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October 26, 2002

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Saggitarius Means Archery
4-H Indoor Archery Season Continues
Archery, The Unknown Sport
AZJOAD speaker, Ted Harden II, Addresses Kiwanis Club
World Indoor Archery Team Trials 2003
Texas Shootout 2003 Registration & Info Now Posted
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Mental Training for Peak Performance

Saggitarius Means Archery
One of the best places on the net to obtain a great education on archery in general is the Sagittarius board. This message board runs on software written by some enthusiasts from the Netherlands, and the server is in a University there. It doesn't support threads, but that is completely offset by the fact that there are many expert archers and coaches that frequent the board, offering their advice and counsel.

There are a huge number of people that "lurk" there (lurk means you don't post messages, you just read and benefit. There is a unique flavor to this board that remains untainted by the typical rudeness, commercialism, and spam of most other internet message areas. It's worth book marking
The Sagittarius Board.

The messages are self-archiving - each number file contains the wisdom and idiocies of past messages - you can search for particular words, like "brace height", "nocking point", etc. and easily see the past discussions.
For the last few years the Sagi board has conducted a
"mail-in" tourney service. You shoot a score, and you email it in, registering the information yourself on the net, and then it appears on the summary page so you can see each month how you stack up. It's free, and of course you are on the honor system - just like so much of archery is.
And one final tip - before you post your own questions - be sure to first review via the search mechanism, what has gone before. And read through the messages to get a better idea of the manners and etiquette of the board. It's special.

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4-H Indoor Archery Season Continues

The District 11 4-H Indoor Archery Tournament season is in full swing and they held a meet both this last weekend in Bay City at E. Matagorda County Fairgrounds and the weekend before at Colorado County. Results have been posted for both.

While these archers adhere to the 4-H guidelines and standards, they also recognize the NAA's JOAD guidelines. They've certainly established a level of excellence in BOTH organizations.

JOAD archers have certain scores defined for them as signposts of accomplishments. They are difficult to achieve and are something of an indicator that the archer has grown in ability to a special level. For compound archers, the current "Olympian" level requires the archer to shoot 30 arrows indoor at 18 meters at a 40cm target, and make a 290 score. For a "Silver Olympian" a compounder has to make a score only 5 points less than perfect, a 295. For the "GOLD OLYMPIAN", a perfect score of 30 tens (300!) in a row is required. For recurve the numbers are the same but the archer uses a 60 cm target instead of 40 cm.

Right now the 4H'ers in South Texas are holding a tournament each weekend in a different town, moving around to allow the kids to have an opportunity to shoot as many as 6 times before Christmas. This gives them a chance to have some great fun and garner some experience in tournament. In the latest 4-H tournament, held in Goliad, Garrett Poncik managed to shoot an Olympian with his compound bow, a score of 291. In his very next round of thirty arrows, Garrett moved up to SILVER OLYMPIAN, with a 295.

More than 90 kids shot the first tournament in Goliad and that number again in Lavaca County a week later. This most recent weekend in Bay City there were 115 archers! Compound, Recurve, and even barebow archers are having a blast and shooting great scores! Guest youth archers are welcome at these events. Check the schedule and look for the GREEN listings, for the "4-H Shoots" and see if one might be in your future!

Click here to go to the 4-H index of results and pictures

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Archery, The Unknown Sport
Target Archery in the United States is a virtually unknown sport. It is so under the public radar that tournament directors cannot get even local TV stations, who are normally starved for positive news events, to send a camera team out to cover national tournaments, let alone the lesser tourneys. For example when the NATIONAL JOAD Target tournament was 30 minutes from Atlanta a few years back, even CNN didn't bother to cover it.

What is it about the way we conduct our sport that causes such indifference? Such ignorance?

Is it that the tournament directors don't send out the proper press releases? That they don't get the proper press releases in advance from the NAA offices? Is there a "how to" manual they can use? After all, tournament directors are usually not PR experts. You and me - we are definitely unbiased people and we know it is bound to be an undeniable fact that any intelligent and reasonable person would agree with: Target archery is one of the most positive, empowering, beneficial sports that Americans from 5 to 85 participate in. Right? So how come no one but archers know that target archery exists?

A little coverage will go a long way towards growing our sport and insuring continued success in international competitions. I feel it is also important that the public in general be aware of the aspects of target archery to insure the continued unfettered and unrestricted practice of the sport. It is important that the public understand that target archery as practiced under the auspices of the 4-H, the NAA and FITA is one of the very safest sports around today! It only takes one bad event to negate a lot of good, positive effects in the public's eyes. We need to build those positive effects always. Are there any Public Relations pros that also happen to be archers out there? That we can enlist into service in creating a PLAN for the systematic exposure of local populations to the fact that archery happens in their community? There is bound to be a "right way" to prime the pump and get sports/news directors of newspapers, radio, and most importantly, television stations to properly cover our tournaments.

