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Issue 29
February 28, 2003

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Dear archers and parents of archers, collegiate archers, and especially JOAD Instructors!
From The Tournament Director for the 21st State Target Indoor 2003
National Indoors At A&M This Weekend
Archery Links On The Web, Part 2
World Indoor Championship in Nimes, France
Archery Has Been Dropped From 2005 World Masters Games
National State Of Texas Locator Map
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NAA Instructor Course Level II Offered

Dear archers and parents of archers, collegiate archers, and especially JOAD Instructors!
The TSAA has created several decals. You can buy a 4" by 4" color decal of the image seen here. They will be on hand at the National Indoors - get them from TSAA Treasurer Gina Carmichael. These are perfect for car windows, bumpers, school notebooks, and bow cases. The cost per decal is $8.00 or TWO for $15.00. There are only 100 of these, so it will be a first-come, first-served situation.

The other TSAA decal is a white decal on clear background, and follows the theme of the "spirit decal" you have probably seen on cars while driving around town. After looking high and low and not finding anything for archers and the parents of archers we have decided to create a custom decal. Custom means they are slightly more expensive, but they are truly unique and worth the cost.

So for a limited time, the Texas State Archery Association is offering a SPIRIT ARCHERY DECAL for archers.

You have probably noticed many vans, suburbans, SUVs, and cars with white decals on the rear windows that show the kid's name with a sport indicator, such as a soccer ball or a football? Well, now you can spread the image of archery around using a custom-designed archery spirit decal with your kid's name, your own name, or your school's name, on your own car window!

There are four separate images, two for male archers and two for female archers, with either compound or recurve bow. Here is an example of what they will look like:

You can have your kid's name, your college name, or your JOAD Club name added for no additional charge, and if your archer has attained either a state championship or a national championship, Jr. USAT, Jr. World Team, etc., (and we will accept your word for that) you can have that title added as well.

These decals are around 6 inches by 7 inches, and cost only $14 each with all proceeds going to the TSAA. There is a modest $1 fee per address for postage and shipping materials, regardless of how many you buy, so JOAD COACHES, be sure to have all your kids place the order through you and save on postage costs.

You can view the other examples of what the spirit decal will look like on the TSAA website HERE. Use the online form to print out your information for ordering.

This is a limited time offer - we will accept orders only through March 7, 2003 and your check must accompany your printed order.

If you have any questions, feel free to write the webmaster.

Please pass this message on to your friends for us if you think they might be interested or know someone that would. Don't put off ordering these or you will miss out!

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From The Tournament Director for the 21st State Target Indoor 2003

Words from the TD – Jack Milchanowski

It was a pleasure to have everyone come up to the Ft. Worth area for a tournament. We had guests join us for their first time from Oklahoma and Montana. They seemed to enjoy themselves and we were sure glad to have their company. Ande Rushing, the current TFAA State President came and shot but couldn't return to finish the second day because his daughter gave birth to a baby girl that day. Ol' grandpa Ande made the wise move not to come shoot archery that day.

The Sokol people were absolutely thrilled to have us there. If the TSAA wants we can host a fun tournament in the fall and have the state indoor there again. Just let us know.

Ron and Gina Carmichael have been life savers for organizing the tournament. Above and beyond is an understatement for the work that they do. It is appreciated and everyone should thank them. They made things so easy for me.

Thanks to Rick for ordering and handling the plaques. Another job that I did not have to do. We will bring awards to the indoor nationals for those who were unable to remain for the last day's line of shooting.

Our tournament was blessed to have lots of help. I want to thank them all.

Reiko Hashimoto and Camille Wall made a great DOS Team for us. Both are seniors at TCU and graduate in May.

Steve Marzec was a terrific DOS for us. He took a lot of teasing from us about his being nervous. He got it down and is a veteran pro now.

Linda and Wyatt Misenheimer worked around the clock helping us setup, judge, and take down. Jake jumped in also making it a complete family affair.

On teardown we had the use of the "moose" Tim Meyers. We had to re-install a large and heavy stage behind the curtain area. Tim was quite handy to have.

Tristan Kepsel, one of our JOAD shooters and his parents helped tear down. They were a tremendous help.

Lyndsey and Steve Marzec came over to my house to help put the butts and stands into my attic of my shop.

My true life saver was Norman McMinn. He made our bowstands. He had the trailer to haul my mats and stands to and from the site. He and I did much of the heavy set up on Thurs and Fri. It could not have been down without him. Norm's wife Joann and young Coral were a tremendous help as well. Coral was impressive for such a young person. She would come right up to me and ask what she could do. I would tell her one or two things and boom! they were done without more guidance. Talk about a responsible young person!

If I forgot to say thank you to anyone-please forgive me. I am still a little tired. I have tried to personally thank everyone as we went along.

Jerry Hendrickson called earlier in the week and volunteered (as he always does) to help me. I have used him extensively in the past. I turned his offer down this time as I felt we had things well in hand.

Everyone pitching in where they can helps tremendously in the big scheme of things.

I thank everyone and trust that we can keep such cooperation going.

Regards, Jack

Results from the event can be viewed on the TSAA website at this location, and photos are here. Thanks.

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National Indoors At A&M This Weekend
The NAA's National Indoor Championship at A&M starts Friday, February 28th and carries through Sunday. The venue has changed from previous indoor archery events! Be sure you check the A&M website for information on EXACTLY where the tournament will be this time. There is a map as well as written directions. If you have trouble try asking any student on campus for the G.Rollie White building! Here is the link to the Aggie website.

Kathy Eissinger of A&M sends the following:

Thanks to all who signed up this year.

