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Issue 63
November 23, 2007

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Outdoor Tournament In December?
TSAA State Tournament Bids Due
You Just Shot A Personal Best - Now What?
Larry Skinner, Coach
NAA Elections
Longhorn Indoor and Aggie Indoor Result

Outdoor Tournament In December?
The University of Texas and the TSAA are sponsoring an outdoor archery tournament in Austin starting Friday, December 7, through Sunday, December 9!

This STAR FITA event will consist of four, 72-arrow 70 meter FITA rounds, and the registration is limited to no more than 40 archers to insure that the shooting will be "single line". This is a lot of arrows in just three days!
Temperatures through the winter vary considerably in Austin - there has not been a freeze/frost yet, and forecasts are for a warmer-than-usual winter.


There are a number of paralympic archers who will be using this event for shooting ranking scores to be submitted to the IPC, one archer from Finland is coming, as well as a number of Texas archers both young and old.
For complete information on the event, please navigate to the Sunbird registration page, where you can also register online.
Questions can be directed to Ron Carmichael.

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TSAA State Tournament Bids Due
Bids are due into the TSAA board by Dec 1st for the 2008 events (JOAD Indoor, State Senior Indoor, State Field, State Target, and State JOAD Target (if not held concurrently with the State Target).

Tentatively, based on bids so far:

  • The JOAD Indoor will be held as last year at A&M, with a date of January 19, 2008.
  • The State Indoor will be held (as last year) at UT with a date of Feb 17-19, 2008.
  • The State Field will likely be at the same venue as in recent years, at Eagle Lake, probably in May, perhaps on the 3-4th.
  • The State Target event will likely be in Austin again, same as last year, on July 18-20.
  • The State JOAD Target event is up in the air. Takers?

Please feel free to
provide input, feedback, requests, suggestions, and anything else !

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You Just Shot A Personal Best - Now What?
So! You had something extra out there on the line today and the arrows flew like they knew where the gold was. You shot a personal best. What to do now?

You should check the
USA Archery Records database of existing records and see whether you set a new record for your division/age/gender/bow! But you have to claim the right kind of record, and in the right kind of way, and in the right amount of time!

To explain a little:

US archers can set (tie or break) NATIONAL records, national STAR FITA records, and of course, WORLD FITA RECORDS.
A (US) National record can be set ONLY at a National Championship Tournament conducted by the USA Archery(formerly NAA).

A national STAR FITA record can be set at any tournament, anywhere in the world, that is registered with FITA as an officially sanctioned event. So a US archer shooting abroad in an event can "bring home" a US national STAR FITA record, but NOT a NATIONAL record. Also, all NATIONAL events held by USA Archery are "STAR FITA" events, so with one scorecard you can claim both a NATIONAL record AND a national STAR FITA record.

Of course, if the score from that STAR FITA event/NATIONAL championship event is good enough, the archer can also claim a WORLD (STAR) FITA record . (view current world records at this link by clicking on Results, then World Records using links at the top of the screen)

In all cases, the archer is required to get her/his scorecard signed by a tournament official, such as the DOS and/or a FITA judge, and ALSO fill out the record claim form, and get it all to the USA Archery offices within 10 days of the end of the event. Claims for WORLD records must be filed as above, and go through the USA Archery offices who will then forward to FITA.

Some grounds for rejection: Not a current/dues-paying member of USA Archery at the begriming of the tournament (!), not at a STAR FITA event, unsigned score card (either archer or official's signature missing), improper changes made to the arrow scores!), late request, and of course, not actually shooting a record-quality score.

Are you with me so far, because here is a very interesting fact, based on FITA rules, which USA Archery adheres to:

An archer, properly registered for a sanctioned tournament, may legitimately claim ANY record for which the score he/she shot ties/exceeds an existing record, even if the record is in a higher age division.

For example, a cadet who shoots an indoor 600 round score that exceeds the existing record score of the Junior (or Senior) division may claim that record as well as the cadet division record.

Also, if the archer registers "up" one or more divisions yet still exceeds the record for his/her natural division (ie, a cadet registers as a JUNIOR and shoots a score that exceeds the existing cadet record for the distance shot) may lay legitimate claim to the cadet record even though the archer did not register in that lower division during the tournament.

Likewise, if an archer is old enough/qualified to compete as a Master 50+, and shoots a score that ties or exceeds an existing SENIOR record score, that archer can then claim that SENIOR record as well as the Master 50+ record, simply by executing properly the claim form process.

In all of the above cases, claims can only be made where the factors are identical: Distance, target size, arrow count, etc.. So an archer could not register as a Master 70+, and then claim a FITA record for the Senior since the distances are different.

Hopefully this will help you to get proper recognition for your "good" days! For the claim form and more information on the process, you will find these links helpful: USA Archery Records FITA Records

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Larry Skinner, Coach
From the new website LarrySkinnerArchery.com:
I finally took the plunge into the digital age and started a website for myself!