As the next story shows, there is something that can be done on a grass-roots level by non-PR-type folks. Something that costs little but has widespread effects. Attaboy to Ted Hardin II and all those that share archery with "un-archers".

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AZJOAD speaker, Ted Harden II, Addresses Kiwanis Club
Archer Ted Harden II of the Arizona JOAD was invited to speak at the Camelback Kiwanis luncheon at the Beefeaters Restaurant on 3rd Ave and Camelback on October 24, 2002. After a nice meal of beef stroganoff followed by a slice of chocolate cake, Ted briefly explained Olympic target archery, the JOAD program and his personal accomplishments, which included participating at the VII Jr World Championship as a member of the US Archery Team in Nymburk, Czech Republic. He brought three bows for explanation purposes and answered many questions from the distinguished audience of commercial realtors, retired judges and notable Phoenix businessmen. The well posed questions and their answers kept all interested.

Based on the exceptional level of interest by the membership, Ted2 has been added to the Kiwanis speakers list to present at other Phoenix - metro area meetings. Ted2 plans to add target faces and arrows to his "props" next time.

Ted2 is a Junior at Marcos De Niza High School and is also a member of the Jr US Archery Team. He has been in competition for just over three years and is currently training to qualify as a member of the US Team for the 2003 World Indoor Trials in Nimes, France.

"JOADs (Junior Olympic Archery Development) are encouraged to help get the word out at every opportunity. The more people understand what it is we do, the better chance we have of growing the sport." Said Bob Pian, AZJOAD State Coordinator

By Bob Pian

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World Indoor Archery Team Trials 2003
The NAA has provided us with a copy of the registration form as well as information on the event, and you can see this information at the TSAA Website. The MS Word form of the registration form is here if you don't have Word, you can still view it by choosing this link to the Adobe Acrobat version which most web browsers will support. The event will determine which US Archers will be able to represent the US in Nimes, France in the new year. Note that the first place finisher in male and female, recurve and compound disciplines will be "funded" (Their travel expenses will be covered). For 2nd and 3rd place finishers, as well as the 4th place (alternate), AND all of the Junior members (1st, 2nd, 3rd, plus alternate I think) will be what is termed "self-funded".

Note that the targets will follow the FITA guidelines for a World Indoor Championship Event, and will employ the "VERTICAL 3-SPOT 40cm TARGET".

The host for the WIATT 2003 is James Madison University historically one of the more active supporters of target archery in US academia

For further information:

Catherine Spears
Director of Programs
NAA/USA Archery
719.866.4681 Work
719.632.4733 Fax

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Texas Shootout 2003 Registration & Info Now Posted
The indoor season has just begun and it's already time to start planning for the Spring Outdoor season? Uh, you ARE already practicing outdoors, right? Oh well, don't worry, we'll send out reminders again later. But in the meantime maybe you want to look at some of the pictures from 2002's event, and read up on the event at the link below.

The Texas Shootout is one of the biggest and best organized events in NAA Archery events and has grown steadily in popularity. This year will be just as good, hopefully, and the folks at Texas A&M are graciously hosting it again. This is one of those official "ranking" tournament events that will attract a whole passle of good arrow flingers.

You can check the information on the tournament, due to be held on April 25th through 27th, at the Texas A&M Link
There is a registration form off of this link.

If you wish to look at some of the pictures from last year (there are many top archers pictured) you can click on this link to the photos index page

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Mental Training for Peak Performance
"Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel"

This softback book is just under 200 pages and is filled with strategies used by many different world class athletes to improve their performance.

You can shoot 500 arrows a day in practice but if your mind cannot put you into the right mode for competing then chances are that you as an archer will not keep growing. You might even realize that there is "something" missing from your archery game. Can you close your eyes, relax your body, slow your heart rate, and step through a shot execution from very start to very finish? Can you feel the nock under your finger in your mind? Can you image the gym where you are going to shoot next time? Can you umm, SMELL that gym in your mind? Well, the very best athletes say they can!

Psychologist Steven Ungerleider, Ph.D. writes in an instructive and entertaining style and loads in lots of tips, tricks, and techniques of Olympians and professional athletes that increase the chances you can find a way that works for you. This book costs about as much as one packet of spin wings, but the benefits of it CAN be much more durable and long-lasting for your game. Click on the book to read more.

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