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Issue XIV - Results JOAD Nats, TATA
July 20, 2002

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118th NAA National Target Championships & US Grand Prix

The 21st JOAD Nationals finished Sunday, July 14th, 2002.   The results have been posted on the NAA website, at this location
There were over 300 young archers from all over the US as well as a few from other countries, Poland, New Zealand, Phillipines, and Canada, shooting on over 80 Whitetail ethafoam target buttresses. Weather was near perfect, the venue was great, the location had all the support facilities nearby. Judging was first rate.   The shooting was controlled by both stop lights as well as electronic horns that were audible throughout the field. At first there was some consternation that the field might be crooked, because of the gentle but uneven slope of the land behind the targets, and the fact that the people (not the tourney organizers) who mowed the huge area did not mow in line with the shooting corridors. That caused what I think could be described as an optical illusion of grass furrows, the targets appearing to be slanted at an angle to the VERY LONG shooting line.   The officiating crew verified the dimensions, however, and I don't think there was any more than the usual number of arrows shot on the wrong target.   The grass was thick and a little high, making missed arrows a little tough to find without the metal detectors.   Wind was very light and variable. If your archer lost an arrow, Jim Coombe of the Cincinnati JOAD has found it. He has 9 or 10 arrows that went unclaimed and you can email him with a description, and he'll get it to you. Jim's email.

The planners had pizza and subs delivered continuously as well as by special order, they had a Schwann's truck there to sell all sorts of great ice cream treats, they even had a masseuse onsite giving free massages! There was shade aplenty for the archers, and the temps were in the mid to upper 80s.   Of special note was the team maintaining the leader boards. Every even round they collected the scores, and had the results posted by the time the odd round was done.   Very well done.

Many archers shot personal bests, and most had a great time. It was discovered as a surprise on the last day by many parents of archers in the Junior class that a Junior archer could skip the majority of the FITA round, shoot (very well) in the OR, and still medal in the tournament. The FITA round of 144 arrows over two days was used to determine the lineup of the OR, but for the JUNIOR class alone, counted nothing towards the final ranking of the tournament.

A final congratulations are in order to the Texas JOAD Archers who participated in this event and in many cases, increased their personal best scores.
Catelyn Curtner, Ethan Butemeyer, Samantha Hessong, Leanne Wiley, Andrea Wiley, Karla Leonardo, Trevor Seidel, Tamara Raffaelli, Cassandra Raffaelli, Holly Heinsohn, Kevin Barker, Sam Mody, Sage Adams, Travis Lafayette, Lindsey Carmichael, Vikram Rangraj, Garrett Krueger, and the tallest of them all, Tim Meyers. Good shooting and congratulations!

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Dateline Bangkok, Thailand, July 12, 2002 - College World Team Championships
After Korea, Croatia, Germany and Turkey, this week I find myself at the World University Archery Championships in Thailand.

Today we completed the individual competition. Guy Krueger defeated Vic Wunderle to advance to the top four, and I won my quarter final match against the number two seaded Korean to advance to the top four as well.

Oddly, none of the Koreans made it to the top four, with Luxembourg defeating the second and France the third. Guy Krueger and I both lost our semi-final matches to shoot against each other for third. After a come-from-behind 29 on my last end against Guy, we tied and went to a one arrow shoot off for the bronze medal. Guy shot a ten to my eight, however, to finish third.

I'll take fourth place, considering I finished ninth at this event in Spain two years ago. Jeff Hinkles of Luxembourd was first and Ariel Deux of France was second.

Not too bad for the USA, despite the fact that we really wanted to win this one. We'll take it in small steps.

In other divisions, the USA won medals, too. Adam Wheatcroft of JMU won the men's compound division.... by a lot. Mary Zorn of A&M was first in Women's Compound, followed by Amber Dawson in third and Megan Bowker in fourth. Dawn Chudy shot a 60 (WOW) on her third end during the 1/8'th eliminations to defeat the number one seated Korean. Dawn continued to finish second to, you guessed it, a Korean. Way to go DAWNIE!!!!! That's a huge step for our women's recurve team. AWESOME!

Overall, we won more medals, by FAR, than any other country today. Tomorrow we continue the WUAC's with the exciting team competition. My men's recurve team will start off against Italy at 8 AM. We want this one, and we are ready to win it. We defeated the Korean team in Turkey, so tomorrow our mission is to do that again. Of course we will need to be at our best. After today you can bet the Korean's are going to be out to win, as well. Stay tuned, this is going to be one heck of a shoot-out.

All the results are online here

I'm tired, and I'm going to bed.


