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December 23, 2002

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District 11 4-H Indoor Tourney Season Concludes A Record-breaking 2002 Year
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NAA Instructor Course Level II Offered
TSAA 2002 Summary of Participation
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District 11 4-H Indoor Tourney Season Concludes A Record-breaking 2002 Year
By Tom Barker:
The part of Texas roughly between Houston and Corpus Christi and over to the San Antonio and Austin area has one of the largest 4H archery projects in the United States. Every year in the fall several of the small county clubs host invitational tournaments for the kids that participate in the project. It all culminates in early December at the district championships. 2002 was a banner year.

We had over 300 kids sign up for the project and over 250 shot at least one of the eight tournaments through the fall. Many kids shot multiple tournaments and in multiple disciplines. All total there were almost 900 entries, of which almost 70% are under 12 years of age. There were two young ladies with almost 30 entries between them. Over 60 of the entries were what we call clover kids. These youngsters are too young for 4H (less than 8) but we let them come and play for participation only. In other words there is no competition, and they all get an award.

Another new and significant group this year is our barebow entries. In 2002 there were an even 100 barebow entries. Many kids after shooting their regular round with their recurve or compound will strip off their sight and then shoot barebow to challenge themselves.

About 30 of these kids will play year round in the TSAA and NAA events and another 30 or so will shoot 3D. A fair number also use their archery skills to be accomplished bowhunters.

Several of the District 11 kids go on to compete at state, national, and now international events. Several District 11 kids have gone on to outstanding collegiate careers and collegiate All-American status.

District 11 4H archery is a great place to learn archery and then have some fun with it too.

By The Numbers:
Overall we had 897 entries from October through December in the 8 tournaments including Fort Bend and District, including two entries by a guest who paid but didn't turn in his score sheet so it was not counted in the individual tournament numbers. This represents over $4500 in registration fees once you count the team entries. If concessions are equal in revenue to registrations that means the clubs grossed about $9000 in revenue. There were 252 archers that took part in these tournaments.

*Entries per tournament were:

  • Goliad ,92
  • Columbus, 94
  • E. Matagorda, 118
  • Ft. Bend ,84
  • Calhoun ,124
  • Victoria ,126
  • LaWard ,114
  • District ,143

*We had 51 “graduations” during the year

* The Clubs had the following entries over the year:

  • Bee 35
  • Brazos 2
  • Calhoun 116
  • Colorado 87
  • E Matagorda 133
  • Fayette 6
  • Fort Bend 32
  • Goliad 122
  • Lavaca 22
  • Laward 45
  • San Patricio 6
  • Tiger Sharks 139
  • Victoria 84
  • Wharton 65
  • (Guest 3 Travis Cox 3 times)
  • Total Entries 897
A more detailed look at the entries is also insightful
  • - Andrea Garner had the most entries with 14 with Kisha Acuff close behind with 13
  • - There were 63 clover kid (under 8 years old) entries
  • - There were 75 Senior compound entries
  • - We had an even 100 barebow entries
  • - There were 556 Sub-junior entries or 62% of the entries are the 12 and under kids, even with the 60 arrow per day limitation

I am not easily impressed, but these numbers sure impressed me. It is amazing what happens when folks work together. A couple of things that we have done right jump out: the clover kids, the graduations, the focus on the entry level archery (sub-juniors) and the barebow inclusion. I am also pleasantly surprised at the senior retention especially since they really only get one entry per tournament and have so many other things competing for their time It is also apparent that the project is still growing by looking at the new counties participating. We are doing something right!

Editor's Note: Please make notice of the number of barebow entries - 100 ! - There is a LOT of young archers learning to shoot without a sight, and doing quite well. Andrea Barker, for example, is 5th in this world-wide barebow mail-in tournament of adults (she is under 16!). (http://www.lokostrelec.org/3wcbb/rw.htm ). Her score of 470 (40cm target)from the A&M Indoor is admirable for most archers with sights, but in this indoor season since the Aggie Indoor, she registered scores in tournaments of 527, 503, 495, 532, 535, 517, 505, 504, 502, and 519 on 60cm targets. Obviously not just a flash in the pan! The highest score in that mail-in tournament, BTW, currently is a 516 so as the only American lady and the only one in the top 10 under 16 years of age, Andrea stands out as an excellent archer that we're sure to hear more from in the future!

Also, Garrett Poncik attained a 290 AND then on the very next round a 295 during one of the 4-H tourneys, thereby earning his Olympian and Silver Olympian levels. Way to go, Garrett, Andrea, and all the great kids in these events!

