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Issue XII - Happy & Safe Fourth
July 4, 2002

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Have a good, safe, happy, and relaxing holiday
NAA Bulletin - National JOAD Tourney Coming Up & New NAA Director Welcomed!
How did they do that?
Another NAA Bulletin of the Best Kind
Zen and the Art of Archery, Redux
NAA BOG Minutes published on the NAA Website
Distance Chart

Have a good, safe, happy, and relaxing holiday
From the TSAA to all - please remember the reason for the Fourth as you go about enjoying the holiday. Be careful, and good luck to all going to Victoria for the CSSSJGCCRJTT.

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NAA Bulletin - National JOAD Tourney Coming Up & New NAA Director Welcomed!

National Junior Olympian Archery Championships to be held in Ohio

West Chester, Ohio - The Cincinnati Junior Olympians will host the 21st Jr. Olympic National Archery Championships. The tournament will be held at the Voice of America Park in West Chester, Ohio July 11-14. This event will determine the 2002 National Junior Archery Champions.

Tournament Director, Steve Cornell, said, "The organization of this tournament is an exciting challenge for the Cincinnati Junior Olympians drawing an estimated attendance of 300 archers not only from across the United States but internationally as well."

Two time Olympic gold medal winner, Darrell Pace, who will be in charge of field set up adds, "The Junior Olympic organizations and clubs are the future of our sport and the Cincinnati Junior Olympians are honored to host some of the most talented Junior archers in the world."

Cincinnati Junior Olympians, founded by the late George Helwig, is the oldest JOAD club in the United States and has continued to produce champions throughout the years. Darrell Pace has been the most celebrated Cincinnati Junior Olympian and other past champions include Doug Brothers, Felicity, OH, and the 1974 World Field Champion.

Cincinnati Junior Olympians is proud of their 2001 nationally ranked archers, such as Leah and Beth Scheidler of Middletown, Betsy Repaske of Loveland, Chris Owens of West Chester Alex Cornell of West Chester, Avery Halter an d Bethany of Cincinnati.

The Cincinnati Junior Olympians regularly practice at the National Guard Armory in Fairfield, OH as well as Bethany Archery in West Chester. Jim Coombe of Bethany, OH is the club coach and has expressed "great confidence that our Cincinnati Junior Olympians will repeat last year's excellent performance" adding that "we have been practicing diligently, working on form and shot execution." Liz Coombe, founder and manager of Bethany Archery and a former Maisonette chef, adds "This is a huge endeavor for the

Cincinnati Junior Olympians. We are looking forward to showing the world what we can do."

About the Cincinnati Junior Olympians:

The Cincinnati Junior Olympians is a local club comprised of archers under the age of eighteen, their families, and supporters. They are dedicated to promoting the sport of archery by offering instruction, participation in the JOAD (Junior Olympic Archer Development) achievement program, and providing competitive opportunities for its members. The Cincinnati Junior Olympians have many: state, regional, national, and international champions as members, most notably Darrell Pace, two time Olympic gold medal winner. The Cincinnati Junior Olympians are members of the National Archery Association of the United States (NAA).

About the National Archery Association of the United States

The NAA was formed in 1879 to foster and promote the sport of archery. The NAA is the only organization designated by United States Olympic Committee (USOC) to select and train athletes to represent the United States in Olympic and Pan American Games. The NAA is also recognized by the International Archery Federation (FITA) to support athletes and teams to compete in World Championships and other international competitions.


For more information contact: Steve Cornell

21st Jr. Olympic Nationals Target Championships

Steven Cornell Tournament Chairman

Cincinnati Junior Olympians

513-755-2444 or

1-800-736-3973 ext 2584

Steve Cornell


Welcoming Bradley Camp as the new NAA Executive Director!
For Immediate Release

Please contact: Desirae Freiherr, USA Archery, 719.866.4621

Bradley Camp named NAA Executive Director

Colorado Springs, Colo. - Bradley R. Camp of Colorado Springs will take office as Executive Director of the National Archery Association of the United States (NAA) on July 9, the NAA announced Friday.

A newly-retired Army officer, Camp was a key figure in the World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) for the United States Army, a program which offers opportunities for military personnel to train to become Olympic and internationally competitive athletes.Camp developed this program in 1997 and has been the U.S. Army representative to the National Governing bodies of the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Camp has an extensive background in business management, athletics, fundraising and marketing. In addition to being Chief Operating Officer of the Directorate of Community Activities directing community recreational programs at Fort Carson, Colorado, Camp previously was Deputy Director of the Center for Enhanced Performance at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY, where he designed, coordinated and implemented the Peak Performance Program.

NAA President, Mark Miller, stated, "We welcome Brad Camp to the archery family. His skills, experience and qualifications will be positive additions to the organization."

Camp has a bachelor's degree in Physical Education from Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL, and a Master of Science degree in Performance Psychology from Pennsylvania State University.

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How did they do that?
Lighting the flame in Barcelona for the Olympics:
Picture of the arrow used to light the Olympic Cauldron Flame

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Another NAA Bulletin of the Best Kind
For Immediate Release
Contact: Desirae Freiherr

USA Archery


July 1, 2002

Men's team defeats Korea; wins gold medal in Turkey

Antalya, Turkey - Four members of the men's United States Archery Team (USAT) captured the gold medal during the last leg of the European Tour, June 26-30, in Antalya, Turkey.

