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January 20, 2003

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NAA Instructor Course Level II Offered
DA-USA! (Disabled Archery USA)
Register Now For The 2003 TSAA State Indoor and State JOAD
NockNock - Who's There? Oops!

The TSAA sold around 100 shirts and sweatshirts last year with the world-famous (literally) TSAA logo on it.

For this year, Rick Stonebraker has found a source for TYVEK JACKETS. Tyvek is a wind-proof, water resistant paper that makes a wonderful over-jacket for warmth. It blocks rain as well as wind. It is as light-weight as possible, durable, very strong and resists tearing very well. It is great for traveling - you can fold it up, ball it up, or just stuff it into a bowcase, and it is comes out wrinkly but ready to wear.

The TSAA is going to make an order of these inexpensive, recyclable Tyvek Jackets. White with black trim. The example shows a stock item with runners/Houston for an example. The TSAA logo that appears on the other side will actually be where the Houston/Runner logo would be. We will include an embroidered archer on the back that is about 8" to 10" tall (see example)

These are embroidered and so will look very nice. We would like to do this very quickly so the Texas archers can wear them to the world indoor championship in early March. The manufacturer has agreed to work quickly provided we turn in the order ASAP.

The jackets are sized small so add 2 sizes when ordering. For an example: Rick Stonebraker, Kevin Barker, Tom Barker will wear a 3XL. These jackets are light, strong, will shed water, retain heat, wind resistant (not breathable)and can be folded into a pocket. Great for emergencies and can be worn while shooting during cooler, windier tournaments. They are STYLIN'!!!

Tyvek is not machine washable and never use an iron - hand wash and drip dry.

We will place this order within a few days so they will be available in time for the Texan World Team members can take them to France. A VERY FEW extras will be ordered in case someone doesn't get this message.

Cost is projected to be about $27-$28. The price will depend on how many of you take us up on this project Since it is dependent on quantity, the more of you that sign up, the less they will cost. We will NOT be toting these around to tournaments in order to sell them as we did with the T-shirts. Hopefully they will arrive prior to the State Indoor and if they do we will bring them to the tourney.

If you wish them mailed to you after that, expect to pay an additional $4 or so. You can place your order now, and we will send you an email when the exact cost is found after all orders are in. You are on the honor system here - you place the order, you are promising to pay for the jacket when it arrives.

Again, we are under a time-constraint, as the TSAA will be furnishing these jackets to our internationally-bound archers (World Indoor Team members headed for Nimes, France). If you want one or a couple of these yourself, then you need TO ACT RIGHT NOW.


[image]and this archer on the back

So do NOT delay - this has to be done quickly to get them in time for the Nimes crew. These will make awesome gifts or trade items at tournaments, they are literally collector items, and the proceeds from these jackets go to the TSAA.

The TSAA Logo is shown on the opposite side from where it will be - it will REPLACE the "Houston" runners log and will be about the same size, as shown below:

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NAA Instructor Course Level II Offered
The following announcement was in the last issue as well, but due to popular demand, Tom Parrish has added another course to the schedule so this article is being repeated:

For any parent wishing to be able to help their child be a better archer. For any archer wishing to understand better the underlying principles and mechanics of archery, and thereby become a better archery. For anyone planning to wrangle kids at a summer camp next year. For the inveterate Sagittarian!
This new Level II course is going to be held in March. Level 2 Course Announcement
NAA -Archery Instructor Certification

Where: Austin, Texas (University of Texas campus- AHG indoor range)
When: March 14-16th, 2003 (Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday)
Cost: $100 / person (includes all materials)

Description: The Level 2 Archery Instructor Course is designed to train and certify instructors to teach group archery classes, JOAD programs, college programs and Level 1 Basic Instructor courses. Participants must be NAA members and eighteen (18)* years of age or older. The course is a 30-hour activity. Certification is valid for three (3) years.
* Course may be taken in the calendar year of your 18th birthday.
Prerequisites: None (Level 2 manual and other materials will be provided).

Registration: Contact Tom Parrish by e-mail or Call (512) 965-0090. For full information, go to this link

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DA-USA! (Disabled Archery USA)
Another article repeat, because now they have a new address that is much simpler da-usa.org

Kind of like saying, DAH-BEARS. DA-YOUSA-dot-org. Psst. Pass it on!

There is a new website devoted to archery and the "disabled" archer. I put quotes around the word disabled, because it is a misleading word when used in this way, when talking about the people involved in this sport who prove constantly that they are anything but "disabled".