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World Records
by Tom Barker

IIn the newly created world records for the masters division, Rick Stonebraker garnered 11 of the possible 13 world records available in the outdoor target division. Rick will take aim at the other two outdoor records next year!

The current official FITA World Records include:

FITA: 1258

90M: 285

70M: 313

50M: 326

30M: 349

3 x 144 team: 3741 with teammates Ed Eliason and Jerry Pylypchuk

3 x 9 Team Match: 232 with Ed and Jerry

2 x 27 Finals Total: 462 with Ed and Jerry

18-arrow Elimination Match: 161

12-arrow Finals Match: 107

36-arrow Finals Total: 308

These records can be seen on the FITA website at this location.
2002 was the initial year for the masters division to compete for world records due in part to a proposal to FITA through the NAA by Rick Stonebraker in an effort to encourage archers to continue competing as they become chronologically enhanced.

11 world records coupled with three-FITA masters world championship titles in 2002 makes for a very nice archery year! Well done, Rick!

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DA-USA! (Disabled Archery USA)

There is a new website devoted to archery and the "disabled" archer. I put quotes around the word disabled, because it is a misleading word when used in this way, when talking about the people involved in this sport who prove constantly that they are anything but "disabled". But the important thing today is that there is a place on the web now for this group of athletes. You can visit it by going to the following link:
http://www.disabledarcheryusa.org .

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NAA Instructor Course Level II Offered
For any parent wishing to be able to help their child be a better archer. For any archer wishing to understand better the underlying principles and mechanics of archery, and thereby become a better archery. For anyone planning to wrangle kids at a summer camp next year. For the inveterate Sagittarian!

Level 2 Course Announcement
NAA -Archery Instructor Certification

Where: Austin, Texas (University of Texas campus- AHG indoor range)
When: January 24-26, 2003 (Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday)
Cost: $75 / person (includes all materials)

Description: The Level 2 Archery Instructor Course is designed to train and certify instructors to teach group archery classes, JOAD programs, college programs and Level 1 Basic Instructor courses. Participants must be NAA members and eighteen (18)* years of age or older. The course is a 30-hour activity. Certification is valid for three (3) years.
* Course may be taken in the calendar year of your 18th birthday.
Prerequisites: None (Level 2 manual and other materials will be provided).

Registration: Contact Tom Parrish by e-mail or Call (512) 965-0090. Must be registered and paid by January 10th.
Send payment to: Tom Parrish
1720 S. Lakeshore Blvd. #111
Austin, TX 78741

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TSAA 2002 Summary of Participation

Texas State Archery shatters the One Thousand mark in 2002. For the first time in Texas Archery history, there were over 1000 entries by archers who participated in TSAA or NAA related archery tournaments in Texas. All the attendance records set in 2001 were broken in 2002 sans one event. I would call that a milestone. A major influence for that is the ever-increasing numbers of kids coming out of the successful 4-H programs. Rick Stonebraker - TSAA President
To view a table of each tournament's participants, click on this link

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Register Now For The 2003 TSAA State Indoor and State JOAD
This coming February 7th the State Indoor Tournament will be held on the west side of Fort Worth. Jack Milchanowski is the very able Tourney Director and organizer. Please see the tourney ONLINE registration form for more information. Please register as soon as possible. Your check will not be deposited until after the registration deadline, so by registering early you are sure to avoid the late fee and yet not be out any money ahead of time.
It's been a few years at least since a State Tourney has been held north of Austin, so this is a great opportunity for the TSAA to pick up new members in the North and West Texas Regions! If you know any archers in that part of the state, please call them, write them, email them, whatever, just let them know about this event and be sure to tell them that they are welcome to shoot as either guests or as NAA new members. Let's get the word out to any archery shops in the area, 4-H groups, etc.. Also please contact
Jack if you are willing to assist with the tournament - setting up, taking down, etc...The more hep the faster she goes!

You can likewise register online for the State JOAD, and we will hold your check till the deadline. Like last year, the State Indoor JOAD will be held in Bay City at the Matagorda County Fairgrounds and directed this year by Ben Dybala. You can find full information on the TSAA website here.

You can see pictures from last year's fun-filled (and only slightly brisk) JOAD by going to this link here.

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Spotlight On A Standout Archer
alternate title: "Bow Sight? It Just Gets In The Way!"

Andrea Garner has been registering good performances using a barebow (a recurve bow without the typical sight) during this past indoor 4-H season. She's also shot in some standard NAA-type tournaments and again, done exceptionally well. Her scores can be even more impressive considering that she has only had bow in hand for less than two years. Here's a brief writeup on Andrea.