I have updated the web page with info the NAA sent me on memberships. You will need to have either a current NAA or NFAA membership to shoot. For those of you sending in your stuff to the NAA, I will check with them on Friday before the tourney to update my list with theirs. If you are NFAA, be sure to bring your card. If you do not currently have a membership or yours is expired or expiring Mar 1st., you can renew at the tournament site or online at http://usarchery.org/naapub/member/join.htm

For the parking situation, I found out the following guidelines in terms of parking for next weekend...

* Friday after 5:30 PM is weekend parking. No permit required in the parking lots.
* The west side of Kyle (PA 62) will be available.
* Read lot is PA 46 this is not available until 5:30 on Friday - No permit required
* Garage rates - $1.50 per hour the first two hours and 1.00 thereafter. The maximum charge per day is $10.00
So, on the weekend, park anywhere that is not 24 hour reserved. On friday, park in the lot on the west side of Kyle Field.

Also, one other note since we have a lot of compound archers - remember that there is a max draw weight of 60 pounds. The officials will be checking draw weight. Only one sight pin is allowed. Scopes are fine. Releases, peeps are fine as well. No electronics on your scope. Everyone needs to have initials on arrows.
Let me know if you have any questions. email me using this link:
Kathy Eissinger

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Archery Links On The Web, Part 2
It seems there are always new places on the web for archery information. Tom Barker found a great site that has very good information on compound bow release aids. The Connecticut Archery Association has a veritable compendium on this subject!

It's been made the LINK OF THE MONTH on the archery links page of the TSAA website. Scroll around this page and you'll find a lot of interesting sites. I've made a separate section at the bottom for softwares related to archery, publications, etc. PLEASE send us your favorite website links? Just go to your site, right click on it, and SEND the page to webmaster@texasarchery.org, please.

While not exactly archery related, you will find this GOOGLE site interesting. Bookmark and use this Google Link for pig-latin queries and this Google Link for KLINGON queries. Have fun!

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The online registration continues for the Lone Star FITA to be held in Austin in April. For information and the registration form, to see a list of those already registered, EVERYTHING INDEED, then click on this link!

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World Indoor Championship in Nimes, France
Here is the website where you can follow the results of the world indoor shooting in Nimes, France next week. Jr. & Sr. USAT members including Texans Kevin Barker, Cassandra Raffaelli, Vic Wunderle, and fellow Americans are looking forward to representing themselves and their country in France. Most leave on Sunday with practice on that Wednesday and the actual tournament starting on Thursday. Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday will be the elimination rounds and team rounds. The Barkers will be taking our time coming home so we can see some of Paris and the French countryside by train (at 220 mph this will be like a 4 hour carnival ride).

If you click on the English flag it will help navigation through the website unless your French is pretty good. Again, thanks to all of you who helped make this trip possible for Kevin.

Tom Barker

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Archery Has Been Dropped From 2005 World Masters Games
By Rick Stonebraker (edits by Ron Carmichael)
To all archers whether you qualify as a chronologically-enhanced archer or not, please consider sending a note to the World Masters Games in support of archery.

If you remember in my recent articles in all the archery magazines, I requested everyone to write to the world masters games committee in support of archery. Evidently that did not happen so OUR sport was jeopardized because you did not SUPPORT it. Here is your chance to tell that committee that archery should be in the world masters games in 2005 in Edmonton, Canada. They chose synchronized swimming over archery!!

Also, to the world masters games committee: When was the last time any American or British or Canadian team won a medal in Sync swimming? And are you aware that a British colony (Australia) just won a gold medal in archery at the recent Olympic games in Sydney in 2000? It would seem to me that this weighs far more importance than sync swimming, which is one of the least athletic and goofiest events ever. Did you know that archery was acclaimed as the first invention and goes back to when civilization first started? When did sync swimming materialize??

I am sure it is too late to substitute another sport for archery BUT it is not too late to add archery as another optional sport and every one of this list will send their two cents as well.

People, please send them a message about archery and do it NOW. Tell them how much you look forward to coming to Canada and how much you look forward to spending a few days at the Calgary Stampede the week prior to the games and visiting the Canadian Rockies. Canada is a great place and the only dumb thing they have done recently was be short sided on not choosing archery..............BUT that can change with enough voice and support from the archery community. Send this to everyone you know in archery. Click on THIS LINK TO START YOUR EMAIL MESSAGE.

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National State Of Texas Locator Map
There are a number of members of the TSAA as well as newsletter and email list subscribers around Texas. This map shows their distribution - both archers that are on our mailing rolls as well as those registered as NAA/TSAA members For a larger version, click on the picture and you will be taken to a picture on the TSAA website.

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NAA Instructor Course Level II Offered
For any parent wishing to be able to help their child be a better archer. For any archer wishing to understand better the underlying principles and mechanics of archery, and thereby become a better archery. For anyone planning to wrangle kids at a summer camp next year. For the inveterate Sagittarian!
This new Level II course is going to be held in March. Level 2 Course Announcement
NAA -Archery Instructor Certification

Where: Austin, Texas (University of Texas campus- AHG indoor range)
When: March 14-16th, 2003 (Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday)
Cost: $100 / person (includes all materials)

Description: The Level 2 Archery Instructor Course is designed to train and certify instructors to teach group archery classes, JOAD programs, college programs and Level 1 Basic Instructor courses. Participants must be NAA members and eighteen (18)* years of age or older. The course is a 30-hour activity. Certification is valid for three (3) years.
* Course may be taken in the calendar year of your 18th birthday.
Prerequisites: None (Level 2 manual and other materials will be provided).

Registration: Email Tom Parrish or Call (512) 965-0090. For full information, go to this link

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