I have been coaching for a long time and I wanted a way to reach out to the archery community. Please feel free to look around and explore. For those archers looking for a coach, look no further! I am fully qualified to teach Recurve, Compound, Traditional, Long Bow and pretty much any other discipline you can throw at me. I have taught archers from beginner to World and Olympic team members. Take a look at my Current link to see some of the archers I have been coaching. I live in a quiet town in Missouri where I have a fully equipped Training Facility that allows for shooting throughout the year. If you are interested in learning how to shoot please see my Contact page and get back to me however you see fit. Thanks for stopping by!
Larry Skinner, Coach

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NAA Elections
The election ballots for the new Board of the NAA/USA Archery have been mailed out and you should have received yours by now. Please note that the instructions on the ballot indicate you can only vote in ONE of the categories - that is, you can only check off ONE box on the entire ballot card. If you "X" more than one box your vote will not be counted at all.

If you can, please check the envelope that it arrives in - make sure that your SSN # is not on the outside of the letter.

Apparently the company that handled the mailing process put SSNs on an undisclosed number of them, putting some at risk for identity theft.

I think that the chances of anyone seeing the letter while it was in the postal system, recognizing the envelope printing as being a SSN, and then actually doing anything with that, is pretty small. BUT THE POSSIBILITY DOES EXIST.

Contact your current NAA Board member if you see your SSN on the envelope and are concerned. Perhaps they will develop a contingency plan that goes beyond simply posting the phone numbers for the three major credit bureaus.

Here is the bulletin on this subject, released 11-14-2007 by the NAA:

November 14, 2007
The recent mailing of the election ballots contained SSNs in the mailing labels on some of the envelopes.
All of us at USA Archery would like to extend our sincere apologies for not catching the mailing label error prior to the distribution of the Board of Director election ballots.
Normally, the private information stored in the database on the USOC server is suppressed during any printing process.
However, the mailing service we used overstepped its bounds in printing the labels from the membership database and the result was unfortunate.
We understand your frustrations and have taken measures to ensure all SSNs are removed from any database.
We want to be clear that the error that occurred was not due to any action by the Nominating and Governance Committee.
In regards to the ballots that are being used for the election, they were designed by the Nominating and Governance Committee.
The postcard ballot was used to reduce mailing costs.
All the ballots are being returned to the USOC Audit division for membership verification and tabulation. No one at USAA or on the Nominating and Governance Committee will ever see the completed ballots. The USOC Audit division will maintain the ballots once the election is completed. If there is a concern about identity theft, please contact one of the major credit reporting agencies through the 800 numbers provided. Equifax: 800-525-6285; Experian, 888-397-3742; TransUnion, 800-680-7289.

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Longhorn Indoor and Aggie Indoor Result
The two annual Texas Collegiately-sponsored indoor archery events have been held, and results posted!
For the UT Longhorn results, please use
this link. For the A&M Aggie results, this link.
Congratulations to all the folks who attended these events, and shot so well!

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Bob Pian sent a heads-up on something that is VERY exciting for youth archery.

The International Olympic Committee has decided to extend the Olympic umbrella to cover youth in an official way! And FITA has wasted NO TIME in getting the ball rolling, or rather the bow drawn, for archery to play it's part in the 2010 YOUTH OLYMPICS.

Here is some official information from the press release by FITA:

In the summer 2010 the IOC will organize the first Youth Olympic Games. The objective is to get together about 3500 young and talented athletes aged between 14 and 18 years old. Most of the Summer International Federations are involved in the 2010 edition of the YOG. As it is the case for the Olympic Games, winter editions of the YOG will also take place, based on the same format of the Olympics.

FITA has been among the first International Federation to react to the IOC call. An Ad Hoc commission has been created and the collaboration with the IOC Sports Department is important.

One of the most important changes for Archery is the rotation of the Youth World Championships from even to odd years. As a result, a transition system had to be found especially in relation with the European Championships which alternate with FITA. FITA will not organize a World Indoor Championships in 2011 but only in 2012. There will be however two consecutive European Indoor Championships in 2010 and 2011.

To read the full article, please use this link.... which will take you to the FITA website, and for parents of archers who will in THREE SHORT YEARS, be 14 to 18 years of age, please start getting the seed of interest planted in your child now. Frankly, I think it would be a good idea to also get them to a BEST Regional High Performance Coach if you have not already done so!

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Archery World Cup Final Live on TV and on InternetLausanne - 22 November 2007

The Archery World Cup Final in Dubai will take place on Saturday 24 November with the top 16 archers of the year. For the first time in history, the athletes will be shooting over a floating platform in a lake at the Madinat Jumeirah Souk, close to the famous 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab.

