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HARRISONBURG, Va., May 16, 2004 Ė Archers from four colleges won individual gold medals in the four divisions at the U.S. Intercollegiate Archery Championships, which concluded Sunday at James Madison University.

Ryan Romberger of Penn College edged Josh Binger of Texas A&M 110-108 in the menís compound final, and Mary Zorn of Texas A&M posted a 116-109 win over her teammate, Amber Dawson, in the womenís compound division.

Kate Anderson of UCLA took a 99-96 win over Corinne Yohann of Texas A&M in the womenís recurve final, and Tyler Benner of Penn State-Harrisburg beat Evan Clark of California (Pa.) 100-94 to capture the menís recurve championship.

JMUís top finish in menís compound was senior Ian DeVivi (Reedsville, Va./Northumberland), who advanced to the quarterfinals before losing 113-108 to eventual silver-medalist Josh Binger of Texas A&M.

In womenís recurve, junior Stephanie Pylypchuk (Bloomfield, N.J./Bloomfield) got to the third round before being eliminated.

All three of JMUís competitors in womenís compound went out in the second round, and in menís recurve, none of the Dukes advanced past the second round.

Texas A&M finished first in the overall team standings with 1,106 points, while JMU was second with 825 and Stanford third with 575.

Five JMU archers were named to the All-America Team.  All-America selection is based on performance at both the indoor and outdoor national tournaments.

Senior compound archer Megan Bowker (Middleborough, Mass./Middleborough) was named an All-America for the fourth straight year, and Pylypchuk earned her third straight recurve All-America recognition. 

Sophomore recurve archer Katrina Weiss (Carlisle, Mass./Minuteman Regional) earned All-America honors for the second year in a row. 

In menís compound, DeVivi and sophomore Bobby Parr (Lenoir City, Tenn./Lenoir City) were named to the All-America Team for the first time.


Complete Results
Menís Compound
First Round
Ben Jones, Georgia College, 146, Chase McKelvey, Atlantic Cape, 129
Curt Briscoe, James Madison, 150, Kenneth Shaw, Stanford, 100
Shane Schirer, Thaddeus Stevens, 161, Eric Blomquist, Cal State-Long Beach, 116
Pat Carney, Atlantic Cape, 154, David Lu, Stanford, 143
Shawn Mercier, Cal State-Long Beach, 140, Daniel Wieferich, Michigan State, 133
Justin Westergreen, Southern Illinois, 128, Matt Carr, Penn State, 123
Mike Miller, Penn State, 146, Anthony Mendoza, Cal State-Long Beach, 121
Justin Mayes, Penn State, 152, Eric Walker, Georgia College, 134
Chris Webster, Southern Illinois, 146, Steven Shaffer, Thaddeus Stevens, 128
Second Round
Benjamin Deroner, Thaddeus Stevens, 171, Ben Jones, Georgia College 152
Denten Robinson, 163, Dustin Yolom, Penn College, 153
Steve Lier, Penn College, 160, Curt Briscoe, James Madison, 149
Patrick Reinhardt, Michigan State, 161, Shane Schirer, Thaddeus Stevens, 152
Ryan Romberger, Penn College, 163, Pat Carney, Atlantic Cape, 148
J.D. Blumrich, Texas A&M, 164, Seth Ferrari, Thaddeus Stevens, 155
Todd Buzek, Texas A&M, 159, Nate Howard, Penn State, 155
Chris Glass, Oakland, 168, Shawn Mercier, Cal State-Long Beach, 143
Josh Binger, Texas A&M, 169, Justin Westergreen, Southern Illinois, 120
Lynn Stoner, Thaddeus Stevens, 155, Stephen Smith, Thaddeus Stevens, 152
Kevin Ju, Stanford, 160, Brent Huskey, James Madison, 157
Ian DeVivi, James Madison, 163, Mike Miller, Penn State, 157
Justin Mayes, Penn State, 163, Bobby Parr, James Madison, 162
Ryan Benny, Penn College, 166, Jon Mattivi, Penn College, 149
Brian Green, Penn State, 153, Zane Pettiet, Texas A&M, 151
Cassidy Miller, Texas A&M, 167, Chris Webster, Southern Illinois, 148
Third Round
Benjamin Deroner, Thaddeus Stevens, 171, Denten Robinson, Columbia, 160
Steve Lier, Penn College, 160, Patrick Reinhardt, Michigan State, 157
Ryan Romberger, Penn College, 165, J.D. Blumrich, Texas A&M, 162
Todd Buzek, Texas A&M, 165, Chris Glass, Oakland, 164
Josh Binger, Texas A&M, 162, Lynn Stoner, Thaddeus Stevens, 159
Ian DeVivi, James Madison, 161, Kevin Ju, Stanford, 142,
Ryan Benny, Penn College, 161, Justin Mayes, Penn State, 155
Cassidy Miller, Texas A&M, 163, Brian Green, Penn State, 151
Steve Lier, Penn College, 112, Benjamin Deroner, Thaddeus Stevens, 111
Ryan Romberger, Penn College, 107, Todd Buzek, Texas A&M, 104
Josh Binger, Texas A&M, 113, Ian DeVivi, James Madison, 108
Ryan Benny, Penn College, 113, Cassidy Miller, Texas A&M, 112
Ryan Romberger, Penn College, 109, Steve Lier, Penn College, 108
Josh Binger, Texas A&M, 115, Ryan Benny, Penn College, 99
Ryan Romberger, Penn College, 110, Josh Binger, Texas A&M, 108
Third Place
Steve Lier, Penn College, 102, Ryan Benny, Penn College, 101

