First, our thanks to all the great people that came to Austin for this shootout, and we trust that they all enjoyed both the great venue as well as the great town.   Thanks also go to all of the UT Archery Club volunteers that helped make this tournament run so smoothly, especially Debbie Blackburn, club president.  Tournament director was Tom Parrish of Austin, DOS was Jack Milchanowski of Fort Worth, and judges were Rick Stonebraker of Houston and all the way from New Jersey, Wayne Caviness.

The 2000 Texas Shootout was held on Saturday, 4/15/2000 and Sunday, 4/16/2000.   The FITA long distances were shot Saturday morning in a heavy overcast day with fairly steady winds of 5 to 10 mph, and heavy humidity with temperatures between 68 to 76 degrees F.   After lunch the FITA short distances  were shot in slightly higher winds.   Sunday morning saw the overcast continue until around noon, when the final elimination rounds were shot, and a temperature of around 80 degrees. Winds were slightly lighter on Sunday.

There were a total of 89 archers competing in this outdoor event:  29 men and 17 women on  compound bow and 22 men and 21 women on olympic bow.  Men's distances were 90, 70, 50, and 30 meters. Women's distances were 70, 60, 50, and 30 meters.   The two long distances were shot on 122 cm targets.  The longer of the short distance was shot on 80 cm targets, and the 30 meter distance was shot on a multiple-face 80 cm target (any shot in the 5-ring or less is scored as a miss).  


FITA results at a glance:

Women Compound Sally Wunderle Ashley Kamuf Mary Zorn
Women Olympic Cynthia Ruckman Fuzzie Davis Stacie Grange
Men Compound Chris Harris Eric Zahn Warren Dean
Men Olympic Guy Gerig Guy Krueger Greg Krueger

Elimination Rounds at a glance:

Category Gold Silver Bronze
Women Compound Sally Wunderle Ann Bakken Jamie VanNatta
Women Olympic Cynthia Ruckman Stacie Grange Patricia Hider
Men Compound David McArthur Jeffrey Calhoon Darin DeNeal
Men Olympic Christopher Shull Greg Krueger Kevin Krueger


Click on the links below for a full listing of all archer scores in each FITA category.

Women Olympic

Men Olympic

Women Compound

Men Compound