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August 4, 2002

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118th National Target Championships and Grand Prix
For the 118th time, archers from around the U.S. and countries abroad came together to compete on a level field. The NAA Target Championship was conducted over four days, each day's competition consisting of shooting 36 arrows at each of two distances (72 arrows per day) , for a total of 288 arrows. A clout competition was held as well, where archers shoot a long distance (up to 165 meters) in an attempt to hit a flag on a short post( aka "the clout"). Rick Stonebraker, TSAA prez, managed to hit the clout and break it, and then hit the clout STUMP again on his next shot. At 165 meters, an incredible archeristic feat!

The weather was for the most part good, although the first afternoon saw driving, windswept rains drenching the archers but not their spirits. The rest of the week was nearly perfect with light breezes and a hot, strong sun shining through summer haze.

This is the last time for Canton, MI, to act as the host city (it moves to Redding PA for the next 3 years) and after four years the folks in Canton have developed a routine through their experience that insured that everything was set up properly and well organized. The NAA posted each day's preliminary results during the evening hours on their website, which was very welcome, although last-minute changes to the lineup caused some small delays during the Grand Prix. Once again, given the 600 plus archers' attendance the event went very smoothly. There were some unfortunate conflicts on the Youth field regarding target faces and such that were eventually solved, although not to everyone's satisfaction. Part of the problem was apparently due to changes made in the tournament that were not understood ahead of time.

After the 4-day championship many archers had scored well enough to participate in the U.S. Grand Prix, where they shot head-to-head in a single-elimination method till only one was left undefeated in each class: Male, Female & Recurve, Compound.

In the medal matches, each archer alternates shooting, one arrow at a time for a total of 12 arrows. The matches were often decided by just one or two points out of a possible 120 points. The certified results can be viewed on the NAA's website.

Texas archers competing in this year's championship, in alpha order:

  • Sage Adams
  • Lindsey Carmichael
  • Dawn Chudy
  • Lorinda Cohen
  • Amber Dawson
  • Kristine Ehrich
  • Adam Guggisberg
  • Jennifer Holmes
  • Staten Holmes
  • Tim Humphrey
  • Hyo Jung Kim
  • Guy Krueger
  • Travis Lafayette
  • Jake Misenheimer
  • Sam Mody
  • Tom Parrish
  • Cassandra Raffaelli
  • Amanda Raffaelli
  • Tamara Raffaelli
  • Vikram Rangraj
  • Trevor Seidel
  • Chris Shull
  • Rick Stonebraker
  • Vic Wunderle
  • Mary Zorn
  • (Ashley Kamuf and Tara Robey were initially listed here as Texans, apologies for the error)

In the Clout Competition, Rick Stonebraker took the gold medal in Senior Men Recurve and Sage Adams the gold in Youth Female Recurve.   

For the purpose of comparison, after each score below, the distances the archer shot will be in parentheses.    

In the Championships, Lindsey Carmichael took the gold in AR3 Female Recurve with a 2321 (70/60/50/30 meters) and Rick Stonebraker the gold by scoring 2430 in the Master 50+ Men Recurve (90/70/50/30), while Cassandra Raffaelli won silver in the Cadet Female Compound Class by shooting a 2515 (70/60/50/30).   

Sam Mody won bronze in the Cadet Male Recurve, edging Jake Misenheimer by only one point, 2384 to 2383 (, in 288 arrows shot for a possible 2880 points.

Kristine Ehrich won gold by shooting 1623 in the Senior Female Barebow (70/60/50/30) while Amber Dawson of A&M shot a 2722 (70/60/50/30) in the Senior Female Compound to win silver.

Dawn Chudy shot a 2574 (70/60/50/30) in a very competitive Senior Female Recurve division to claim a silver medal. Our current Texan-in-the-making, Hyo Jung Kim formerly of Korea, shot a 2596 (70/60/50/30) to gold medal in the Senior Female Recurve Guest division.

