The tournament was held under blue Texas summer skies, with very moderate temperatures for Austin this time of year - 89 to 93 degrees,(although Rick Stonebraker's thermometer in the direct sunlight went to 105!)  with winds of less than 10 mph, and mostly less than 5 mph, always at the archers' backs. There were occasional smatterings of raindrops on the first day, and a high humidity on the second.

20 state records (*) were set in these near-ideal-for-Texas archery conditions including a superb score of 1400 by Travis Lafayette, shooting JOAD Junior Compound.  

There were 39 archers in the event, including 12 JOADs.  

Adult winners received a trophy cut from native central Texas Limestone in the shape of the Lone Star State, and JOAD winners received a medal with wood base stand.   Other trophies included medallions with pin ribbons, for attaching to quivers.  


SCORES from the event