Christopher Shull

United States Archery Team

United States Olympic Training Center

2800 Olympic Parkway

Chula Vista, CA 91915



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Much as the TSAA general archery interest newsletter (with a slight bias towards thangs Texas<G>) a newsletter is being promulgated by the JOAD Committee to the BOG (Board of Governors).

It will be free, of course.   It will be provided on a semi-scheduled basis, flexible enough to respond quickly to events as needed.   It will contain links to web-based resources for important information for JOAD archers, parents, and coaches.

To get on board for this new resource, all you need to do is send an e-mail message to a special address with a subject of "subscribe" and your First Name and Last Name in the body of the message. Nothing else is needed in the message. Want to do it
Right now?  
Click Here!

And as with the TSAA newsletter, you can opt out at any time by sending another e-mail message with "unsubscribe" in the subject.

JUST as the JOAD resource page on the TSAA website (and the TSAA newsletter for that matter) is a compilation of stories, tips, writeups, and anecdotes provided by
ARCHERS, so must this new JOAD Newsletter!  This means that you, the JOAD Archer (and, ok, even the parents) are hereby requested to provide something, anything.   If it is interesting to you and it is about archery and kids, it's interesting to other archers/parents.   I'll be glad to help edit and review your input to help maximize your impact and effect.

For any submission, all you need to do is write me an e-mail with your thoughts. I'll take it from there, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. The final version will be included ONLY on your approval, and so long as the NAA brass approve it as well. So next time you LEARN something surprising, put it down. Figure out a neat tip?   Put it down and send it on to webmaster@texasarchery.org

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Yet Another Tuning Technique
TexARC's Titrational Adjustment (TATA) (pronounced tah-tah, not to be confused with NA-DA)

There is no perfect way to tune a recurve bow. After four years of trying to find the best mix of tuning methods for a recurve bow and my JOAD archer, I've found some small hybridizations work best for us. One of the latest quandaries for me to figure out was the plunger( aka button or cushion plunger).   It is very confusing to try and figure out how to use it.   Most guides just say "set it to medium". Medium what? A very big part of shooting well for beginning and intermediate archers is the "tune" of the bow.   For the top expert archers, I suspect they can put some twine on a broom stick and still shoot 1300.   But for the rest of the archers it's important that their "kit" help and not hinder their efforts.

A couple of quick definitions: "Plunger" is a device that absorbs some of the arrow's flexing at the moment of acceleration, so that the arrow doesn't bounce hard right and then left. It cushions the flex so the arrow doesn't wobble as much in the early phase of flight. That in turn makes the arrows tend to fly more consistently in a tighter spiral towards a common point ALL OTHER THINGS BEING EQUAL.    "Tuning" a bow is the process of trying to set each of the parts of a bow, including the archer, to a place where they all work more or less in harmony. But that's the rub - "more" or "less"! And "titrate" is to make small, incremental changes all the while watching for reactions to the change.

In the beginning I had the mistaken notion that all one had to do was set the hardware up perfectly without the archer, and the tune would be done. Not so! The archer is the most important part of the "arrow delivery system", and you cannot expect to tune a bow up and get wonderful results unless the archer is involved in the process and is indeed PART of the tune process.

My goal is to get a tune that lets the archer shoot at her longest distance, and in the course of moving from say, 70 meters to 60 to 50 to 30 meters, to NEVER have to adjust the plunger nor the sight from left-right, just up-down. It can be done!   I've seen archers that keep several aperture/mounts in their quiver, and each one is set to a particular distance - when the distance changes, they swap apertures - I'm not so sure that is a sign of a good tune. One may still need to make tiny adjustments to the plunger at each distance for a better "grouping", but again that's an advanced technique.


To view the complete article use this link

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Turkish Grand Prix Results
The results for the Turkish Grand Prix, which fielded archers from all of the major countries involved in the sport, can be found here

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Texas Sets New Attendance Records At State Events
Again in 2002 there were a record number of archers standing the lines of the State Indoor, Field, and Target Championships.   
The numbers for the NAA Regional Championship and the Texas Shootout were also records, but are not included in the State Attendance number, which was a whopping 410 for 2002! Combine the Texas Shootout, the National Indoors held at A&M and we topped out at over 800 registrations.   Considering we lost a number of adults and kids at the State Targets because of some 3 feet of rain in the week leading up to the event and the flooding of roads that kept them home, not a bad year indeed!

See a graph of all the various events

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Archives of TSAA Newsletters
Each of the newsletters is placed into an archive - you can reach the index page for the newsletters at this location.

