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Issue VII - Texas Shootout Report & JOAD Camps
April 30, 2002

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Texas Shootout Photos and Results
The 2002 Texas Shootout finished on a bright, warm, fairly calm Sunday early afternoon, 4-28-2002 in College Station.  It all started with the Friday afternoon practice, which was a "hey, long time no see" moment for some, and for others fresh from the Arizona Cup, just a "you're here too, oh NO!" kind of emotion.  

The field was well laid out by the A&M Field crew, directed by John Blaschke and painted/lined by Bob Marcotte who did an even better job than last year.  Thanks to all the hard workers behind the scenes!  As one archer noted, the fields were so well laid out that she didn't have to reposition her spotting scope between distances, just change the focus.  Many other archers with years and years of experience attending tournaments also had very positive comments about this year's event, even with the Saturday winds.

Saturday was the most arduous for many because of winds that at times gusted above 20 mph.  The temperature was good (70s to low 80s), overcast with a single smattering of raindrops midmorning that the high winds instantly removed.    There were 42 targets, with most occupied by 4 archers.  Shooting started at 7am and was continuous till lunch, and continued in the afternoon without any serious difficulties, although a number of archers experienced equipment failure and one (only) buttress blew over in the winds. No arrows were harmed in the falling of the butt although several archers may have come close to coronary failure!

After the FITA rounds on Saturday, the archers retired to an air conditioned gymnasium for some good ol' Texas fajitas with all the fixins.   Entertainment of the country western/Aggie flavor was provided by the Aggie Wranglers, a student group that specializes in flashy toe-tappin', boot-scootin' dancing.   Of special benefit and interest during the dinner was a talk provided by Lanny Basham who spoke on his specialty, Mental Management, as it applies in competitive sports such as archery.  Lanny is a past Olympic Gold Medal winner in shooting (firearms) and had many good points to offer the archers.  After a brief question and answer period, many archers were able to get a closeup look at Vic Wunderle's silver and bronze medals from the archery event at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.  Vic has resumed his college schooling at A&M after a hiatus to focus on his archery for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
The sun rose Sunday just as the full moon was setting, and the archers reconvened for the Olympic Round at 8am.  The archery gods smiled upon A&M and saw to it that conditions were perfect, with winds seldom venturing above 5 mph.  By late morning the clouds were gone so sun screen was at a premium while the temps remained comfortable for all but the weakest yankees.  There were a number of closely contested, enjoyable matches.  At one point Chris Shull, one of A&M's (and America's)  best recurve archers was shooting against Guy Gerig (another highly ranked archer from somewhere up north).  Chris fired a sizzling 54 points out of a possible 60 (6 arrows at 70 meters) only to discover he was behind Guy by 6 points!  Guy's perfect 60 carried him through that match, and several more, before Butch Johnson managed to edge him by one point in a single-arrow shootoff enroute to the final match.   Among the women, Nancy Zorn outscored Mary Zorn in the compound division by a single point (10 vs. 9) in a shootoff, and Amber Dawson won by a point against Sally Wunderle, all in the compound quarterfinals.

In the women recurves'  quarter finals, Janet Dykman (who defeated this writer's daughter, Lindsey Carmichael by a scant 10 points in the 1/8), edged Karen Scavatto by 1 point.  Other matches were not as close, with Kim outscoring her first 4 opponents by 83 points (!)  and Dykman went on to meet Kim in the Finals.

In the Men's Compound division Jeffrey Calhoun edged Chris Blockcolski in the first round with a one-arrow shootoff 7 to 5, but most other matches were not as close, although Jon Brewington's 111 was a point better than Jake Hall's 110, again before the final match played out.

Hyo Jung Kim, formerly of Korea and now happily Texas's newest female recurve archer, won the FITA and the FOR with very solid performance, using a bow setup that was less than two days' old.  

Braden Gallenthien won the men's compound FOR and Amber Dawson the women's compound FOR.   The men's recurve FOR winner was Butch Johnson.

For all of the official results and scores of the FITA, the FORs, the final rankings, and the NAA USAT points for each archer, check the A&M website for the results: Official Results

For a series of pictures from the tournament including a very nifty shot of the TEXAS first place trophies, please see the link to the photo index

A special note:  The results of the event were released by the Tourney Directors, Kathy Eissinger and Frank Thomas of A&M, within TWENTY-FOUR HOURS of the end of the tournament.  KUDOS all around.  

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NAA JOAD Training Camps
The National Archery Association is pleased to announce three JOAD Training Camps this year. Camps are scheduled for June 14-20 and Aug. 12-18 at the ARCO Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista, CA, and June 15-21 at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center, Lake Placid, NY.

The fee is $250.00 per archer to attend either camp. The cost includes food, lodging and training. Participants must provide their own transportation to and from the Training Centers. Free shuttle service from the San Diego Airport is available for those attending the ARCO OTC and is provided between the hours of 7a.m. and 9 p.m. There is also a free shuttle service from the Albany, NY Airport for those attending the Lake Placid camp.

Archers participating in these camps will receive instruction in shooting, equipment and maintenance, tuning, goal-setting, tournament rules, etiquette, fitness, nutrition and mental management. Skilled coaches will instruct archers and will be available throughout the duration of each camp.
FULL INFORMATION can be found on the NAA Website at this location.

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State Field

This is a gentle reminder that the deadline is fast approaching and you have until May 6th to get your entry postmarked. If you miss the deadline, it is only an extra ten bucks BUT if you have a good story and if it sounds convincing enough and if we still have room for you, I might be persuaded to let you shoot anyway for maybe only five dollars extra, depending upon the quality and creativity of your excuse. In any case, we want you to shoot so come on out and have a good time. Yes, there is shade for most of the course with only a couple of hot spots.

We have a record number of entries as of today, April 30th. 35 people have signed up which surpasses the previous number of 27 so it looks to be just as I promised "The best State Field Shoot" so far. John Blasche, Scott Williams and myself have laid out a nice challenging course, considering the flat terrain but we utilized the available terrain and got as creative as possible so you will enjoy it.

Also, there is plenty of room to camp so if you cannot find a room, come on out and rough it Friday night, May 10th. There is graduation in the area and not a room to find that night. And hopefully there are still some rooms left at the Country Hearth Inn, the official motel of the TSAA State Field Championship. Let them know you are with the archery so you can get the week rate and not the weekend rate. I cannot guarantee how many rooms are left so you might want to hurry for that one.

Remember my warning last year on the mosquitoes? Was I right? Well, bring some good shoes/boots with ankle support and be prepared for a little bit of exercise because the course is over a mile long and that doesn't include stepping off the trail to shoot and back to the road again so I would estimate to be prepared for a mile-and-a-half hike. But especially the ankle support because many of the shooting positions will be at awkward angles so we don't want any injuries so please come prepared.

Box lunches are available for Saturday and you do not have to be a shooter to order a box lunch. All the other details are on the website but if you have any additional questions, feel free to call or write me.

Rick Stonebraker TSAA President and Co-tournament director

To access the field registration page: State Field 2002


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