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Issue 30 ( Three X's this time)
March 20, 2003

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Nimes Photos
Texas Shootout 2003 Registration & Info Now Posted
State Field and 4th of July Questions
4-H Indoor Championships for 2003
The Archery Spirit Decals Are Ordered
Pass This On Please

The online registration has been terminated for the Lone Star FITA to be held in Austin on April 5th and 6th, 2003.
Put simply, we had more archers register faster and earlier, and the venue is now full. You can still send an email to let us know that you would have attended using a link on the page.
The deadline is Monday, March 31, 2003 for getting your entry fee posted.
For information, to send that email, to see a list of those already registered, including a map showing the registrants, EVERYTHING INDEED, then
click on this link!

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Nimes Photos
Tom Barker accompanied his son, Kevin Barker, to Nimes for the World Indoor Championships and brought back a number of fascinating thoughts and images. For an early sneak peek, here's a couple of great photos and his comments:

"Here is a glimpse of what the finals venue looked like. That is Mary Zorn shooting on the jumbotron during the team round. Notice the relative size of the targets (lower left of photo) compared to the TV screen. Also notice the picture in a picture of the targets. First class. "
(Ed. note: Tom pointed out that the right-handed archer shoots just to the left of this enormous screen. Can you imagine facing your own picture in such enormity, while you try to focus on your target just a few feet to the left of the screen. )

Tom writes of this picture: "Here is one of Reo Wilde on the podium of the men's compound. Notice the flag under his arm. The night before the finals Marcia and I had dinner with Reo, Steve Jervis and John Burkett. Reo was the only one still playing going into the semifinals. We got around to the subject of the next days shooting and Reo told the most incredible story. He said he made a world team a few years back and his grandfather sold some property so that he and Reo's grandmother could come and see him shoot in Europe. (Reo's father Dee has won a world championship himself.)

Anyway, Reo's grandfather got sick just before the trip, didn't make the trip and ended up passing away while Reo was away. Reo said that when I go up on that podium tomorrow it will be with my grandfather's veterans flag that was presented to my grandmother at his funeral. He can't be here but his flag is. Reo said he was going to drap it over his shoulders. With tears in my eyes because on my bookcase at home is the verterans flag of my father, I suggested that he might want to keep it folded in the triangle and tucked under his arm. I said every veteran that sees you or pictures of you will know that the flag you are carrying is one of a veteran. It was very emotional for all that watched. The director sure picked up on the flag and really focussed the cameras on it."

Tom is sharing a number of photos with the newsletter, and the next issue will devote more to the write-up he and Marcia are creating now to go with them. This will be added to the writeups of other TSAA adventurers, found at this link on the TSAA website.

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Texas Shootout 2003 Registration & Info Now Posted
The OUTDOOR season has just begun. It's not too early to start planning for the Texas Shootout. If you haven't been to the Shootout before, you'll want to read up on the event at the link below. People come thousands of miles to shoot at this event, so surely you can drive a couple of hours! It's a well run, well supported, well attended, well, it's a well done event!

The Texas Shootout is one of the biggest and best organized events in NAA Archery events and has grown steadily in popularity. This year will be just as good, hopefully, and the folks at Texas A&M are graciously hosting it again. This is one of those official "ranking" tournament events that will attract a whole passle of good arrow flingers.

You can check the information on the tournament, due to be held on April 25th through 27th, at the Texas A&M Link
There is a registration form off of this link.
The deadline is April 11th for registration to this event. It is a good idea to book your hotel as soon as possible since they usually fill up.

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State Field and 4th of July Questions
Rick Stonebraker has a couple of questions that need you to consider.

Last year's State Field Championship shoot was on an exotic animal ranch, and the Blaschkes are allowing the use of their neat ranch again this year. In fact, The Blaschkes are offering to cook up some yellowstone elk venison BBQ as the lunchtime meal during the tourney!!! Now last year everyone ate high on the hog with great BBQ from Mikeska's BBQ, and so this year we want to find out how many people would rather have ELK instead, and how many want to have Mikeska's again.

SO: Instead of the catered B-B-Q from Mikeska’s like last year, would you rather have an ELK VENISON B-B-Q instead?
The cost is likely to be around $6 per person for an awesome Elk B-B-Q roasted right on the site by Nolan Blaschke.

WHERE’S THE BEEF? If you do not favor the flavor of venison, you will still be able to venture down to Austin’s BBQ in Eagle Lake.

The second question concerns interest in having a 4th of July weekend qualifier-type 70/50 meter shoot

Anyone interested in shooting a 70-meter qual round for adults and 50-meter qualifier round for kids?
If enough interest, this could be turned into a STAR event and world records could be set in age groups.

July 5-6.
Blaschke's ranch near Columbus.

Possible BBQ on the fourth. Lots of fireworks in the area. Camp, shoot, eat, watch, take photos of the animals.

Saturday morning. 36 arrows at 70-meters for adults and 50-meters for kids.
Saturday afternoon. Elimination round at above distances

Sunday morning. repeat Saturday.

This is for people who have never shot an Olympic style qualification round.
With the format, you do not have to attend both days. You can shoot Saturday or Sunday or both.
No trophies, you shoot for the fun, the experience, and to improve on your own Personal Bests.

If you are interested, please send a reply to Rick Stonebraker.


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4-H Indoor Championships for 2003
The results from the Championships for the best-ever 4-H Indoor Archery Season have been posted.

I count a total of well, a humongous number, of archers taking part in the many indoor events. For the results of the Championships as well as access to all the prior 4-H Indoor Events, go to the 4-H Primary Page on the TSAA website by clicking ON THIS LINK RAHT HYAR.

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The Archery Spirit Decals Are Ordered
To the 80 or so people that ordered the first ever Archery Spirit Decals, they are being made now and will be mailed out as soon as they are done. The TSAA thanks each and every one of you for helping us in this fundraiser and also for spreading the word and image of archery to those stuck in traffic!

Interestingly, there were an equal number of decals ordered in three of the four categories - Male Compound, Male Recurve, and Female Recurve each had 28 decals ordered. Female Compounders were really missing in action on this one - we had only six ordered. While we can't take any more orders for the spirit decals, we still have a number of the full-color bowcase/bumper sticker and notebook decals. We'll have them for sale at the Lone Star FITA and Texas Shootout.

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Pass This On Please
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