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Issue 70
September 2, 2008

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Paralympic Archery Information
District 11 4H Archery
NBC Coverage Of The Olympic Archery Events Remains Web-Based
Texan Takes The US Open Male Recurve Trophy
Archery On A Shoelace
Coaching Training Opportunities
Texas Indoor Events Are Set

Paralympic Archery Information
I admit it, I have a special interest in seeing what happens at the Paralympics, particularly OF COURSE with archery.

So for that purpose, here are some links to various aspects of the second-largest sporting event in the world (right after the Olympics).

A primary index of the sports and the schedule of the competitions with archery featured near the top of the list naturally, can be found at this link to the official website.

The various competitions will be broadcast LIVE on real television sets throughout the world, EXCEPT in the United States where virtually nothing will be shown live as far as I can find out.

The web will be the main portal for viewing in the US, the only window through which to view excellence, in other words.... Fortunately, there MIGHT be some good archery broadcasts on a website near your computer.

Please note that the qualifying rounds for Archery will begin on the 9th at the Olympic Green Archery, and the elimination rounds on the 13th of Sept.

It is my understanding that not too many years ago, the athletes with physical impediments who wished to represent the US in paralympic games were required to pay their own way to the event. (!)
Today, they are afforded many of the same marks of respect and honor as the able-bodied athletes and are able to compete in the same venues.
True, they are not permitted to show the olympic rings anywhere during the paralympics. (those athletes with Olympic ring tattoos will actually have to cover them up with really big band aids during competitions).

And some might notice that in the US, the prestige of paralympians lags far behind their status in Europe, Asia, etc. But the trends are all positive and definitely improving! Perhaps in the next cycle, the contract for video coverage of the Olympics will require similar commitment of coverage to the Paralympics? Things continue to improve, and the 2008 event will be a marvelous event to behold. Hopefully I can post some observations and photos while in Beijing over the next few weeks. Check this link to the blawgosphere for updates...

Here is the release from the USOC:

First Ever Multiplatform Broadcast of Paralympic Games Coming to U.S. via Universal Sports

Daily video highlights to be webcast on official site of U.S. Paralympic Team, (http://www.usparalympics.org)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -U.S. Paralympics, a division of the U.S. Olympic Committee, is pleased to announce that Universal Sports, a multiplatform destination for amateur sports programming, will provide the first-ever multiplatform broadcast coverage of the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, presented by GE in the United States. Daily video highlights will also be webcast on the official site of the U.S. Paralympic Team, usparalympics.org.

The groundbreaking broadcast will premiere on Sept. 6, on UniversalSports.com and Oct. 8, on Universal Sports TV, followed by a special presentation of the events on NBC, Oct. 18.

"The U.S. Olympic Committee is making a tremendous investment in building the Paralympic movement in the United States. That commitment has helped significantly raise the awareness of Paralympic programs since 2004, and this broadcast agreement is clear evidence of the growing interest nationally in Paralympic sport," said Charlie Huebner, Chief of Paralympics, U.S. Olympic Committee. "The amazing platform provides an exceptional opportunity to showcase the talents of the 2008 U.S. Paralympic Team, introduce more individuals with physical disabilities to the Paralympic movement and inspire all Americans."

Viewers will have the opportunity to watch the Paralympic Games, Sept. 6-17, with daily live and delayed highlight shows on UniversalSports.com and usparalympics.org. The official U.S. Paralympic Team site will also host daily video blogs from U.S. athletes and delegation members. Beginning in 2009, the U.S. Olympic Network will re-air portions of the 2008 Paralympic Games.

The Paralympic Games are an elite sporting event for persons with physical disabilities. In Beijing, a total of 4,000 athletes from around 150 countries will be competing in 20 sports and the U.S. will be represented by 213 athletes.

For current Universal Sports scheduling information for the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games, please visit UniversalSports.com.

