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Each link above refers to the last tournament on record, all of which are updated throughout the year as the event occurs.
If the link takes you to the prior year's record then that event hasn't yet been updated (or held) for the current year
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" As of 2002 some of the divisions below were redesigned to the present format."
"Since none of the below conforms to the present format they are Archived."
FITA COMPETITIVE Recurve   Recurve
1996 Jay Wimberly    
1997 Guy Krueger    
1998 Guy Krueger    
2000 Trey Reagan    
2001 Trey Reagan    
FITA COMPETETIVE Compound   Compound
1998 Ricardo Ramirez    
2001     Amanda Raffaelli
INTERMEDIATE Recurve   Recurve
1986 Jamie Loesch    
1987 Jamie Loesch    
1988 Chris Yeoman    
1989 Jason Mattern   Kathie McCart
1991 Staten Holmes    
1997 Ryan Brandt    
1998 Chris McConathy    
1999 William Dybala   Chelsea Barker
2000     Chelsea Barker
2001 Matthew Ross   Lindsey Carmichael
INTERMEDIATE Compound   Compound
    2001 Meaghan Metzler
JUNIOR Recurve   Recurve
1984 Jamie Loesch    
1988 Tim Coyle    
1989 Jason McGrew    
1996 Chris McConathy    
1997 Chris McConathy    
1998 Jace Muschalek    
1999 Garrett Krueger    
2000 Garrett Krueger   Lindsey Carmichael
2001 Garrett Krueger   Sage Adams
JUNIOR Compound   Compound
1997 Ricardo Ramirez    
1998 Guillermo Torres    
1999 Alex Noether    
2000 Travis Lafayette    
2001 Wade Kennedy   Samantha Hessong
CADET Recurve   Recurve
1988 Jason McGrew    
1996 Kevin Barker    
1997 Kyle Derr   Carol Thelen
1998 Tim Meyers   Leanne Wiley
2000 Matthew Hickl   Lyndsey Marzec
2001 Matthew Hickl   Lyndsey Marzec
CADET Compound   Compound
1997 Guillermo Torres    
1999 Travis Lafayette    
2000 Spenser Lassman    
2001 Ben Porter   Holly Heinsohn


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