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JOAD Committee Discussion
The NAA Board of Governors has a committee of people that have volunteered to help identify issues and create policies applying particularly to our JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) kids.
The JOAD Committee met with about 40 to 50 of the archers' parents one evening during the JOAD Nationals in Cincinnati and here's a general rundown on the discussion in no particular order. These are merely discussion points, nothing is final about any of them at this point, until the BOG says it is.   

  • Yeomans' age definition will be extended to carry through the year of the 9th birthday.
  • The issue of using a lower/smaller target stand (say, one that places the bullseye at 100cm above ground) for the Bowman class was deemed a good one but only for the local tournaments. The committee feels that for State and National events, the adult size stand ( FITA 130 cm rule) should continue to be the standard.
  • The "Archer" classification must be offered in State and National Outdoor Competitions. Below the State level, it can be an optionally offered class.
  • The name of next year's JOAD National Target Championship will be the "Junior Grand Prix". (JGP)
  • The ranking for the results of the JGP will be based SOLELY on the FITA round, not on the Olympic Round (OR).
  • A "recreational", non-competitive round may be added.
  • The JGP will NOT require the archer be a member of a JOAD.
  • There will be no new class for barebow JOAD archers. It was recommended by a parent that youth barebow archers register as a seniors to have their numbers recognized and counted, and they then shoot well enough to beat the pants off of the adults so that the adults will then want to grant a separate class for the kids.
  • JOAD will define classes for the Disabled Archers ("AR1,AR2, & AR3")
  • For the Next Junior US Archery Team (Jr.USAT), three events must be competed/completed:

the JGP is required, and then any TWO of the following:

  • Senior National Target Championship
  • NAA Senior Indoor Championship
  • National Regional Championship
  • either Junior World Team Trial or the new Sports Festival (see below)
  • USIAC (possibly)
  • Other outdoor tournaments may be added (i.e., Cal Cup, AZ Cup, Texas Shootout)

Allowing archers in certain classes, such as Junior, to have their scores apply in both the able-bodied class as well as the AR classes, much as the current National Indoor scores apply to multiple rankings/events, as long as the distances/targets are identical. (the same is being considered for Senior/AR3   and Collegiate/Senior)

  • Provide a camp for the Honorary USAT JOAD archers whose date of birth falls between the new and old classifications, which kept them from the Jr. USAT.
  • Increase the number of funded positions for Cadets from 1 to 3 for the Jr. USAT
  • Change the upper age limit for the Junior class to provide support to youths that are still in High School but have surpassed the current age limit, possibly to "through the 19th year if still enrolled in high school".
  • Develop a seven-area map of the US (leaving the NAA four-region map unchanged) that would provide the basis for creating a set of tournaments for increasing the competitions available for the Cadet and Junior Classes. These would be "archery festival" events, and would promote the formation of team competitions from each area. JOAD membership would be required. They could possibly be held with other team events in softball, volleyball, etc. to share expenses.   The final, top, archery festival competition would be a championship of sorts, and room/board might be funded but not travel to the event. The goal would be to use this instead of the current Olympian Training Camp theme.

As mentioned above, none of these ideas are definite until the Board of Governors says it is. The BOG will meet with the membership one evening during the week of the Senior Target Championships in Canton, Michigan. If you do not come to the meeting, you won't have a voice unless you contact YOUR BOG MEMBER in advance.   Find out who is your representative and how to contact them here.

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This Newsletter
This e-mail is being sent to you today because you either are now, or have been, involved in archery and the possibility exists that you might want an occasional heads-up on what is going on with archery in Texas through this new version of our newsletters.

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As always you can write to the President of the TSAA with comments or complaints, and suggestions.

CONTENT CONTROL: as a subscriber you can, WE HOPE YOU WILL, send information, stories, archery tournament writeups or neat photos, etc. at anytime to the webmaster@texasarchery.org for inclusion in this archery newsletter or on the website. Thank you and may your arrows always tune easy.

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Finally, tell a friend about this newsletter - please feel free to forward it on. And take a friend shooting - it's more fun to shoot with friends and they'll have a chance to learn a great sport for life.

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118th NAA National Target Championships & US Grand Prix
The 118th Archery Championships will be held soon, starting July 27th through August 2nd, in Canton, Michigan. The deadline was June 28th, but there is still plenty of time to register if you want to be a part of a HUGE archery event that will test your abilities and provide you with fun and memories for years to come.   This site has hosted the event for the last few years, so they know how to do it right. For information, click here.

By the way, the US Open/ "Grand Prix" portion is a separate event held in conjunction where archers from many countries go head-to-head in exciting "Olympic Round" competition. Competitors for this are selected and ranked based on their performance in the Championship portion which consists of two FITA rounds.

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