Many TV channels will feature a live coverage of the Archery World Cup Final as of 3 pm (local time):

Ø Eurosport 2, Pan Europe
Ø CCTV, China
Ø KBS N, Korea
Ø RTR Sports, Russia
Ø Powerkhnost, Ukraine
Ø RAI, Italy
Ø TRT, Turkey
Ø ART, Pan Arab
Ø Zee Sports, India

The following week Eurosport 1 will show a 26-minute highlight as well as many other channels such as ESPN Star Sport, Ten Sports, Sport+, Hong Kong TV, Czech Sports TV, Setanta Sports UK, Al Jazeera Sports, NTV+ in Russia, Bandeirantes in Brazil.

The World Cup Final will also be featured in magazines for Sports Unlimited, IEC in Sports “Road to Beijing”, Al Jazeera International or Ten Sports.

The athletes will shoot for the title of World Cup Winner 2007 and big prize money. Among the 16 archers from 12 countries (India, China, Korea, Russia, USA, Great Britain, Italy, France, Sweden, Mexico, El Salvador and Brazil), two of them will be looking at repeating their 2006 title: Sofia Goncharova (RUS) in Compound Women and Zhang Juan Juan (CHN) in Recurve Women. In Compound Men, Jorge Jimenez (ESA) and Braden Gellenthien (USA) will try to finish in beauty a season that they dominated. In Recurve Men, the two experience archers Baljinima Tsyrempilov (RUS) and Michele Frangilli (ITA) will take on the younger but talented Juan Rene Serrano (MEX) and Al Wills (GBR).

The Archery World Cup Final in Dubai is ready to provide a truly special sports show!

Didier Miéville
FITA Communication

Eurosport will do a LIVE streaming of the Archery World Cup Final on the eurosport.yahoo.network on Saturday, Nov. 24!

If you have not ever tried watching video over the web this is a great excuse to try it out! - as long as you have a broadband connection, the video is really quite good and it's fantastic to watch some good competitive archery at the top level of excellence in the sport!

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and speaking of that Arizonan Archery Treasure, Bob Pian, I'd like to post here (and therefore on the TSAA website where it will always be available) for posterity a message thread he created for youth archers (AND THEIR PARENTS). His actions and words speak volumes on his dedication to the sport:

Jr USAT, and those that came close, especially those that didn’t take part in “enough” qualifiers. Now what?...oh no, looks long…

The answer is to keep on shooting and having fun.

Wear your Jr USAT shirts with pride, you’ve earned it and it promotes the program.
Take advantage of the USAT sponsor benefits when offered.

And most importantly, look ahead.
Jr USAT 2008-Jr World Team Trials 2008-College Archery Program, are all great goals and journeys to take.
To get there you will need; tuned equipment, quality coaching, practice/training and family support.
JOADs moving up can take part in Sr USAT and the USA College Archery Program (CAP) www.uscollegiatearchery.org

Allow me to consolidate some competitive JOAD thoughts:
Check for Jr USAT criteria and Jr World Team information often. Criteria can change.

The Jr USAT program has offered four events in the past which allows a participant to miss an optional tourney or better their standing by taking part in all events. Many miss the indoor qualifier and must take part in all three outdoor events.

Jr USAT program also includes qualifying score for Juniors.
It only takes three USAA members, a small registration fee and a judge to schedule a sanctioned qualifier. Note that an archer or family can become a judge for a small fee which makes conducting a qualifier that much easier. Note that judge applicants need to be USAA members of for a year before applying. Do not delay joining USAA membership.

Many Jr USAT program competitors will be contenders at the 2008 Jr World Team Trials. The correlation between Jr USAT contenders and members and Jr World Team members is high. The 2008 Jr World Team Championships are scheduled to take place in New Delhi, India.
Don’t forget fund raising.

To Jr USATs, those that gave it a try and families;
A lot can happen between today and the 2008 Jr World Team Trials.
Apply for passports now, and that goes for the family member too. http://travel.state.gov/
If you have passports, check them to make sure you have at least two years before they expire.

Another Hint:
Find out about traveling overseas in general and about India.
The USA State Departments Travel webpages are helpful. http://travel.state.gov/
It includes a link to the CDC for vaccinations.
This will be a trip of a lifetime.

One more Hint:
Start fund raising planning now, example:

Question: Wait a minute Bob, are you saying a JOAD that did well in the Jr USAT program or is just a “good shooter” has a chance to make a Jr World Team and represent the USA?
Bob: Absolutely yes, I have seen it happen. Once upon a time Arizona conducted a series of 8 monthly training sessions for anyone that wanted to give making a Jr World Team a try. Thanks to many volunteers, the JOADs and there families learned to: prepare for tournaments, be success at tournaments, shoot round robins and team round, tune equipment, travel by air to tournaments, and gained the experienced needed to have confidence. When it was over, six members Jr World Team had taken part in the prep program. Some repeated as Jr World Team members two years later.

