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1983 1985 1986
Colorado Springs CO Baton Rouge LA Houston TX
(Austin TX) (Winston/Salem NC) (Daytona Beach FL)
Laura Cale Karen Cearley Karen Cearley
Elaine Christenson Tricia Green Tricia Green
Diana Willis Ellen Ross Ellen Ross
Larry Perez Diana Willis Cope Bailey
Rick Stonebraker Rick Stonebraker Rick Stonebraker
George Willis George Willis  
1987 1989 1990
Winston/Salem NC Oklahoma City OK Minn./St. Paul MN
(Austin TX) (Norman OK) (Houston TX)
Erin Dannecker Karen Cearley Karen Cearley
Terry Quinn Kari Granville Sherrill Jarrell
Kelley Shand Kathie McCart Kathie McCart
Cope Bailey Terry Quinn Terry Quinn
Mike Hojnacki Eric Brumlow Eric Brumlow
Jamie Loesch Jason Mattern Mike Hojnacki
Rick Stonebraker Rick Stonebraker Staten Holmes
Chris Yeoman Mike Hojnacki Jason Mattern
  Chris Yeoman Rick Stonebraker
1991 1993 1994
Los Angeles CA San Antonio TX St. Louis MO
(Baton Rouge LA) (Austin TX) (College Station TX)
Karen Cearley Maria Cantu Kathie Loesch
Kathie McCart Kathie Loesch Terry Quinn
Terry Quinn Terry Quinn Kelley Shand
Kelley Shand Kelley Shand Staten Holmes
Staten Holmes Staten Holmes Jamie Loesch
Jamie Loesch Jamie Loesch Rick Stonebraker
Rick Stonebraker Rick Stonebraker  
Chris Yeoman Tom Parrish  
 1995 2004  
Boulder  CO Athens, Greece  
(Fayetteville GA) Paralympics  
Terry Quinn Lindsey Carmichael, 6th place
(2 paralympic & 1 world record)
Kelley Shand 2004 Olympic Trials  
Mike Hojnacki Lindsey Carmichael  
Staten Holmes    
Rick Stonebraker    


The 1982 Olympic Festival Trials were held at Camp Mabry in Austin, TX (June 4-5).
The Festival that year was in Indianapolis, IN.
The TSAA had not been formed yet in 1982, but of the 6 men and 6 women from the South trials that made the team, 3 men and 3 women were from Texas.
Rick Stonebraker, George Willis, Dick Van Hooser, Tricia Green, Diana Willis, and Kathy Tate.