The 122nd National Archery Association (aka  U.S. Archery) was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado the last week of July/first week of August, 2006.

At the beginning a traditional archery championship with wooden bows and arrows was held, along with traditional clout and modern clout as well as crossbow competitions.   "Clout" emulates the kind of archery you see in movies where the arrows are shot in a high arc over long distances, as though at an opposing army.  Nowadays, the enemy army is called a clout, which is a stick in the ground with a ribbon or cloth attached at the top, and the distances shot are from 110 meters for youth to 165 meters for adults, and 185 meters for adult compound archers. (compounds are those bows with wheels on them).

These results are all presented in adobe acrobat format.

Traditional Results

Clout Results

Crossbow Results

The bulk of the week (four days) is spent by the archers shooting 36 arrows per round, 2 rounds per day, at various distances.   Men shoot 90 meters, 70m, 60m, and 30m , while women shoot 70m, 60m, 50m, 30m.   Youth archers are divided in a number of categories and distances.

Each set of four distances is called a FITA, so this tournament is a double FITA.  

Here are the results for the 4 day, Double FITA.

After the Double FITA the archers are ranked by their scores and set up in order to shoot one-on-one, in a competition called the Olympic Round (OR for short).   In just 12 arrows, one is declared the winner and moves on while the other packs for home.  Each arrow counts for up to 10 points, so the perfect score is 120 points, and is rarely achieved even by the compound archers with their let-off, mechanical release, magnified sights, and faster arrow speeds.  

OR Results:
    Male Recurve
    Female Recurve
    Male Compound
    Female Compound

The junior archers (17 and 18 years of age) held a special round-robin event where each shot against every other archer, and given points to rank based on performance.   The top three of each were designated as the US Junior World Team, and will journey in October to Merida, Mexico to a world championship tournament to represent the U.S.

Junior World Team Trial Results

All results posted here are courtesy of the United States Archery.

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