But the important thing today is that there is a place on the web now for this group of athletes. For more information, contact coach Glen Harris.

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Register Now For The 2003 TSAA State Indoor and State JOAD

This coming February 7th the State Indoor Tournament will be held on the west side of Fort Worth. Jack Milchanowski is the very able Tourney Director and organizer. Please see the tourney ONLINE registration form for more information. Please register as soon as possible. Your check will not be deposited until after the registration deadline, so by registering early you are sure to avoid the late fee and yet not be out any money ahead of time. To view the lineup of current registrations, go to this link

It's been a few years at least since a State Tourney has been held north of Austin, so this is a great opportunity for the TSAA to pick up new members in the North and West Texas Regions! If you know any archers in that part of the state, please call them, write them, email them, whatever, just let them know about this event and be sure to tell them that they are welcome to shoot as either guests or as NAA new members. Let's get the word out to any archery shops in the area, 4-H groups, etc.. Also please contact Jack if you are willing to assist with the tournament - setting up, taking down, etc...The more hep the faster and easier it all goes!

SPECIAL NOTE: In order to accommodate the complicated life of many students who have Saturday academic activities a limited shooting line will be held on the Friday evening just before the regular event on Saturday. Only if an archer has a school-related conflict with shooting Saturday morning should they contact the director of shooting in order to request a Friday evening slot.

You can likewise register online for the State JOAD, and we will hold your check till the deadline. Like last year, the State Indoor JOAD will be held in Bay City at the Matagorda County Fairgrounds and directed this year by Ben Dybala. You can find full information on the TSAA website here.

You can see pictures from last year's fun-filled (and only slightly brisk) JOAD by going to this link here.

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Your message board has a lot of interesting discussions going on - from the impact of Title IX on women in archery to how will we be able to fund our archers that will compete in international tournaments (that is, if they can afford to go). How do you ship your bowcase in the airlines these days?

You can also easily skim the latest topics by using your PageDown key when you are on the main TSAA website page.

Other topics include whatever you want - just post your own question or message - it's your board!

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TEXAS archers Kevin Barker (Victoria), Holly Heinsohn (Halletsville), Cassandra Raffaelli (Houston), Dawn Chudy (College Station), Vic Wunderle (Frisco) all excelled at the recent United States World Indoor Archery Trials in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Holly, 13, finished fourth and is the alternate in the 18 and under ladies compound bow division. Kevin, 16, finished second in the 18 and under gentleman's Olympic bow division. Kevin earned the number 2 spot on the 18 and under group of the team by finishing second in the qualification round and and then remaining undefeated in 15 head-to-head matches at the Team Trials held in Virginia Jan. 3-5.

The team will be traveling to Nimes, France March 2 to compete in the World Indoor Archery Championships. Kevin is a member of the elite 24 member United States archery team and one of only three nationwide in his age division. Kevin also represented the US as a member of the Junior World Outdoor team that traveled to the Czech Republic last summer.

Also making the US team was adopted Texan and Olympic medallist Vic Wunderle. Vic has continued to perform at a world-class level since achieving a silver medal at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Guy Krueger of Blessing, Texas and formerly of Texas A&M joins Vic on the Senior Men Recurve team, along with another member of the US Olympic Team from Sydney, Richard (Butch) Johnson. Dawn Chudy and Cassandra Raffaelli of Texas A&M both made the team as women recurve and compound archers, respectively. In all, seventeen states contributed archers to this team. Way to go Texans!!!

Here is the press release from the National Archery Association:
World Indoor Archery Team Named

January 8, 2003

Colorado Springs, Colo. - Two defending world indoor champions (Mary Zorn, Warrenville, Ill./Texas A&M University and Marleigh Bogumil, Pittston Twp, Penn.) are among the 24 archers who earned spots on the 2003 U.S. World Indoor Team on Sunday in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The Trials were held at Godwin Hall on the campus of James Madison University, hosted by the Shenandoah Valley Target Archers and sponsored by Bushnell Performance Optics. The top three archers in each of the eight divisions were selected for the team that will compete at the 7th FITA World Indoor Championships in Nimes, France, March 4-9.

The 2003 USA Archery World Indoor Team is comprised of Senior and Junior men and women in both recurve and compound divisions. The following athletes have been named the Team and will have the opportunity to compete with top international archers in France:

Senior Men Recurve
Vic Wunderle Frisco, Tex.
Richard Johnson Woodstock, Conn.
John Burkett Chula Vista, Calif.
Alternate: Guy Krueger Chula Vista, Calif. (He is actually from Blessing, Texas)

Senior Women Recurve
Jennifer Nichols Cheyenne, Wyo.
Dawn Chudy College Station, Tex.
Fuzzie Davis Mansfield, Ohio
Alternate: Aya La Brie Aurora, Colo
Junior Boys Recurve
Tyler Benner Manheim, Penn.
Kevin Barker Victoria, Tex.
Tyler Domenech Delta, Penn.
Alternate: Corey McCormick Joliet, Ill.