Womenís Compound
First Round
Julia Mentzer, Penn State, 155, Julie Murphy, UCLA, 116
Lindsey Kubecka, Texas A&M, 152, Andrea Lui, Stanford, 118
Michelle Wright, Penn College, 153, Marisa Cases, Penn State, 129
Christa McCuan, Logan CC, 154, Mary Viscetio, Cal State-Long Beach, 141
Nichole Kimball, James Madison, 147, Jessica Fazio, Texas A&M, 141
Theresa Zahn, Texas A&M, 145, Shannon Allen, James Madison, 134
Karen Morse, Penn College, 165, Heather Chick, Cal State-Long Beach, 124
Beth Robinson, Penn College, 161, Kristen Keebaugh, Cal State-Long Beach, 107
Kristen Haug, James Madison, 163, Jen Dietzen, Penn State, 134
Second Round
Amber Dawson, Texas A&M, 171, Julia Mentzer, Penn State, 150
Michelle Wright, Penn College, 154, Lindsey Kubecka, Texas A&M, 148
Christa McCuan, Logan CC, 161, Megan Bowker, James Madison, 159
Brenda Temperley, Texas A&M, 158, Nichole Kimball, James Madison, 124
Theresa Zahn, Texas A&M, 157, Amanda Raffaelli, Texas A&M, 153
Josahan Jaime-Santacruz, Texas A&M, 166, Karen Morse, Penn College, 155
Beth Robinson, Penn College, 160, Katie Kuchenbrod, Texas A&M, 152
Mary Zorn, Texas A&M, 170, Kristen Haug, James Madison, 157
Amber Dawson, Texas A&M, 111, Michelle Wright, Penn College, 99
Christa McCuan, Logan CC, 102, Brenda Temperley, Texas A&M, 97
Josahan Jaime-Santacruz, Texas A&M, 106, Theresa Zahn, Texas A&M, 99
Mary Zorn, Texas A&M, 118, Beth Robinson, Penn College, 99
Dawson, 113, McCuan, 94
Mary Zorn, Texas A&M, 114, Josahan Jaime-Santacruz, Texas A&M, 106
Mary Zorn, Texas A&M, 116, Amber Dawson, Texas A&M, 109
Third Place
Josahan Jaime-Santacruz, Texas A&M, 109, Christa McCuan, Logan CC, 98

