2010 TSAA State JOAD

As usual it was hot and windy in Victoria for an archery tournament.  This time 42 brave archers showed they had game shooting in the 2010 TSAA State JOAD tournament at the Victoria county airport.  The tournament had three goals; have fun, prepare archers for the 2010 JOAD nationals, and determine the 2010 Texas State Association Junior Champions.  Tournament director Tom Barker is happy to report that all three objectives were accomplished.  Thanks go to the Victoria County Airport, the Victoria County Commissioners for use of the field and South Texas Archery JOAD club for providing concessions.

On Saturday, June 12, the archers shot a 72 arrow qualification round.  The tournament director and his helper spent several hours after shooting correcting scoresheets and determining what the scores would be for the placement on teams for Sunday’s team event.

Based on the number of archers, age, gender and bow type mix, a special modified team round was designed for Sunday’s shooting.  Taking inspiration from the topical world cup of soccer, the archers were divided into three pools of four teams per pool.  Following a few ends of practice to warm up, a series of round robin matches in each pool were conducted with the new FITA set system of scoring.  Team makeup was fairly even with many matches taking the maximum number of sets for match determination.

Following the pool round robins three teams advanced to the finals.  With the three teams shooting, the high score would receive 2 points for the set, the second highest scored 1 point and the lowest scored 0 points.  The championship matches resulted in the two man team of Jacob Saenz and Tristan Frerich winning first place.  Second place was earned by the team of Elizabeth Haynes , Zachary Brister, and Emily Fischer.  Hunter Barthels and Allison Williams were just beat out and won third place.

A special thanks to the senior archers Richard Locke, Mike Hojnacki, Adam Guiggesberg, Justin Clark and Don Morgan for coming out and supporting the kids.  Also of special note were the yeoman archers who had more fun per pound than anyone there.  These troopers were Megan Frerich, Braden Parsons, Sheela Webb, Kyle Gaskamp, and Josef Fischer.

One interesting side note on where archers came from.  One from Texins Archery Dallas (first from that club I am aware of.)  Two from College Station.  Three from Houston Area.  Five from Corpus Christi area. Three from Shreveport. One from the Valley.  One from Tyler. Thirty five archers are from South Texas Archery JOAD club (including the ones from Shreveport, Corpus).


Texas State JOAD Championship 2010
LastName FirstName Division Gender Bow Distance SCORE
Fischer Katie Bowman Female Compound 30 365
Frerich Tristan Bowman Male Compound 30 622
Kim Josh Bowman Male Compound 30 607
Dodson Wes Bowman Male Compound 30 595
Koricanek Wyatt Bowman Male Compound 30 586
Seinz Jacob Bowman Male Compound 30 531
Holcomb Matthew Bowman Male Compound 30 518
Green Calvert Bowman Male Compound 30 477
Bennett Dustin Bowman Male Compound 30 423
Barthels Heather Bowman Female Recurve 30 463
Gaskamp Holly Bowman Female Recurve 30 455
Trafford Hardy Bowman Male Recurve 30 588
Gonzales Daniel Bowman Male Recurve 30 463
Green Mitchell Bowman Male Recurve 30 451
Kocurek Zack Bowman Male Recurve Guest 30 507
Haynes Tori Cadet Female Compound 60 595
Williams Allison Cadet Female Compound 60 509
Webb Zachary Cadet Male Compound 60 623
Barthels Hunter Cadet Male Compound 60 603
Dentler Thomas Cadet Male Compound 60 562
Sizemore Taylor Cadet Male Compound 60 538
Trafford Heather Cadet Female Recurve 60 576
Fischer Emily Cub Female Compound 50 620
Followwill Thomas Cub Male Compound 50 582
Holcomb Justin Cub Male Compound 50 564
Brister Zachary Cub Male Compound 50 294
Trafford Miriam Cub female Recurve 50 521
Haynes Elizabeth Cub Female Recurve 50 502
Klimitchek Collin Cub Male Recurve 50 546
Brewer Frank Cub Male Recurve 50 405
Schroeder Jory Junior Female Recurve 70 375
Sera Max Junior Male Recurve 70 542
Taylor Dacota Junior Male Recurve 70 502
Locke Justin Junior Male Compound 70 593
Morgan Don Master 60 Male Compound 60 407
Clark Justin Senior Male Compound 70 601
Hojnacki Michael Senior Male Recurve 70  
Guiggesberg Adam Senior Male Compound 70  
Locke Richard Senior Male Compound    
Webb Sheela Yeoman Female Compound 15 381
Fischer Josef Yeoman Male Compound 15 611
Frerich Megan Yeoman Female Recurve 15  
Parsons Braden Yeoman Male Recurve 15 569
Gaskamp Kyle Yeoman Male Recurve 15 414

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