Born, May 4, 1988, Andrea is the only child of Dale and Teresa Garner. During the summer of 2001, a friend of Andrea's invited her to go to the local YMCA Archery Camp for one week. After participating in the program, Andrea was really excited about how well she did during the camp. When the local 4H Coordinator decided to start an Archery Program in Calhoun County, Andrea was the first in line to sign up. Andrea has had a bow in her hand ever since.

During the first few months of the 4H archery season, Andrea shot with a club issued Comet recurve bow. When Andrea started - she did try a pin sight. Andrea felt as if the sight was in her way - so she had Dad remove it and has shot bare bow ever since. Last Christmas, Andrea asked "Santa" for a bow of her own. All she talked about was having her own bow. Well, Dad quizzed her until he had all the specs for her dream bow. On Christmas morning, Andrea unwrapped her dream and cried for an hour afterward. She shoots a 66", 28# Hoyt Avalon.

Since then, under the watchful eye of her coaches, Andrea has developed a style all her own and has won many awards in the past 15 months. She has also won the respect of the archery world. Andrea competes in both the bare bow open and recurve ladies divisions in the 4H season . She will be shooting in the senior ladies barebow class nationally since there is no youth barebow division. Currently, Andrea is competing in the 3rd International Bare Bow Internet Competition, where she is currently in fifth place. She is the youngest archer in the top ten and the only female from the entire USA in this competition.

With Archery, Andrea has developed her levels of concentration and become a more confident, well disciplined person. Archery has become her passion. In September, Andrea completed the Level I Instructor training so she will be able to help teach her passion to other youth archers. Andrea has also set goals for herself - to be one the best bare bow archers in the nation and possibly the world some day. She has also challenged herself to excel in the sighted recurve class as well.

Andrea is very proud of her sport and speaks of it often with her friends and classmates. Andrea has been a member of the South Texas Archery JOAD Club of Victoria and currently a member of J & J Archery JOAD Club of Port Lavaca. She also is a member of Salem Lutheran Church, where she has served as an Acolyte and member of the Altar Guild. She is a member of the Green Lake/Long Mott 4H Club in Calhoun County and serves as 3rd Vice-President. She is an active member of the 4H archery program and has been a mentor to many young bare bow archers. She also raises New Zealand rabbits. She has competed with her rabbits in both the local Calhoun County Fair and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and has done quite well with them. She is also an active member of the Bay Area Rabbit Breeders Association.

Andrea has made many friends throughout the state of Texas since she has become involved in archery. Even though archery is more of a individual sport - it's a great way for families to stay close. Most afternoons, you will find Andrea and her dad practicing in the back yard or in the garage.

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Senior and Junior United States Archery Team (USAT) Selection Criteria Posted
The NAA sent out to us some documentation on the Selection Criteria in the form of Microsoft Word Documents. I've posted them as a web page and also in the Adobe Acrobat form and original Docs. For the Senior USAT Criteria use this link. For the Junior USAT (both Juniors and Cadets are eligible), you can use this link.

These teams are indicative of a high level of dedication to the sport and to a proficiency with the bow. There are certain benefits as well to being a member of the USAT/Jr.USAT as well as responsibilities.

Quoting from the NAA's website on USAT: "... Team members conduct seminars for other archers and are scientifically tested to improve technique, nutrition and physical and mental training...." and regarding the Junior Team:
"..Following rigorous training and nutritional programs, these youths have improved on almost every national record in the books. The Junior Elite team was founded in 1985, and several former participants in this program have already surfaced as international contenders and champions." (
NAA Web Link)

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YOUR message board
The TSAA message board has grown in activity over the months, and if you haven't checked into it, you might wanna! It's free, you can register if you wish, and take part in diverse conversations with archers throughout not only the Lone Star State, but also anywhere in the world. NAA Judges and officials also frequent the board, and offer you feedback on your questions and comments. The indoor season is in full swing, and with the holidays upon us we have lots of things occupying our attention.

But you can stay current with your friends and archer buddies by using the message board to cuss and discuss thangs. We recommend you register, and then click on the "My Control Panel", so you can customize your info - you can choose to NOT show your email address if you want, or to allow others to leave you private messages. There are sections on JOAD, TSAA, and Worldwide topics and archers of ANY age can participate. T

he only guideline of rules is to behave the way you do when you are at a tournament - no cussin', manners count, and no excessive flatulence on the line! You can upload pics if you wish, place want ads, even list calendar events that are upcoming. When you post messages, you can choose to have the board notify you whenever someone responds in the thread (choose "track this topic").

After all it is your message board, so have some fun. TSAA Message Board - bookmark it so you can easily find your way back. But if you want, you can simply go to the bottom of the main TSAA page and always see highlights of conversations underway, and click to join the fray!

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