Menís Recurve
First Round
Thoer Peterman, Dine, 126, Adrian Choriw, Atlantic Cape, 113
Josh Miller, James Madison 132, Chris Marsh, Michigan State, 70
Sereirth Sieng, Cal State-Long Beach, 143, Michael LeFleur, James Madison 108
Noah Patterson, Atlantic Cape, 135, Joe Bartoletti, Penn State, 93
Rob McIntosh, Penn College, 147, Ryan Segura, James Madison, 104
Stanley Ching, UCLA, 116, Nick Duffy, Penn State, 75
Andy Paneire, Texas A&M, 141, Chris Adams, Penn College, 82
Lance Lovett, Texas A&M, 149, Bryan Neztsosie, Dine, 47
Jeff Anderson, Embry-Riddle, 130, Ricky Hum, Columbia, 56
Brett Mohney, Penn State, 129, Jason Le, Cal State-Long Beach, 91
Patrick Barjam, UCLA, 123, Eric Furtado, Stanford, 101
Frederick Tapaha, Dine, 119, Mike Evans, Penn State, 111
John Lisowski, Thaddeus Stevens, 117, Vincent Salabye, Dine, 98
Eric Quinnell, Texas, 127, Ben Rafii, UCLA, 70
Aaron Lacluyze, Michigan State, 149, Gilbert Horn, Columbia, 76
Nathan Gauldin, Texas, 134, Mike Kodiak, Stanford, 118
Calvin Hwang, Stanford, 124, Sawyer Peterman, Dine, 103
Keith Coleman, Stanford, 148, Joseph Mongi, Thaddeus Stevens, 109
Andrew Holben, James Madison, 132, Chee Hau Tan, Stanford, 91
Mike Madison, Georgia College, 145, Apar Maniar, Michigan State, 46
Ryan Strickland, Texas A&M, 149, Sebastian Wittig, Dine, 65
Kevin Hubbard, Dine, 140, Eric Zhang, Columbia, 87
Kevin Keenan, UCLA, 116, Chuong Khau, Atlantic Cape, 113
Second Round
Tyler Benner, Penn State-Harrisburg, 147, Thoer Peterman, Dine, 125
Sereirth Sieng, Cal State-Long Beach, 143, Josh Miller, James Madison, 137
Andrew Stinson, Texas A&M, 122, Noah Patterson, Atlantic Cape, 119
Trey Reagan, Texas A&M, 149, Rob McIntosh, Penn College, 131
Tomas Wartownik, Atlantic Cape, 142, Stanley Ching, UCLA, 135
Lance Lovett, Texas A&M, 149, Andy Paneire, Texas A&M, 137
Jeff Anderson, Embry-Riddle, 138, Brett Mohney, Penn State, 116
Anthony Kaune, Texas A&M, 153, Patrick Barjam, UCLA, 135
Lucas Alstat 148, Frederick Tapaha, Dine, 113
Eric Quinnell, Texas, 144, John Lisowski, Thaddeus Stevens, 100
Aaron Lacluyze, Michigan State, 137, Nathan Gauldin, Texas, 122
Evan Clark, California (Pa.), 152, Calvin Hwang, Stanford, 124
Foster Gorman, Dine, 143, Keith Coleman, Stanford, 142
Mike Madison, Georgia College, 138, Andrew Holben, James Madison, 137
Kevin Hubbard, Dine, 148, Ryan Strickland, Texas A&M, 141
Adam Androlia, Occidental, 146, Kevin Keenan, Dine, 136
Third Round
Tyler Benner, Penn State-Harrisburg, 151, Sereirth Sieng, Cal State-Long Beach, 136
Andrew Stinson, Texas A&M, 142, Trey Reagan, Texas A&M, 140
Tomas Wartownik, Atlantic Cape 152, Lance Lovett, Texas A&M, 132
Anthony Kaune, Texas A&M, 158, Jeff Anderson, Embry-Riddle, 137
Lucas Alstat, Southern Illinois, 152, Eric Quinnell, Texas, 127
Evan Clark, California (Pa.), 139, Aaron Lacluyze, Michigan State, 134
Foster Gorman, Dine, 149, Mike Madison, Georgia College, 140
Adam Androlia, Occidental, 148, Kevin Hubbard, 134
Tyler Benner, Penn State-Harrisburg, 104, Andrew Stinson, Texas A&M, 89
Anthony Kaune, Texas A&M, 105, Tomas Wartownik, Atlantic Cape 96
Evan Clark, California (Pa.), 99, Lucas Alstat, Southern Illinois, 98
Foster Gorman, Dine, 97, Adam Androlia, Occidental, 94
Tyler Benner, Penn State-Harrisburg, 105, Anthony Kaune, Texas A&M, 87
Evan Clark, California (Pa.), 99, Foster Gorman, Dine, 98
Tyler Benner, Penn State-Harrisburg, 100, Evan Clark, California (Pa.), 94
Third Place
Foster Gorman, Dine, 99, Anthony Kaune, Texas A&M, 92

