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Issue VI - NAA Position & Future Nationals
April 18, 2002

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State Field
NAA Position Information
Members Sell and Buy Gear
Updated Texas Shootout Information
Future NAA National Target Location

State Field
TSAA State Field Reminder
Please get your registration in for the state field as soon as possible so the organizers can make proper preparations. Especially those who plan to shoot the unmarked. This round is a courtesy for those who want to use it in preparation for the NAA National Field. We only have 10 people signed up so far and if that is all the interest shown, we will not go through the efforts to have this round if you don't make the effort to sign up.

The field round is shaping up quite well, we believe it WILL BE challenging. I mentioned before to prepare physically as the course is over a mile. Wear proper shoes/hiking boots to protect the ankles as many of the shooting positions will NOT be perfectly flat or even near flat. Long pants/trousers would be advisable to ward off stingers, stickers, brush, etc. We did manage to place one target perfectly flat and perfectly straight but that is the only one, maybe two. Be aware of your sight settings as we have two targets that shoot into the sky so set your sight properly or prepare for a long hike to the next county to retrieve your arrow or just say good-bye to it.

This will be a very good field round and the 20th State Field Championship will be the BEST state field championship.

If anyone is interested and has a free day(s), there will be a work party at the field range on May 4th. The plan of the day is to place target stands on the range and secure. On Friday May 10th, the butts will be placed on the stands and final measuring will take place and proper signs, numbers, etc will be posted, along with direction markers so it should be as busy as a bee. On Saturday (11th) morning, the target faces will be put into place. So, if anyone has any free time during any or all of these three time periods, let me know.

The more people, the less work, the more practice available. There will be no practicing until the work is done. No one plays while others work. Three of us spent the entire Saturday laying out and semi-marking the course. Excess brush and overhanging branches will be cleared out this week. Ground stands will be made specifically for low targets. So, it should be a fun time and we had just as much fun working and looking forward to more days out in the woods.

Both of the huge 10x20 tents will be put up on May 10th so if there are any campers out there, you shouldn't even need to pitch a tent, but bring one anyway. The 10x20 tents come complete with side flaps so if that isn't enough room for you, there is plenty of ground to pitch a tent. Only one of these will be available for camping because the other one will be at target 12. One word of caution, there will be wild animals roaming around. Even though the dangerous ones will be penned in another part of the area, there will still be some roaming around, so exercise extreme caution if wandering around at night. Some of the night noises might be a little eerie but it may be memorable. So, camp safely!

Rick Stonebraker, TSAA President

To access the field registration page: State Field 2002


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NAA Position Information
Dear NAA members and friends: The following Position Announcement for the NAA Executive Director opening is being distributed through Nock-Nock (May issue), the NAA website, the USOC Jobs Bulletin Board and this e-mail. Please feel free to pass this e-mail along to others, as my e-mail mailing list is not all-inclusive. Thank you for your assistance. - Best regards, Rick

Position Announcement EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, National Archery Association

The National Archery Association (NAA), based in Colorado Springs, CO, is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of archery in the United States and is one of 45 NGB members of the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC). The NAA selects and trains archery teams that compete in the Olympic Games and other international archery competitions. It also promotes the grassroots development of archery in the United States. Current membership is approximately 6500.

The Executive Director reports to the Board of Governors and is responsible for the daily administration of the policies, procedures and programs of the NAA. Responsibilities include strategic planning and execution (including elite athlete high performance initiatives), managing the budget and financial affairs, internal and external communications, member services, liaison with the U. S. Olympic Committee, securing funding, and marketing the NAA and its services to increase both sponsor support and the size of the membership.

The ideal candidate will have three or more years of successful experience in an executive, managerial or administrative position, preferably in a nonprofit association. Previous involvement with NGBs or related sports organizations and/or an archery background are preferred. Requires BS or BA degree. Needs strong leadership, marketing and written/verbal communications skills, as well as a proven ability to manage finance, fund raising, communications and membership programs.

Applications should be submitted to: Jane Johnson, Chairman, NAA Search Committee, 527 N. W. 38th Street, Oklahoma City, OK, 73118, ATTN: NAA SEARCH, FAX: (405) 524-8887, or
Jane Johnson

Application Deadline is June 1, 2002. The NAA is an equal opportunity employer.

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Members Sell and Buy Gear
Looking for some good, second-hand, less-expensive archery gear?

There are two places where TSAA members can list items they either want to sell or want to buy.   One is open to anyone, the TSAA message board wherein you will find a separate forum to post your own messages.  You can include pictures if you wish.   The link to the message board is here

The other place where adverts are posted is generally limited to TSAA/NAA members and is the ForResale page.  You can check out what currently is up for grabs

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Updated Texas Shootout Information
From the Tournament Director:  
Thanks once again for signing up for the shootout. For late registrants, note that the Saturday start time has changed to 7 a.m. to accommodate two lines of shooting. Current cuts are 64 for men's recurve, 32 for women's recurve, and 16 for the two compound divisions.

The banquet Saturday evening will feature a performance by the Aggie Wranglers (A&M dance group) and also a short talk by Lanny Basham on mental management (author of With Winning In Mind).

A list of registrants, target assignments, weather info, and schedule of events can be found on the A&M Website

We are looking forward to seeing you next weekend. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email

webmaster note:  It is not too late for you to sign up if you haven't done so yet.  Check the list of archers coming (at the link above).

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Future NAA National Target Location
From Mark Miller of the NAA:
Of the bids submitted to the BOG, two finalists were selected at the March meeting.  Since that time additional information was gathered and additional interviews were conducted.  Yesterday, at very long telephonic meeting of the BOG, Reading, PA was awarded the tournament.  

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