Question: What does a Jr World Team leadership team do?
Bob: Coaches, Team leaders and volunteers help make Jr World Team successful. Jr World Teams are large. Coaches manage equipment repairs, team round coaching, as well as basic shooting support including form and the mental game. Team leader(s) oversee travel, lodging, food, transportation and tournament official business. Finally sometimes volunteers, are enlisted to help cover the 24 hour day, since most can only work a 12 hour tournament day. Overseas, 24 hour stores, fast food and Walmarts may not be just around the corner.

Question: Who leads Jr World Teams?
Bob: Good Question. Active certified coaches are the primary source of team leadership. It takes dedication, time and effort to be an active coach. Non coaches can be team managers too. The key is experience. The best way to gain experience is to volunteer to help at your own expense. Typically Coaches and team leaders use their personal time and receive no compensation for their time. They typically only have their travel, room and board and actual expense paid for.

Question: Are Jr World Teams funded?
Bob: Sometimes, usually only partially. It is best to assume a JOAD will be self funded and work to raise money for the entire team.

Question: How much does it cost to fund a Jr World Team member.
Bob: It varies but here is an example of just the Jr World team trip costs:
Airfare : $1000-$1500
Ground Transportation: 0-$250
Hotel: Double Occupancy, $300-$500
Food: $250-$350
Tournament Fee: $300
Contribution for Coaches and Team leadership travel $350-$500
Total: $2200-$3400
Sometimes the cost dips below $2000 with a generous help from others.

Question: As a parent, what would you have done differently if you had to do it over again?
Bob: I would have gotten involved earlier. The leadership are just folks like you and me trying to do the best we can. I would have also spent more time overseas after the tournament as a tourist. I am glad I listened to those that were kind enough to share their experiences and suggestions.

Question: What is the most common misconception for JOAD parents?
Bob: Many parents just cannot imagine that their “baby” has what it takes to make a Jr World Team. Once they make it, they then must get over the idea that their JOAD must have their parents with them at all times. If a parent knows that their child cannot act responsibly then the parent should act responsibly and withhold their child from the effort. If the JOAD has been raised to be responsible and can be responsible, let them go, compete, learn and enjoy. Parents and family travel separately and serve as volunteer as needed.

The final misconception is that family members do not need to join USAA. There are many essential tasks for USAA members besides shooting arrows including Judging, Instructing, running a JOAD club, hosting tournaments and the always popular “setting up and taking down”.

Question: What is sometimes overlooked by those that take part in the Jr World Team Trials?
Bob: A couple things. First, Round Robins match requires that the archers stay focused regardless of each match result. For those that make the team, its easy to assume that once you make the Jr World Team you can kick back and relax. Within minutes, the team members realize that they will be representing the USA and need to train harder than they did for the Trials.

Question: Is it worthwhile?
Bob: You bet! I marvel at what our kids can do. I have watched many of our JOADs grow, make mistakes, learn from them, do some amazing things and become JOAD volunteers. The experience, confidence and exposure to world out there is priceless.

and he posts more:

Checking the expiration date and stamp space is as important as having a passport.
Some countries require that your passport be valid at least six months beyond the dates of your trip and/or have two to four blank visa/stamp pages.
Some airlines will not allow you to board if these requirements are not met.
“Rumor” has it that some passports are taking 16 weeks to process.

Apply now if you don’t have a passport.
Check your passports expiration date and renew if there is less than 24 months before the passport expires.

2008 Jr World Championship, India, October
2009 Indoor World Championship, Poland, March
There is not much time between the Jr World Outdoors in late 2008 and the Indoor World Championships in early 2009.

Passports issued to those age 15 and younger expire after 5 years
Passports issued to those age 16 and older expire after 10 years.
But don’t take my word for it, always check the for the latest information, http://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html

Don’t underestimate the mental consequence of not having a passport before the trials begin.
Per Nike, “just do it”

as well as:

Team Leaders
To clarify, Team Leaders are not necessarily coaches but often are.
Team Leaders are typically experienced world team members who, as archers, coaches or volunteers, have proven to have what it takes to organize, have a sound understanding of FITA processes and make good decisions when challenges arise.

Team experience opportunities are few and far between.
Team Leaders are often hard to find as most team leaders have “regular jobs” too.
Don’t wait to be asked, volunteer your time to learn and gain world team experience.

I am only sharing information other JOAD families were kind enough to share with me.
Each had a “I am not going to tell you how you should do things, but I will be happy to share our experiences, thoughts and lessons learned”
My advice is the same, just ask, but sometimes you don’t know what or whom to ask.
The answer is to “ask til tired”.
In addition to AT, there are a host of resource contacts listed on www.usarchery.org, www.usaarcheryjoad.org, www.texasarchery.org and www.azarchery.com

Thank you, Bob!

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