Womenís Recurve
First Round
Katie Rann, Georgia College, 44, Michelle Kwon, Stanford, 25
Rebecca Miller, Georgia College, 77, Mary Sugano, UCLA, score n/a
Stephanie Gilmore, Cal State-Long Beach, 67, Andrea Huber, 42
Second Round
Lorinda Cohen, Texas A&M, 138, Katie Rann, Georgia College, 83
Lay In-Con Alcott, Dine, 116, Amanda Wiss, Columbia, 114
Erica Zielinski, Michigan State, 98, Helen Cheng, Stanford, 97
Sandra Tyan, Stanford, 139, Lea Schmitt, Atlantic Cape, 56
Kristi Nelson, Texas A&M, 143, Brenda Harrison, Dine, 104
Qian Situ, Columbia, 116, Desiree Sparano, Atlantic Cape, 109
Rochelle Bekaye, Dine, 125, Barrie Glassberg, Texas A&M, 122
Corinne Yohann, Texas A&M, 134, Diana Huang, Columbia 75
Kate Anderson, UCLA, 150, Rebecca Miller, Georgia College, 82
Phoebe Suen, Stanford, 101, Katrina Weiss, James Madison, 93
Marla Tapaha, Dine, 126, Dana Biedrzycki, James Madison, 103
Stephanie Pylyphchuk, James Madison, 143, Eunice Kim, Cal State-Long Beach, 75
Anne Gordon, Texas A&M, 130, Kelli Welker, Penn State, 98
Germaine Hoe, Stanford, 109, Nasreen Bakht, Columbia, 107
Nin-Young Chang, Columbia, 108, Laura Duke, Texas A&M, 107
Stephanie Miller, Columbia, 153, Stephanie Gilmore, Cal State-Long Beach 76
Third Round
Lorinda Cohen, Texas A&M, 149, Lay In-Con Alcott, Dine, 127
Sandra Tyan, Stanford, 126, Erica Zielinski, Michigan State, 124
Kristi Nelson, Texas A&M, 145, Qian Situ, Columbia, 107
Corinne Yohann, Texas A&M, 141, Rochelle Bekaye, Dine, 107
Kate Anderson, UCLA, 135, Phoebe Suen, Stanford, 91
Marla Tapaha, Dine, 142, Stephanie Pylyphchuk, James Madison, 133
Anne Gordon, Texas A&M, 138, Germaine Hoe, Stanford, 74
Stephanie Miller, Columbia, 142, Nin-Young Chang, Columbia, 110
Lorinda Cohen, Texas A&M, 98, Sandra Tyan, Stanford, 90
Corinne Yohann, Texas A&M, 99, Kristi Nelson, Texas A&M, 90
Kate Anderson, UCLA, 94, Marla Tapaha, Dine, 87
Stephanie Miller, Columbia, 99, Anne Gordon, Texas A&M, 71
Corinne Yohann, Texas A&M, 104, Lorinda Cohen, Texas A&M, 93
Kate Anderson, UCLA, 106, Stephanie Miller, Columbia, 97
Kate Anderson, UCLA, 99, Corinne Yohann, Texas A&M, 96
Third Place
Stephanie Miller, Columbia, 102, Lorinda Cohen, Texas A&M, 99

2004 U.S. Intercollegiate Archery Championship
Overall Team Standings
1. Texas A&M, 1,106
2. James Madison, 825
3. Stanford, 575
4. Dine, 535
5. Atlantic Cape, 507
6. Penn State, 499
7. Penn College, 422
8. UCLA, 412
9. Cal State Long Beach, 399
10. Columbia, 390
11. Michigan State, 358
12. Thaddeus Stevens, 309
13. Texas, 176
14. Georgia College, 168
15. Southern Illinois-Carbondale, 161
16. Penn State-Harrisburg, 125
17. Occidental, 114
18. California (Pa.), 90
19. Embry-Riddle, 63
20. Oakland, 58
21. Logan, 44

All-America Team
Womenís Compound
Mary Zorn, Texas A&M
Amber Dawson, Texas A&M
Amanda Raffaelli, Texas A&M
Brenda Temperley, Texas A&M
Megan Bowker, James Madison
Josahan Jaime-Santacruz, Texas A&M
Katie Kuchenbrod, Texas A&M
Michelle Wright, Penn College
Womenís Recurve
Stephanie Miller, Columbia
Lorinda Cohen, Texas A&M
Kate Anderson, UCLA
Corrine Yohann, Texas A&M
Stephanie Pylypchuk, James Madison
Kristi Nelson, Texas A&M
Anne Gordon, Texas A&M
Sandra Tyan, Stanford
Erica Zielinski, Michigan State
Katrina Weiss, James Madison
Menís Compound
Benjamin Deroner, Thaddeus Stevens
Chris Glass, Oakland
Josh Binger, Texas A&M
Ryan Romberger, Penn College
Cassidy Miller, Texas A&M
Ian DeVivi, James Madison
Bobby Parr, James Madison
Ryan Benny, Penn College
J.D. Blumrich, Texas A&M
Patrick Reinhardt, Michigan State
Menís Recurve
Tomas Wartownik, Atlantic Cape
Evan Clark, California (Pa.)
Anthony Kaune, Texas A&M
Lucas Alstat, Southern Illinois
Trey Reagan, Texas A&M
Andrew Stinson, Texas A&M
Mike Madison, Georgia College
Aaron Lacluyze, Michigan State
Jeff Anderson, Embry-Riddle
Brett Mohney, Penn State