Also note that there may be some video published on paralympicsport.tv

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District 11 4H Archery
Every year, many hundreds of young kids get to compete in weekly indoor archery tournaments spread around south Texas, sponsored by the 4-H.
Many elite archers have come from this program, including USAT members and Junior USAT members, members of international competitive teams, Resident Athletes, dream team members, on and on. This program starts kids that demonstrate excellence over and over, thanks to the parents and mentors who create this environment....and it is time for the 2008 indoor season!
Here is the link for the 2008 Indoor Season. Links to the results from each tournament will be posted as the season evolves.

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NBC Coverage Of The Olympic Archery Events Remains Web-Based
Footage from the Olympic Archery events have been edited and trimmed down to exciting and concise matches. They really did a great job capturing the tension, the drama, and the excitement of the head-to-head matches held in Beijing - everything you did not see on the non-existent televised coverage can be viewed over and over, by using this link to the NBC Olympic Coverage website. Note that you can also view a bunch of photos, scores, day by day writeups, biographies, all about the US archers that competed for Gold. Great stuff!!

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Texan Takes The US Open Male Recurve Trophy
In 2006, he finished first with a gold at the Gold Cup in New Jersey. Later that year, he finished second in the US National Championships. He has represented the US abroad a number of times as a youth, a collegiate, and as an adult archer. Congratulations to a very talented Texan archer for taking GOLD at this year's US Open in Colorado Springs: Tim Meyers!
And there were
133 records set at the 2008 US National Target Championship! Wow, that is a lot of enhanced shooting! Some records that were either tied or broken had stood for many years.

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Archery On A Shoelace
Archery is composed mainly of a bow, an arrow, and a few simple tools to improve the interface with the archer.
The bow sling is remarkably simple, yet crucial to insure the archer does not grip the bow during the shot. Now, if you think gripping the bow is a good thing then you don't want to bother with this. But if you want to keep a neutral influence on your bow, you need a sling so the bow doesn't fall to the ground on release.
You can buy all sorts of slings - wrist slings, finger slings, even slings that are screwed into your bow riser. One problem with slings is that archers tend to make them too tight so that they influence the bow by accident during the shot.
So it is good to keep the sling slack enough to avoid problems, yet tight enough to keep the bow from bouncing off the ground. An astute observer will have seen in many videos of elite archers that the favored sling of Koreans and others is actually a shoelace. Cheap, infinitely adjustable, and reliable. The trick is tying it properly.

Sooo....Would you like to tie your own? James Cosimini of Brandeis University has
recorded a quick and clear video that demonstrates how to take a simple shoestring and put it into use protecting your bow. Note that this is an Apple Quicktime movie and is fairly large (takes awhile to download).

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Coaching Training Opportunities
A Community Coach Course Leader Workshop is scheduled for Oct 23-26, 2008 at the Colorado Springs, CO Olympic Training Center. The Community Coach Course Leader Workshop is a four day workshop where Course Leader Candidates demonstrate their ability to teach the Community Coach Course. Upon satisfactory completion of the workshop, Candidates are certified to teach the Community Coach Certification Course.


November 11-16, 2008,
with National Head Coach - Kisik Lee
This seminar is part of the USA Archery High Performance Program and is designed and presented by National Head Coach, Kisik Lee, in an effort to train coaches around the country. The training will focus on the BEST Method (Coach Lee’s Shot Technique System), Sports Science for archery and effective coaching methods.
This will be the only Coach Training Seminar of this sort for 2008! This is required for RHPCs to renew their status.
GOALS: To train Coaches in the USA Archery accepted system,
and, this seminar will serve as a means of renewing High Performance Coach status on current RHPCs that attend and meet expectations.
and, it will also serve to identify additional Regional High Performance Coaches. Not everyone who attends will be selected as RHPCs.
Current RHPCs are required to attend. If attendance is not possible, please Contact High Performance Manager. Anyone with USAA Level 2 or higher certification is welcome.

TO read more information on these opportunities on the US Archery website, please click this link.

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Texas Indoor Events Are Set
The two premier fall indoor archery events for Texas - the Longhorn and Aggie Indoor events, have been scheduled. Please check the TSAA calendar for more information, dates, links, etc...

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