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September 10, 2004

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Warning About Pictures In Emails or "Viruses, Trojans, Spammers, and Worms - OH MY!"
Editor's Howdy & Results Link Summary
Summary of Texan Accomplishments This Summer
Handheld Computer Archery Software
Recurve Archery Seminar in September
How to Make an Olympic Archery Team by Tom Parrish, High Performance Director for USA Archery
A Reminder To All Mentors

Warning About Pictures In Emails or "Viruses, Trojans, Spammers, and Worms - OH MY!"

A quick precautionary note is unfortunately necessary.

If you see pictures in this newsletter email you should consider changing the setting in your software to NOT display photos in emails.

The short reason is that pictures can be used to trigger worms, trojans, and viruses, as well as simple code that EMAILS YOUR ADDRESS to spam harvesters. The picture often used in this "trick" by these spammer idiots is as small as a single pixel, about the size of the period . . . and when you open the email, your program loads the picture along with the bad code the spammer put into it, and it secretly betrays your information back to the sender.

By turning off the loading of pictures, you gain some protection from this kind of theft and virus hassle. The downside is that you won't get to see the nifty photos in the email newsletter, until you click on the link at the top of the page to go directly to the TSAA's website page where a webpage copy of this newsletter is stored. That will let you see the newsletter WITH the photos, in a safe way.

Note that I am not saying the TSAA Newsletter has any of these bad things, but if you see our pictures in the newsletter emails, you are also seeing the BAD pictures in BAD emails from the cretins of the world.

A last reminder - when was the last time you burned a backup copy of your important files and "stuff" to a CD or DVD? Backups are both cheap and easy, and when you need it there is nothing like a backup.

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Editor's Howdy & Results Link Summary
First, how in the world did it get to be September already? It seems like just a few days ago I was getting soaked at the Arizona Cup as surprisingly cold torrents of springtime rain inundated the desert landscape of the Ben Avery Shooting Range near Phoenix, Arizona, and now fall has arrived in Austin with an overnight low of 60 degrees, just as today I put my daughter on a plane to Athens.
Good luck, Lindsey - I know you'll do your best, and thanks to all those that have sent us emails.
(Photo of Lindsey Carmichael by Bruce Covill)

(Photo of Heather Trafford)

I will be out of touch by and large during the Paralympics, so please forgive any tawdriness, er, tardiness in updates to the website. Ron

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Summary of Texan Accomplishments This Summer
Texans named to the 2005 United States Archery Team, from the NAA's bulletin:
The conclusion of the National Target Championships on July 30th marked the end of 2004 season and all point totals are in for the U.S. Archery Team rankings. A select set of tournaments is used for rankings, with an archer's best 3 finishes being compiled. National Target is a required event for Senior USAT and JOAD Nationals is a required tournament for Junior USAT. In addition, archers must meet minimum score requirements, pass a fitness test, and meet other basic criteria to be eligible for USAT honors. Full details of the USAT criteria can be found in the January/February issue of USA Archery magazine and on the website at www.usarchery.org.

The TEXAS members of the Senior U.S. Archery Team for 2005 is as follows:

Senior Men's Recurve: Guy Krueger (Blessing, Texas)
Senior Women's Compound: Amber Dawson (College Station, Texas)

The TEXAS members of the Junior U.S. Archery Team for 2005 is as follows:

Junior Boy's Recurve: Tim Meyers (Ft. Worth, Texas), Garrett Krueger (Blessing, Texas)

Junior Boy's Compound: Travis Lafayette (Dripping Springs, Texas).

Junior Girl's Compound: Cassie Raffaelli (Bartonville, Texas)
Cadet Girl's Compound: Holly Heinsohn (Halletsville, Texas).

And in the NAA Nationals in Reading, Pennsylvania:

A River Runs Through It:
Tim Meyers is the 2004 Junior Male Recurve champion and Travis Lafayette won in the Junior Male Compound division at the NAA National Target Championships, and Lindsey Carmichael reset 9 of the 10 records in the AR3 Division and finished in 10th position in the Senior Female Recurve division at the NAA Nationals as well. Simone Petrosky registered a second place finish in the Cub Female Recurve division, Cassie Raffaelli a fourth in the Junior Female Compound (Tough!) division, Sage Adams a 7th in the Junior Female Recurve (equally tough!), Trevor Seidel backed up Travis by coming in 4th, Junior Male Compound, Garret Krueger a 4th as a Junior Male Recurve archer. Rick Stonebraker battled the best as well as equipment woes to finish 3rd in the Master 50+ Recurve division.
Mary Zorn and Amanda Raffaelli both finished in the top ten of the Senior Female Compounders.
In the Male Senior Recurves, Guy Krueger finshed four points out of second to secure the third place position.

For Photos of the NAA Target Championships, you can see both still and movies (including the surfing scene) by going to the TSAA website, to this link. Movies require a broadband connection.

