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JOAD Target Champions
Each link above refers to the last tournament on record, all of which are updated throughout the year as the event occurs.
If the link takes you to the prior year's record then that event hasn't yet been updated (or held) for the current year
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Junior Olympic Archery Development
Note: Some years the State JOAD will be combined with the State Target.
Refer to the State Target listing when that occurs.
For example: 2002 was a combined event.
  Junior Recurve   Junior Recurve
2003   2003 Lindsey Carmichael
2004 Tim Meyers 2005 Andrea Garner
2006 Jordan Brown 2006 Andrea Garner
2007 Jordan Brown   Fernanda Cabrera
  Junior Compound   Junior Compound
2004 Ben Mieth   Cassie Raffaelli
2005 Jonathan Black   Holly Heinsohn
2006 Bryce Wickliffe   Holly Heinsohn
2007 Joseph Human   Meagan Lesak
  Cadet Recurve   Cadet Recurve
2003 Larry Cruz   Andrea Garner
2004     Andrea Garner
2005 Jordan Brown   Simone Petrosky
2006 Max Sera   Kayla DeBord
  Cadet Compound   Cadet Compound
2003 Joshua Anderson   Roxie Gills
2004 Ethan Butemeyer   Holly Heinsohn
2005 Clayton Saathoff   Meagan Lesak
2006 Ben Human   Meagan Lesak
2007 Tyler Janota   Jory Schroeder
  Cub Recurve   Cub Recurve
2003 Mark Garcia   Simone Petrosky
2004 Benjamin Villareal   Kayla DeBord
2005 Tyler Janota   Kayla DeBord
2006 Tyler Janota   Megan Knowlton
2007 Cristopher Branham   Charly Anderson
  Cub Compound   Cub Compound
2003 Steven Garcia   Meagan Lesak
2004 Benjamin Human   Kayla Kahanek
2005 Benjamin Human   Danielle Rachunek
2006 Clayton DeBord    
2007 Nicholas Hoganson    
  Cub Barebow   Cub Barebow
  Bowman Recurve   Bowman Recurve
2003 Tyler Janota   Meagan Ross
2004 Tyler Janota    
2005 Alex Jones   Taylor Hollman
2006 Chad Lesak    
2007 Shawn Faidley   Mackenzie Brown
  Bowman Compound   Bowman Compound
2003 Clayton DeBord   Kayla DeBord
2004 Clayton DeBord   Aubrey Ann Gilmore
2005 Chad Lesak   Victoria Black
2007 Hunter Barthels   Jessica Tomlinson
  Bowman Barebow   Bowman Barebow
2007 Hardy Trafford   Miriam Trafford


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