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Issue 68
July 26, 2008

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How Can You Get To The Next Level Of Your Own Archery Excellence?
View Archery In Real Time
Olympics and Archery
State Target Championship 2008 - Photos, Videos, and Results
JOAD State Target Championship 2008
College Student Project
Kevin Stone, Paralympian - a video news story
Texas Archer and Youth Archer of the Year Results
Archery Focus in Electrons

How Can You Get To The Next Level Of Your Own Archery Excellence?

Come learn everything you can from world renowned coach, Coach Kisik Lee
August 18-25, 2008
Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista, CA
Come join us for a intensive 6-day shooting clinic specifically designed for archers wanting to reach that next level. Time will be divided into shooting sessions and classroom seminars and will cover all facets of reaching that next level. Seminars will include Best Method details, Problem Solving, Tuning and Equipment, Scientific Feedback, and there will be plenty of Q&A time.

Coaches include Coach Kisik Lee, Coach Guy Krueger, and Coach Mrs. Lee.
This clinic is designed for archers, however, personal coaches may attend only if they have an archer attending the clinic. Only the first 30 entries will be accepted. Every attendee will receive a copy “Total Archery” and a training kit(stretch band, formaster, and form strap)
We have 12 beds available onsite at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. The price for staying at the OTC for the 7 days is $280 and that includes meals!
Olympic Training Center housing will be available for the first 12 applicants. Transportation will be available for those staying off site given that they stay at the Host Hotel which will be determined shortly. Meals will be available for off site archers at $6/meal.
Price for Clinic:
$700 for archers
$350 for personal coaches attending with archer(s)
$6/meal at OTC available for archers and personal coaches staying off site
$280 for room/board if you are one of the first 12 accepted.

To sign up, email Coach Guy Krueger NOW!

So, what are you waiting for?
Note from the editor: I have seen archers spend far more money than this clinic costs, on gear in an attempt to improve their scores. There is more to archery (and life) than simply scores. Far more than shiny new hardware can deliver. The methods I have seen KiSik Lee teach can provide*any* archer with an opportunity to gain in ability and happiness far more rewarding than any new toy can bring. No new gear needed! Just plan to use what you came into this life with, and to learn to use it better.

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View Archery In Real Time
You will soon be able to view archery in the Olympics and the Paralympics online, using the FITA resources.
Watch the Beijing 2008 Paralympics on ParalympicSport.TV!
ParalympicSport.TV will be on-site in Beijing to report from the biggest sport event in Paralympic history, the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games.
With two daily highlights, daily news, background stories and athlete interviews, viewers of ParalympicSport.TV will be kept up-to-date with what is going on in Beijing.
Additional live-coverage is planned. Tune in to
www.ParalympicSport.TV to watch and be inspired by true Paralympic Sport.

and for the Olympics, you can tune in and watch many, many hours of live action (and delayed) on the NBC website.

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Olympics and Archery
NBC is the television channel that has the rights to the Olympics Coverage in 2008, in Beijing. They are pulling out all the stops this time to utilize all the resources, including the web, to bring the games to you. I found their efforts to cover archery to already be extremely good. You can use this link to view what they have up on their website so far. Don't forget to bookmark the link so you can return easily, and also you can subscribe to email services. I strongly urge all archers to HIT this site often, to spread the word about it, and to follow the archery-related links as much as you can. The more hits, the more attention NBC will give the sport - it is a simple matter of numbers.

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State Target Championship 2008 - Photos, Videos, and Results
A record number of archers competed in the State Target Championship, held one week ago, July 19-20, 2008, in Austin.

The Town & Country Optimist Sporting Complex in north Austin was far drier than last year's event experienced - no one complained at the missing 3 inches of water in the tent area this time around, though there were many people feeling the 95+ degree heat and the inescapable summer Texas Sun.

71 archers shot on 20 bales, from 20 meters out to 90 meters, and there was an informal clout round to enjoy while the scorecards were totaled up at the end of the 4-distance FITA round on Sunday. Mild winds were mostly head-on and served to cool things off a little, rather than alter the arrows' path.

More than 350 photos and video clips from this event have also been posted to the photo albums of the TSAA - currently more than 5,000 photos spanning 9 years of archery at this point. (I should mention that I have transferred ALL of the NAA National event photos to the Records website for the USA Archery, and that is easily some 3000+ photos as well). See below for more information.
The video clips are shot at either 300 or 600 frames per second, giving the archer a chance to review their form and technique in great detail. I attempted to get at least one clip on each archer, even the compound archers (yawn), whose mechanical releases don't make for the best action photography. But even there, one can tell whether the back is being used, for example, in hold tension on the bowstring.

Remember please: I have purposely NOT stamped the images with any kind of ugly copyright or web address logo. You can always download your favorite photos to put on your computer's screen saver, or to print, or even to email to your parents, grandparents, etc... I expressly reserve FAIR USE COPYRIGHT, which means I require you to get permission from me before you are allowed to use any photo commercially, or to re-post something on a site such as youtube. (Personal use for myspace, etc., is perfectly ok, provided they are images of yourself and not someone else).

If you have trouble getting the original high quality image to download, just write me and I'll try to help you figure it out.

Anyways, back to the tournament. It was great fun, we had a lot of new members compete, and cross over from other archery associations - a number of archers had never shot such far distances, but said they loved the challenge. And they got better, quickly.