Junior Girls Recurve
Stephanie Miller Naperville, Ill.
Margot Stuchin New York City, NY
Marleigh Bogumil Pittston Twp, Penn.
Alternate: Lindsay Pian Scottsdale, Ariz.

Senior Men Compound
Dave Cousins Standish, Maine
Stephen Jervis Langhorne, Penn.
Reo Wilde Pocatello, Ida.
Alternate: Logan Wilde Pocatello, Ida.

Senior Women Compound
Jessica Grant Phoenix, Ariz.
Michelle Ragsdale New Richmond, Wisc.
Mary Zorn Warrenville, Ill.
Alternate: Sally Wunderle Peoria, Ill.

Junior Boys Compound
Braden Gellenthien Hudson, Mass.
Jedd Greshock Shenandoah, Penn.
David Roth Lowell, Mich.
Alternate: Chris Glass Lake Orion, Mich.

Junior Girls Compound
Erika Anshutz Grand Island, Neb.
April Witt Waddell, Ariz.
Cassandra Raffaelli Houston, Tex.
Alternate: Holly Heinsohn Hallettsville, Tex.

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NockNock - Who's There? Oops!
Oops who? Oops, the dates and are wrong, that's who.

The recent issue of the NockNock had a calendar of upcoming events, and the Texas Shootout was ignored (not the first time). Left out. Not there, nor was the Shootout mentioned in the summary for 2002 on the front page of the issue. With all of the cutbacks and staffing changes, I'm sure that the NAA office is running very short-handed at this point.

Please note that the Texas Shootout, a USAT QUALIFIER and STAR FITA event and one of the premier events in the US each year, is going to be held on April 27th-29th, and there is already information posted on the Aggie website at this location.

The DATES of some other TOURNAMENTS listed in the Nov-Dec NockNock were also incorrect - including those for BOTH of the southern region Nationals. The National Indoor Championship is held in a variety of locations all over the US during Feb and March.

Without belaboring the point by listing out each possible error, please check the online calendars for the right dates for ANY TOURNAMENT you might want to plan on attending. The NAA's calendar

and the TSAA calendar are good places to catch the latest correct information on tourneys, and the very best place for any tournament is that tournament's webpage. Links are provided on the TSAA calendar for those that we know of.

The NAA has just mailed out to hopefully all registered members a letter with the corrections for the National Indoors venues and dates, and a new registration form. If you haven't received yours yet, you can probably find the right informaton on the NAA website calendar (link above). Please make careful note of the new registration fees, and especially the $25 LATE FEE! Don't be late!

Texas A&M has hosted our region's National Indoor Championship for a number of years and the dates are actually going to be FEB 28 thru MAR 2 . Also, Morrow, Georgia's date is Mar 14 thru Mar 16. As far as the location for the A&M shoot, be aware that the location in the NockNock was not correct either - there is a map on the A&M website showing how to get to G.Rollie White where it will be hosted this year. The move from the usual gymnasium to the GR White building has been made to accomodate anticpated increase in participants. (80 archers per shooting time!!!)

Also, the Nock Nock has, for the third year in a row(!) failed to mention the Texas State Indoor Championship, a STAR FITA event. ARGH! This February tournament is nearing a sold-out condition! Information can be found here.

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The TSAA annual meeting will be held Saturday, Feb.8, between the afternoon and evening lines during the State Indoor in Fort Worth. As usual we will hold elections for Board Officers. Anyone wishing to volunteer either themselves or someone else for service to the TSAA, or to request a subject be placed on the agenda, please write an email to the President. We want to get everything on the agenda (which will then be emailed prior to the meeting to all members on file with email addresses) so that the meeting can be held as effectively as possible. For example, due to the changes in the NAA fees we expect a lot more need for local events as opposed to national events. So a discussion about adding more tournaments to the indoor and outdoor (especially) seasons in 2003/2004 is on the agenda.
Currently Jim Krueger has been nominated for President, there is NO one nominated for V-P, Gina Carmichael has agreed to stand for Treasurer/Secretary again. If you wish to serve the TSAA in some capacity, or wish to nominate someone else, NOW is the time!


