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December 31, 2005

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Target Championships and Money
TSAA Indoor Events Set
2005 4-H Indoor Season Concludes with Championship
Collegiate Call/Mail In Tournament
BEST Training Aids
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Kisik Lee, USA Archery's National Head Coach

Target Championships and Money
Who says there isn't any money to be made in Target Archery events?
The Concordia Archery Tournament Foundation in the Netherlands hosts an indoor event in November. Through aggressive and intelligent promotion, this event (called
Face2Face) has grown in stature and attendance in two short years, with 150 archers competing this last November. CAT demonstrates that archery can be an exciting and spectator-friendly sport, AND that target archers can win MONEY. The 2005's event had not-too shabby purses for the winners (including several American archers) as well. The news release by USA Archery's Mary Beth Vorwerk explains the results of the last tourney.
tournament's payouts ranged from $500 for a third place female recurve finish to $6000 for a male compound finish (if using the right brand of bow). Next year promises to be even more lucrative. By the way, this tournament also featured real-time webcam access - the first day of competition saw more than 3,000 HITS on their page as people from around the world watched the archers shooting!

For the new year, there is also the World Cup to look forward to!
From the
FITA website:
FITA Launches a New World Cup
FITA is proud to communicate the beginning of an exciting era for all archers and fans. A new World Cup will be running in 2006 for Outdoor Target. Individual Men and Women will be competing in Compound or Recurve.
The World Cup consists of 4 selected events and a Grand Final in Merida (MEX). This World Cup Final in Mexico will take place at a splendid location, the feet of the Maya pyramids Chichen-Itza. It will follow the World Junior Championships in October.
FITA will provide an attractive Prize Money for the Final:
�� 1st Place - $ 20,000
�� 2nd Place - $ 10,000
�� 3rd Place - $ 5,000
�� 4th Place - $ 1,000
The top 4 archers in each category will qualify for the Final based on their World Cup points earned during the 4 stages of the 2006 circuit only. These events are :
�� Porec, Croatia, May 10-13
�� Antalya, Turkey, June 7-10
�� San Salvador, El Salvador, June 21 -25
�� Asia, place to be confirmed, September 2006
Prize Money will also be given in each of these qualifying stages to the top 3 archers. A new commercial strategy is developed around this World Cup circuit with an attractive program for sponsors and a broad media exposure. All the qualifying events as well as the Final will be covered by the FITA TV production team and the FITA website. This will extend the planned TV distribution of the Field World Championships in Göteborg and the European Outdoor Championships in Athens.
With the 2006 Archery World Cup, FITA wants to create an exciting competition that will enhance the international calendar with more top events. FITA is looking forward to raising the interest of the fans, the media, the sponsors and, of course, of the archers !
Tom Dielen
FITA Secretary General

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TSAA Indoor Events Set
The TSAA Board has awarded the JOAD State Indoor to the Colorado County 4H/JOAD in Columbus, last year's host. The date has been set for the last weekend in January, and the JOAD Online registration form is now available. Last year they conducted a tournament that had rave reviews from everyone. We will provide precise driving instructions on the website shortly.
One week after the JOAD event, the Senior TSAA State Indoor will be held in Austin, at the University of Texas in Anna Hiss Gym. (Same as last year) The
Senior online registration form is also up for this event. There were other submissions, most notably Cameron County JOAD, from south Texas. The general meeting will be held on Saturday afternoon during the senior event, and the topic for 2006's locations will be on the agenda.
send in your requests for topics to be placed on the agenda, including nominations for TSAA officers. We will circulate to all state members the agenda prior to the meeting. If you will not be able to attend you can reply to that email with your input.

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2005 4-H Indoor Season Concludes with Championship
District 11 in South Texas is one of the most active 4-H districts in the entire United States.
The parents in this district have gone to extraordinary lengths to insure that their kids get to play, to participate, in shooting sports at all levels. And the wisest of them found a way to insure that when the 4-H indoor season was done, the kids that wanted to could keep shooting arrows. They enrolled their 4H chapters as JOADs.
As a result this district has also provided the USA Archery community with a number of JOAD champions and Senior elite archers.
The results for this year's championship (as well as those of all the lead-up tournaments) can be found on the
TSAA's 4-H pages. And thanks to all the parents who do whatever is needed to support their kids and the sport of archery!

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Collegiate Call/Mail In Tournament
From the collegiate archery website:
Each month, all Collegiate Clubs across the country are invited to participate in a tournament where archers shoot at their local Collegiate range and their scores are compared to other archers from other participating Collegiate Clubs with the same type of bow. Most months, we will have coast-to-coast participation.
Recurve Bow- One round of 30 arrows from 18 meters using a 40cm target face. In either a single or triple spot (Vertical or Triangular) may be chosen before start and must be used throughout tournament; standard ten-ring scoring.
Compound Bow- One round of 30 arrows from 18 meters, 40cm target face; single or triple-spot (Vertical or Triangular) face may be chosen before start and must be used throughout tournament using the inner 10-ring scoring.

The purpose of the Call-In shoot is to allow the archers to compete without having to travel. Some Collegiate Clubs will give out ribbons when their archers place in the top 3 places for the tournament. Each month the Advisor or Team Leader will collect the scores and publish the results on the designated website. Score will be posted and a link to the results will be emailed to the Advisor or Team Leader. "

Bob Pian reports:
All collegiate archers are invited to take part in the Collegiate Archery Call in Tournament hosted by Sun Devil Archery and Arizona Junior & Collegiate Archery.
* NAA 300 rounds at 18 meters to be scored in November 2005, January 2006, and February 2006.
* Score to be submitted on line no later than seven days after the competition month.
* November 2005 scores due December 7.
* January 2006 scores due February 7.
* February 2006 scores due March 7.

The webpage has a very easy to use format - register and submit your scores before the different monthly deadlines! And thanks to Ted Hardin for creating and coding the service.

If you are a collegiate archer and your club is not submitting scores then get after your coach and sponsors to get your team participating!

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BEST Training Aids
To continue the topic of BEST Methods, I have been updating a page on the website called HSV - High-Speed Videos. A separate link can be found at the top of the Photographs Index page. The idea is to SHOW archers that are using good biomechanical technique. One of the most important contributors is Miika Aulio of Finland, who took some astonishingly useful videos on the Dekalia field in Athens during the Olympics. These are all video clips that you can save onto your computer and play again and again, studying the archers' techniques. Of particular note is the 27 megabyte size file of Park, Sung Hyun - it is a superb "in the round" movie that appears to be one execution, but filmed by 7 or 8 cameras simultaneously, of Park making a single execution in near perfect BEST form. The surprise is that each is a separate execution, and that she was so consistent that you are hard put to detect even the smallest variation in her motions. My thanks to all the authors who have granted me permission to post these on the TSAA site. And please let me know of any other similar quality videos elsewhere on the web?

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Lost Subscribers
Many people are losing their subscriptions to the newsletter because they have changed their email addresses and not let us know. Also each issue, I see a number of returned newsletters because the user has set up a spam blocking scheme that doesn't recognize the TSAA as "friendly". Be sure to let us know when you change your email address. And be sure that subscribe@texasarchery.org is in your permitted email domain.

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Kisik Lee, USA Archery's National Head Coach
It was announced formally in December, what had been rumored for many months. Kisik Lee is now the head coach for all of the NAA. In addition to reading his book, Total Archery, you can also learn about him by reading the information on his website. There are some interesting thing on it. Recommended reading.

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