Vic Wunderle (Mason City, Ill.), Richard "Butch" Johnson, (Woodstock, Conn.), Jason McKittrick (Holton, Ind.) and alternate Chris Shull, (Chula Vista, Calif.) captured the gold against the No. 1 world ranked Korean team, 253 to 250, in the team round. This was one of the only times in history that Korea has not captured the gold. Italy won the bronze over Ukraine 254 to 258.

After two 70-meter rounds and the Olympic round, the men's individual competition was a close finish. Kyung-Ho Kim of Korea won the individual men's recurve competition with 114 total points over David Barnes of Australia who finished with 111 points. Dong-Hyun Lim of Korea captured the bronze medal with 111 points. All four U.S. male archers continued to the elimination rounds. Wunderle finished 12th with 165 total points and Johnson was 14th with 160 points. Shull placed 46th with 160 points and McKittrick was 50th with a score of 159.

The women's recurve team of Karen Scavotto (Chula Vista, Calif.), Kathie Loesch (Houston, Texas), Janet Dykman (Elmonte, Calif.) and alternate Jessica Carleton (Redford, Mich.), were eliminated after the first round to Korea with a score of 248 to 235. Korea went on to win the gold 245 to 230 over the Ukraine. Turkey won bronze 235 to 221 over Germany.

Individually, Korea won gold, silver, and bronze in the women's recurve competition. Mi-Jun Yun, Hoi-Young-Park and Mun-Joung Kim had 111, 110, and 111 respectively. All four U.S. recurve women made it to the elimination rounds, Dykman finished in 22nd place with 157 total points and Carleton was 28th with 152 points. Scavotto and Loesch finished back to back in 30th and 31st place with 152 and 150 points respectively. Fuzzie Davis (Mansfield, Ohio) accompanied the USAT, but did not qualify for the elimination round. She finished 87th with a final score of 543.

Coaches for this event were Frank Thomas (College Station, Texas) and Cindy Bevilacqua (West Chester, Penn.). Tom Parrish (Austin, Texas) was the team leader. The next USAT ranking event is the National Target Championships and the U.S. Grand Prix held in Canton, Mich. July 28-Aug. 2.

For complete results visit: Turkish Archery Website or NAA US Archery website

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The "Combined State Senior, State JOAD, and NAA Gulf Coast Regional JOAD Target Tournaments" (CSSSJGCCRJTT) (gesundheit) is to start Saturday, July 6th and at this point the fields in Victoria look to be fine.   The rains that have blessed us seem to have stopped, thank gawd.   While right now a lot of Texas roads are still under water all over central and south Texas by Friday they should all be navigable in the typical way.   Tom Barker has provided this link to allow you to easily check for Texas Highway Department Alerts

Be sure to bring sunscreen AND bug repellant - the area had enough rain last weekend to give the skeeters a good head start.   Water cannons, squirt guns, and lots of good fluids like Gatorade and Powerade are all good things to have this weekend!

If you need last minute information and can't find it on the website (link below), emailTom Barker

We have nearly 100 archers registered for this event.   Bring a smile and yore hat! State Target Info

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Zen and the Art of Archery, Redux
I had occasion to come across an interesting link concerning archery.   First, there is a very good book, called Zen in the Art of Archery (Amazon Info

However, there is a scholar who takes issue with the book, it's english translation, and makes what are some interesting points. It's a very good read. You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat to view the document, which is available at the following link: Myth

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NAA BOG Minutes published on the NAA Website
The agenda items discussed at the March Board of Govermers meeting have been posted on the NAA Website Publications

It also includes a tentative schedule of future archery events.

It's great that the NAA posts this information! Check it out!

For example, it notes that the dress code now specifically permits the pants legs to have a "vertical manufacturer's stripe", such as a white line up the outside seam.

For you JOAD parents, it mentions that: The proposal to create a Jr. U.S. Open event at the NAA National Target Championships will be discussed by the JOAD Committee at this year's JOAD Nationals. It was also recommended that the JOAD Committee consider having a U.S. Open style format at the JOAD Nationals and consider changing the name of the JOAD Nationals to "The Junior National Championships" beginning in 2003.

So you should plan to make this meeting (at the JOAD Nat's) to provide your input. If you wish, you can discuss the items ahead of time on the TSAA message board and try to get other folks' perspectives.

It's disappointing to note also that the concept of creating age divisions for barebow was turned down, so kids in Texas wishing to shoot barebow JOAD divisions at NAA-sanctioned tournaments may not be able to.

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Distance Chart
NOTICE OF UPDATED VERSION: Lyle McElhaney, webmaster of the NAA, put together a nifty chart of all the NAA divisions, and related information concerning target faces and distances. It is color-coordinated and includes both adult and JOAD divisions.   He has cordially given us permission to put a copy on the TSAA webpages. With a little prodding from Neil Foster, I created an acrobat version of this webpage so it can be printed easily on just about all computer printers.   You can download a copy from our website as a printable, viewable, PDF file.
Comprehensive Distances Summary

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