In the Senior Male Barebow, Tim Humprey claimed bronze with a score of 1703 (90/70/50/30).   

Vic Wunderle, Olympic Silver medallist in 2000, won gold handily in the Senior Male Recurve with a 2645 (90/70/50/30).

An index of an assortment of pictures from the event can be seen at this link.

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Texans head for the Czech Republic
Several Texas JOAD Archers are currently in the Czech Republic, in order to represent US at the World Team Championships. Their progress and tournament information can be viewed at this link.

Here's wishing Kevin Barker, Sage Adams, Tim Meyer, and Jake Misenheimer good luck and good shooting!

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NAA Olympians of Texas
JOAD archers are ranked based on performance at tournaments during the year (click here for rules) , and some are chosen to attend a special training camp held at ARCO, the US Olympic Training Center, in San Diego. The camp will be August 18-25 this year, and archers Kevin Barker, Lindsey Carmichael, and Garrett Krueger from the NAA Southern Region have won the right to attend this camp, which is paid for by the NAA. They are given advanced instruction over the course of the week and learn many physical as well as mental athletic training techniques in the same environment of excellence enjoyed by our past Olympian athletes. Click here for more info on the trip itself
(Thanks to Jim Krueger for both the rules and trip explanation)

Congratulations to these archers!

PS - did you know, that as a member of the NAA, you are entitled to shoot at the ARCO archery facilities when you are in southern California? You must contact them ahead of time and schedule your visit, which is subject to availability of space, and there is a modest fee involved. The facilities are very nice, of course! For more information, contact the NAA offices.

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The Season To Change
As we near the end of the outdoor season, and the indoor season begins to loom larger, now is the time to make changes to your bowkit. Perhaps you want to move to higher-pound limbs, or to try a different riser, or no longer need one spine of arrow because you are making this switch or well, just because.

Changes made now give you time to adapt and settle in to your new setup, and to tune up as well, before the indoor tournament season starts.


The "For Resale" page has grown recently with lots of new listings from people planning their changes.   Take a look and see where you can save some money by getting "gently" used equipment and perhaps selling your used gear. TO LIST some gear, send pictures and a note to the webmaster.

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Our Voices
The membership for the NAA is currently numbers around 6,000.   The Board of Governors of the NAA is elected from the ranks of archers, by archers. They come from the 4 regions of the US and their purpose is to represent the best interests of the organization. They hold several meetings annually but only one open meeting a year where the rank and file are allowed to attend, and that meeting is held during the National Championship. Neither this year, nor last year, saw even ONE PERCENT of the membership attend!

I counted 47 people at the national BOG meeting this last Wednesday, and perhaps 12 to 15 of those were actually working members of the NAA staff, office staff, etc. so the number of plain archers was far lower!   I had expected a huge crowd with all sorts of fire and brimstone after the recent imbroglios of both the JOAD and Senior Championships, but no one raised any issues other than the perennial problems with the dress code.

I hear some (not a lot) griping during tournaments, and I understand this - sometimes I'm griping as well. What I cannot understand is why less than 50 people bothered to show up for the BOG meeting. What's with the membership? Are they all so content that the meeting is not worth attending?

Well, it is too late for this year's meeting. But if you have any suggestions, questions, statements, or manifestos, you are entitled to talk with your voice on the Board. For Texas as well as the southern US, the JOAD Committee voice is Jim Krueger, and for the Southern Region of the NAA our rep is Jane Johnson. Both of these folk are gifted with both patience and tolerance, and a wealth of archery experience. As a past NAA President Jane knows a lot about not only the NAA but the bigger "picture" of archery around the world, particularly the FITA organization.   Jim's had many years of experience in JOAD archery and has made a huge contribution to youth and archery through both JOAD and 4H programs. Their contact information as well as all other reps', can be found on the NAA website's  board of governor's page.|Normal^http://www.usarchery.org/naapub/leaders/board.htm

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