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Issue XX1
September 27, 2002

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4-H Archery : District 11 Report
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The Indoor Season Is Upon Us - Get Yer Registrations Raht Hyar!

The TSAA Message Board has been updated with some new features to make it easier for you to follow topics you are interested in.

You can now post your own schedule events to a category, and the calendar will be updated with the info. You can even include a registration form, information sheet, tourney information hyperlink, etc.

Currently, it contains an ongoing discussion of four JOAD-related proposals for the upcoming BOARD OF GOVERNOR's meeting. Initially we were lead to understand that last Sunday was the deadline for the discussion, but found out that the BOG members are monitoring the discussions right up until the actual meeting, so keep on discussing!

The main page of the TSAA website also has a "ticker" area towards the bottom where you can quickly scan 5 to 10 of the latest messages with recent postings. Each has a hyperlink that will take you directly to the message.

You do NOT have to register to view the messages. We do wish that you would register so that you can take advantage of all the features. Your information is never shared outside of the TSAA/NAA. There are some great posts in the topics! Please read the messages, and provide your own ideas and perspectives.

Archery is what we make it. Help make it better.

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From the FITA webpage:
Archery Not among Events to be Cut from Olympic Program

The International Olympic Committee is going to cut some events and entire sports from the Olympic program to size down the Olympic Games. Last month, the Olympic Program Commission of the IOC published its recommendations, and we’re pleased to inform you that Archery was not mentioned in one single sentence or line.
full report on the recommendations is below.

The Sports Website has made an internal survey among its readers to see which three sports they would prefer to cut from the program. You can see the surprising result if you click here.(Archery is not among the sports that most people (3% out of 759 votes) would like to eliminate from the Olympic program)

PRESS RELEASE Official International Olympic Committee press release

29 August 2002

Following its review yesterday of the Olympic programme for the Olympic Winter Games in Turin in 2006, the IOC Executive Board today discussed the Olympic programme for future Games of the Olympiad, specifically the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in 2008 in Beijing. A total of 18 sports for the programme of the Summer Games have been submitted to the Olympic Programme Commission by their relevant International Federations for inclusion in future Games.

The Executive Board decided NOT TO ADMIT the following sports, which had made a request for inclusion into the Olympic Programme of the Games of the Olympiad:

Roller sports (FIRS)
Polo (FIP)
Surfing (ISA)
Bridge (WBF)
Chess (FIDE)
Air sports (FAI)
Billiards (WCBS)
Boules (CMSB)
Dance sport (IDSF)
Bowling (FIQ)
Racquetball (IRF)
Water ski (IWSF)
Squash (WSF)
Underwater sports (CMAS)

It was decided that the request from the International Wushu Federation (IWUF) will be further studied.

Decisions on inclusion/exclusion of sports will be made during the 114th IOC Session in Mexico in November. Changes regarding disciplines and events will be further discussed during future Executive Board meetings.

The full Olympic Programme Commission's report, explaining the Commission's recommendations and outlining the criteria against which summer sport, disciplines and events have been judged can be found below.

View an Adobe acrobat publication of the Olympic Programme Commission's report:
Review of the Olympic Programme and the Recommendations on the Programme of the XXIX Games of the Olympiad, Beijing 2008

NOW would be a good time for you to go to this link, http://www.suggestions.olympic.org/question-intro.aspx?LN=EN , and fill out the questionaire IN FAVOR OF ARCHERY IN THE OLYMPICS !!!

And let us pause for a moment's reflection on the possible demise of Olympic synchronised swimming.

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4-H Archery : District 11 Report
The largest single group of youth archery in Texas and indeed, the United States, is very likely the 4-H District 11 of South Texas.
The following link is the
summary of the meeting held August 31, 2002, concerning archery and 4-H for the upcoming indoor season for South Texas Youth Archers. For the general information page of 4-H in Texas, please go to this link . Find out more about 4-H - it's an important part of what makes America's foundation strong and chances your young archer can very likely benefit from joining the 4-H.

And please note on the calendar - there are EIGHT 4-H tournaments between now and the end of December!

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The Indoor Season Is Upon Us - Get Yer Registrations Raht Hyar!
It's that time of the year, where registrations are being accepted for the Texas A&M 'Aggie Invitational', and you should consider this YOUR INVITE !

The folks at A&M currently have one of the nicest venues for shooting indoors in the Lone Star State, and attendances in the past have shown a distinct UPWARDS trend. So much so that slowpokes who don't register double-quick may not get the shooting time they want. Use this link to access the registration page on the A&M website, print it, fill it out, and mail it in with your registration fee ASAP. Registering sooner than later also helps Kathy Eissinger and Frank Thomas to prepare for the event and deal with all of the logistics. A write-up and pictures from last year's great shoot (with nearly 150 archer!) can be viewed online here.

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