The Southern Regional JOAD tournament was held for the first time (but not the last) in Victoria, Texas.    Twenty-five miles from the Gulf of Mexico, the venue was typically warm and windy.   The winds  of 10 to 20 mph were fairly constant and reliable, and provided a bit of relief from the heat, which was between 90 and 95 degrees at the peak.

The tournament had more than 20 archers shooting a variety of JOAD divisions, and shooting was uneventful and everything went quickly.  The two longer distances were held Saturday afternoon and the two shorter distances on Sunday morning, with awards completed by 1PM or so.  

This marked the first time that the new TSAA Archery Timer was used to control the traffic light tower, and it performed as desired.  The car horn evoked many comments, only a few of which were favorable, so we are looking for a more audibly desirable sound to provide the cues to shoot by.  If anyone knows of a 12 volt horn that sounds like a referee's whistle, please email the webmaster!

The tournament was highly organized and both Tom Barker and Jim Krueger are to be complimented on a great production. 

Photos from the tournament

Scores of the archers