If you look at the tournament results, you will see that there are a large number of youth archers as well, so I can say that the future of archery was there shooting with the adults. This is especially impressive, given that the JOAD Nationals were held just a week or two before, so there were bound to be some families suffering from travel fatigue (gas prices of > $4.00 didn't help!), yet we still had a record number of participants.
Thank you to all who volunteered and helped out in setting up and in taking down - definitely a big family is the TSAA! A special thanks to James Corral of UT for DOS'ing and providing the lights and judging, and to Rick Stonebraker for judging. Tom Barker and Rick Stonebraker have devoted a lot of time and effort on adding up all scores from all TSAA events throughout the year to determine the Archer and Youth Archer of the Year individuals. A very big thanks to the
UT Archery Club for their assistance in the loaning of stands, bales, and gear for this event.

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The JOAD National Target Championships were held in Oklahoma City - results are at this link and photos can be seen at this link. Some 20 archers from Texas participated in the event.

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JOAD State Target Championship 2008
The TSAA State JOAD Target Championship was held in Ganado, and acted as a warmup for the JOAD Nationals, including the wind factor which proved significant in OK City. You can view photos furnished from several parents at this link and view the results summary at this page.

The 2008 state JOAD outdoor tournament closed under the threat of thunderstorms that skirted the venue to the east on Sunday afternoon. Archers at this year’s tournament experienced some difficult conditions on Saturday with heat, humidity and near gale force headwinds, but not the thunderstorms experienced in Victoria at the 2007 tournament. The winds died down on Sunday, but the heat and humidly still dealt the archers some difficulty.

DOS, Jim Krueger, ensured that the contestants stayed well hydrated by using frequent reminders and providing several breaks.
Thirty-three youth archers from three states (Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas) participated in this year’s JOAD outdoor, setting seven state records. The highlight of this tournament emerged in the Bowman Female Recurve division with Miriam Trafford setting five specific state records, one at each distance and in overall score.

Jessica Tomlinson set a 30 meter record in the Bowman Female Compound division and Tyler Schardt set a new state record at 50 meters in the Junior Male Recurve division. Ten adults also shot in the tournament as guests.

We would like to thank Tom Barker for lending us his equipment and his expertise, Rick Stonebreaker for judging and teaching the young people Bache Ball, Chris and Shawn Faidley for all their work, Jim and Anita Krueger for serving as the DOS and timer. A special thank you also goes to Mrs. Schardt, Mrs. Human, Mrs. Sizemore, and Mrs. Williams for their assistance in verifying score cards.
Dana and Virgil Knowlton

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College Student Project
How does it work!!?? - I have never seen a video quite like this - the compound bow disassembled and then reassembled in superb detail - created as (I think) a project by some California Engineering Students. Well worth watching!

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Kevin Stone, Paralympian - a video news story
Kevin Stone was interviewed about archery, and they did a great job! Kevin is a super representative of the sport as this two minute video clip shows.

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Texas Archer and Youth Archer of the Year Results
Rick Stonebraker and Tom Barker have spent a lot of time and effort to add up the performances of all participating archers and the results of our State events .
The TSAA acknowledges the best archers each year with the designation of "AOTY" and "YOATY" - Youth Archer Of The Year & Youth Archer Of The Year.
this link to view the full table of archers and this link for the youth archers.

Ladies Recurve - Teresa Meyers
Gentlemen Recurve - Staten Holmes
Ladies Compound - Lynette True
Gentlemen Compound - John Scroggins


Division Bow Gender Name
Bowman Compound Female Jessica Tomlinson
Bowman Compound Male Luke Estlund
Bowman Recurve Female Miriam Trafford
Bowman Recurve Male Hardy Trafford
Cadet Compound Female No winner- no one shot 3 events
Cadet Compound Male Clayton DeBord
Cadet Recurve Female Rachael Trafford
Cadet Recurve Male Michael Xu
Cub Compound Male Thomas Human
Cub Recurve Female Mackenzie Brown
Cub Recurve Male No winner- no one shot 3 events
Junior Compound Male Benjamin Human
Junior Recurve Female Kayla DeBord
Junior Recurve Male Max Sera

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Archery Focus in Electrons
The great magazine Archery Focus has been available for some time in both paper and digital format. I have always looked forward to finding it in my mailbox. Now, I will look for it in a different place, but will enjoy it none the less.
It is difficult in today's economy, to be able to survive in a paper format when the audience is a relatively small group of enthusiasts, and when (for some reason beyond my comprehension) the majority of this cadre begrudge the cost of maintaining the printed word. The harangues and diatribes I have read on the electronic archery forums about getting a magazine in the mail have been baffling to me - extremely shortsighted, intolerant and selfish perspectives seem the rule today throughout our society.
Regardless of my opinion on that, it is a fact that the AF has transitioned to a solely digital form of publication. It is no less valuable as a source of archery information, and I strongly urge each and every archer to subscribe, and to support it. It has actually grown and expanded, now available in 5 languages for archers throughout the world, not just the US.

And please, should you decide to subscribe, do not shirk your responsibility, do not violate the trust of the writers and publishers by stealing or borrowing a password - join honestly and support truthfully the works of your fellow archers. And if you are moved to write, they are always looking for good articles on the way of archery.

Archery Focus. Subscribe.

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