a chance to scan the printed matter, to get high-quality photographs of anything else, to grow our online museum and to insure that these wonders do not get lost, do not end up being sold in garage sales and estate sales for pennies. Did you know that there once were large and lavish trophies the archer got to keep for only a year, and then had to relinquish back to the NAA, for passing on to the next champion? Apparently on turning in the trophy, the past champ got a pin for the quiver denoting the past accomplishment! Where, oh where, are those trophies now?

If you know someone. If you ARE that someone, please contact me by email or by phone (512-797-4127), or perhaps contact the NAA/USA Archery offices to see about contributing to your museum. Full acknowledgment and documentation will accompany anything we post online in this project. Once digitized, the pictures will never fade, and the past glories of the NAA fellowship of the sport will endure.

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TSAA State Target Championship 2009
The 2009 event will be held in Bastrop, southeast of Austin. It is a STAR FITA event, of course, and as usual for TSAA events you need to register online using the TSAA system. The event will be on July 18 & 19, and the deadline for registration and postmarking is the 11th of July. This is a great location - central to the state, so that it is equally close to the valley as to the panhandle, more or less. Please reach out to your friends in the other organizations, and make sure they know they are welcome to shoot in this target event. I will be sending out a flyer to all members, so that they might take it into their local archery shops to post and promote. Let's grow this thing!

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