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Handheld Computer Archery Software
For a long time, Palm PC users have had the very best choices in software for archery, while the users of the Microsoft OS (AKA PocketPC) handheld haven't had a lot of options (they've had bupkus).

In just the last week or so I've received notice of THREE PocketPC programs that are available for little or no money, and just today the folks at Target Plot in Australia have started their own beta testing (pre-release version evaluation) of a PocketPC version of Target Plot.

Click on the images below to navigate to the various websites if you want to find out more.

and of course, keep an eye on the Target Plot website for upcoming news on their PocketPC version!

Finally, if you should try one of these out, please
drop me a line to let me know how you like it, and any points about it you find noteworthy.

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Recurve Archery Seminar in September
Renowned recurve archer Guy Krueger is holding a seminar in Bay City later this month. His last seminar attracted archers from around the US, including one who went on to make the 2004 US Olympic team! Here is Guy's Information:

Olympic Style Archery Seminar

Do you desire a high level of performance and consistency? Are you coaching a young archer who has the potential to make the Jr. USAT Team? Are you a coach or archer looking to make shooting easier?

Who: Coaches and intermediate archers (ages 16 and up) striving to reach that next level.
What does the seminar offer?
You will have the opportunity to learn the methods of top level archers throughout the world.

  • Perfect technique and form.
  • Biomechanics of shooting.
  • Mental approach.
  • Training methods.
  • Equipment setup.
  • New equipment information.
  • Tuning and fine-tuning procedures.
  • Problem solving.

Hands on training will also be given in proper equipment setup, fine tuning methods, and correct bone alignment so that you can use this information to teach others.
(Note: this seminar will be different from his last in that there will be no shooting portion this time, there will be more hands on learning, and there is newer information.)

Why Attend? I am the number 2 ranked archer on the US Archery Team, I have made the past 2 World Teams, the last World Indoor Team, Silver and Gold Medals at the Pan Am Games, Top 3 finishes at the last 2 Outdoor Nationals, 3rd at the NAA Indoor Nationals, and I am the 2000 World University Champion and 2002 World University Bronze Medalist. It should also be noted that an archer, John Magera, in my last seminar made the U.S. Olympic Team!

Where: Bay City Fairgrounds – Multi Purpose Building
When: September 18, 2004, 9am-5:30pm(with 1 hour lunch break)
Cost: Special TSAA and Texas 4-H price of $75(similar seminars run $250!), non-TSAA members $150

FOR more info, including a printable form, and to get Guy's email address and contact information, please use this link.

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From the President of TAMU Target Archers, Anthony Kaune:
Please make note that the registration information for the Aggie Invitational is available on the
club's website.
We are hoping for another great turnout.

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How to Make an Olympic Archery Team by Tom Parrish, High Performance Director for USA Archery
Every year, target archery continues to grow in popularity in the United States and with each Olympic year, archery gets more and more public exposure through the media. The more the merrier! Those of us who have been competing in archery for years already know what many others are just finding out – archery is fun & cool! It is a great sport that can be done by almost anyone and can be done for a lifetime. Not everyone can make it to the Olympic level, but anyone can have a lot of fun participating in archery and striving for his or her personal best.
Immediately following each Olympic Games, the USA Archery National Office gets many questions from people who are wondering – "How do I get started?“ and, "how would I go about trying to make an Olympic Archery Team in the future?“
Getting started in archery is easy. The first step is to locate a local archery club in your area. There are over 380 registered USA Archery clubs across the U.S. The advantage of locating a club in your area is that there you will have access to knowledgeable people who can help you learn to shoot, help you to acquire equipment and provide you with a practice location. Most clubs have at least one certified coach and often have some very good archers, all of whom are friendly, helpful people who are more than willing to share what they know. (

If you wish to read the rest of this great article, please click here to go to the acrobat document on the USA Archery website. I recommend all JOADS print and post this article.......and a special thanks to Bob Pian of Arizona Archery for bringing this article to my attention

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A Reminder To All Mentors
All too frequently something happens to remind us that our youth are too important to lose.
I learned this afternoon of the loss of a member of the 2004 US Team to the Junior World Championships, who took his own life. In doing so, I also discovered that a friend of mine, another archery coach whom I admire, had also lost an archer in this way.

Almost without exception, these incomprehensible losses take friends, family, and yes, coaches by surprise. All are left with a huge storm of painful emotions ranging from stunned confusion to self-recriminatory anguish. And of course, a light is forever extinguished. So don't forget to NOT take your student or kid for granted, and be vigilant and proactive to insure you do everything possible to be a good mentor. Hug your kid. When it is deserved, praise your kid. Don't leave a step untaken.

If you are a teen reading this, it's just as important that you are there for your friends, even if it means telling some grownup that you think there is a problem.

Our sincere and heartfelt condolences go out to the families. For more information.

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