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An opinion by A.Ron Carmichael, webmaster, newsletter editor, and father of a female JOAD archer

The 30-year old law in America that has taken women from "1 in 27" athletes in school sports, to more like 1 in 4 or so, is currently being reviewed for elimination by a presidential "blue ribbon" panel that was apparently purposely selected for their likelihood to vote for its demise. Despite the fact that even today the majority of elementary, middle, high school, and colleges are not in full compliance with this law Title IX has caused a huge improvement in the gender balance of sports.

For example, in recent TSAA archery events there has been a ratio of 2 women for every 3 to 5 men. Yet for kids, there is a nearly 1 for 1 ratio. This is in large part because young girls are NO LONGER told "you can't", whereas the senior ladies who do shoot had to fight tooth and nail for legitimacy and opportunity back when. As the kids of today grow into adults, we can expect the senior ratio to become more "normal" as well. But losing the sheltering, promotional, nurturing benefits of Title IX may very well stem this growth or even allow a return to the good ol' days we've only just begun evolving from.

If you wish to know more about what Title IX might mean for archery and your children, especially your daughters, and how they and it are at risk now, you will find this link to the Women's Sports Foundation highly educational. You'll find opinions from Geena Davis and Janet Dykman, as well as a lot of other professional athletes both male and female!

You will find a link there that assists those who wish, to write an email to their congressional reps on this subject.

The opinions of this writer are not the official viewpoints of anyone at the TSAA. I recognize that this is a politically charged issue. Should anyone in the TSAA reading this wish to respond with a counter opinion, please write me and I'll be glad to consider it for inclusion in the next newsletter. In the meantime there is a message thread on the TSAA message board where you can speak out immediately. A.Ron Carmichael
In fact, anyone in the TSAA is welcome at ANY TIME to write for their newsletter - just contact me.

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Attention Tournament Directors (and archers too)

The downunder programmers of TargetPlot, Trevor Hancock & Marianne Rieckmann, have been busy. As you may know, these archer-programmers in Australia make a program for the hand-held computer for archers (and actually for all shooting sports). They've sent me a copy of a program that's to be released today. They think it is for Tournament Directors of Shooting, and while they are right, that's not all it is for.

First, a few pictures from my Handspring Visor:

This works best on a color Palm or Visor or Clie, but it also works on monochrome displays. (It's just not as purty). It lets a DOS (hence the name, ArcDOS ) time the shooting lines for a tournament. Allows for the walking up to the line period, the green shooting time, the yellow light time, and the red stop shooting time. allows for lunch times. It LOGS it all. It beeps at the right times, just like a whistle by the DOS, so you could hold it up to a PA. Now, this $21 (US) software is a great alternative to the stop watch for a DOS. But wait! There's more! It's also a handy-dandy pacer for the archer! It SLICES, it DICES (time), and it polishes your arrows! (well, not that last thing)

As part of Lindsey's physical therapy routine, she has to work with resistance on a timed pace - Raise the weight up slowly for 7 seconds, hold it for 7 seconds, lower it slowly over 7 seconds, rest 10 seconds, then repeat. Do 20 reps. With ArcDOS, I can easily program this to count each interval, then beep each timed event over and over. marvelous.

In the past I have worked with Lindsey to learn to shoot at a slow and deliberate pace. I've found for example, that she makes her best shot when she takes no more than 5 seconds from start of draw (that's after the pre-draw) to click. If she takes longer she can still make a good shot, but the odds decrease slightly. So I've actually made like a metronome, counting out loud when she starts to draw. Quietly, steadily, one, two, three, four, ..... and during these exercises she focuses on her pace, not on where the arrow goes. Interestingly, her arrows stay in the gold just as much as when we are not doing this.

So if I set ArcDOS to beep on each second, and beep twice at the desired endpoint, say 5 seconds, it makes a pair of beeps at the end of the sequence.

ArcDOS is being released now as ArcDOS Lite, which does what I described. The next version will have A HARDWARE INTERFACE so that the Palm device, sitting in its serial cradle, will drive a set of large timer displays for use by the archers on the line - red/green/yellow and/or a countdown timer.

While the final price for the packaged deal hasn't been determined it will be likely be reasonable and available as both a "built" and a "plans only" version.

The advantages of the ArcDOS will be

  • all the described benefits I wrote above,
  • the user friendly interface,
  • new technology used in the radio control of the displays, and
  • by using batteries it will remove the power and signal cables from the tournament ground
Here is the website at TargetPlot where you can download a test copy yourself!

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