2002 State Target Events

Who Says Texans Aren't Tough
by Tom Barker, Tournament Director

Eighty three (70 kids and 13 adults) braved heat, flood, food poisoning and pestilence to make it to the Texas State Target Championships. The floods in the hill country and San Antonio were the biggest deterrent for many families. The initial issue was can we get there. The second was can we get home after we're through. Outdoor practice the week before the tournament was out of the question due to over 30 inches of rain in some parts. The rest of us had a plague of mosquitoes. Staten Homes, indicated he killed one that would make Boone and Crockett. Mike Hojnacki decide to go for quantity rather than quality and stopped counting about 200 I think. To add to the weather concerns, I was worried what kind of shape the venue would be in after the fourth of July festivities held two days before the tournament.  Fortunately, some good planning by the sponsor, the Victoria Parks and Recreation Department, and a good ground crew of local volunteers got the field in good shape on Friday.

The weather did take its toll a little with some late drop outs that would have otherwise put us close to the century mark of attendees. We were happy to see many first time shooters and we welcomed several guest shooters who now think the 3D game is a piece of cake compared to a full FITA. In typical Texas archery hospitality, the guests were welcomed and by the second or third end, all were part of the family.

Cub Compound, Joseph Human gets the courage award for coming back to shoot after being up all night with food poisoning. Joseph just would not hear of not shooting the second day and posted an impressive score under the harshest of conditions.

This tournament showcased the talents of the four Texans who earned spots on the Jr. World team that will travel to the Czech Republic in August. Cadets Sage Adams, Jake Wisenheimer, and Kevin Barker along with Junior Tim Meyers showed why they are making the trip. Teresa Seidel and the Human family won the items that Sage Adams was raffling off to help defray her costs to the Jr. Worlds.

Also showcasing her skills was new Texas resident Hyo Jung Kim. In fact many folks asked to shoot the line that Ms. Kim was NOT shooting just so they could watch her shoot.

There are several folks that I want to mention in particular that made this a great event. Jim Krueger, DOS, Janet Lesak, Teresa Garner and Cindy Ellis, concessions, Todd Janota, Tracy Cloessner, Mark Lesak, Donnie Hessong, ground crew, Todd Janota, Claudine Janota, Susan Cloessner, Mr. Whetstine, Mrs. Human, Mr, Human, Mr. Snyder, Donnie Hessong, Joe Garcia, Chelsea Barker, youth target captains to assist scoring, and Ben Dybala, who provided the awards, the bales, and target faces. I want to also mention Scott Spencer from McDonald's restaurants for providing the concessions trailer, and Marc Vendl from the Victoria Parks and Recreation Department. Thanks to all the archers and their families for coming and with the field set up and take down.

2002 TSAA State Target Championship Victoria, Texas

Hats off to all the participants who made this the largest outdoor state championship in the 20 years the TSAA has been in existence. If it weren't for the shooters, we wouldn't have grown so large and had so much fun. If it weren't for people like Tom Barker who hosted this tournament, it wouldn't happen. He has done this two years in a row with an excellent venue, excellent help, excellent planning breeds excellent results. Many thanks go to all the leaders involved in the 4-H program who entice this excellent group of young archers. Jim Krueger, Ben Dybala, Kathy Adams to name just a few. And I never forget to thank all the parents who encourage their kids to compete - win or not win - and share in the archery experience. Thanks to our newest judges, Linda and Wyatt Misenheimer for their much-needed assistance. Let's not forget the archers of Cameron County who venture all the way north from the valley. How can you miss them with their real cool T-shirts? And so many of them.

It was typical Victoria, Texas weather: hot, slight breeze, hot, mosquitoes this year because of the extreme wet weather, hot......but, I might add, it wasn't as hot as last year. But it was hot! Next year we will take a change of pace and move the Texas target championship to the north part of Texas to where our new-comers from New Mexico reside: Linda and Wyatt Misenheimer. They are going to tap into the archers from the northern part of the state and possibly Oklahoma and Arkansas. It will be a long drive from the valley but sure hope they show up anyway. Tom Barker is considering hosting the kid's event again next year and that event will encompass the JOAD portion of the state championship so hopefully, we won't lose too many shooters as we venture up north. We did realize that a great number of our young shooters are in the Victoria/Bay City area so we have to have events to keep that interest going.

For anyone keeping score: all the attendance records in Texas were broken. And this year, they were all broken again. Every tournament this year exceeded last year so that is very exciting news.

Rick Stonebraker President TSAA

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