This event almost did not happen. The LODGE at Eagle Lake had five inches of rain in one week and a total of seven in the two previous weeks. I could not mow the clout field a week prior so had to start mowing when the sun came up on Saturday which was not a big deal other than walking 3 miles with a 24" mower, it was the mosquitos and they were massive. Second only to the 2001 TSAA State Field Championship and the Great Mosquito Festival concurrently at Bear Creek Park. We shot the 12-target field course twice with a can of repellent at every target. In each event, the skeeters were large enough to fillet and BBQ.

Back to the present. Right up until the 2pm practice time, only four people were on the field. Soon after, several cars rolls in and we totaled 13 archers piercing the sky with arrows. A group of five came down from the Woodlands area and had a great time. At the Labor Day Weekend Clout Event, we had 10 shooting each day for 20 archers, which has to be a clout record. 13 in one day should be a record as well. Sunday was cancelled due to another thunder shower early Sunday morning and the mosquitos were even worse.
2013 has been a good year for clout with three events. We plan to do a big clout event in 2014 so stay tuned. 
IN THE MEANTIME, if anyone knows of a LARGE area to hold a clout event, please contact me. Texas is the second largest state in the country and believe-it-or-not, hard to find LARGE open spaces where we can shoot clout. So, keep your eyes open for a BIG space.  If only someone knew someone who opens a grass farm. That would be perfect!  Mr. Rick :)
If anyone finds an error in the results, please let me know and I will change it. Mr. Rick :)
photo by Judge Michael Hollman, clout official
Senior Recurve Gentlemen 165M
Eric Hanson 35
Senior Barebow Gentlemen 165M
Scott Williams 126
Rick Stonebraker 122
Skip Hartman 82
Senior Compound Ladies 165M
Suzanne Fulghum 44
Senior Barebow Ladies 125M
Lynda LeCompte 84
Anna Hansen 37
Cadet Compound Gentlemen 125M
Mark Schlaudraff 105
Cadet Barebow Gentlemen 125M
Ryland Hartmann  59
Cadet Longbow Gentlemen 110M
Matthew Hanson 39
Cub Compound Ladies  110M
Sophia Hickerson 101
Sarah Fulghum 69
Sadie Hickerson 55