XXX Bow Ho's Archery Dictionary

brace height - the highest stake on a field course where you lean over a cliff to shoot

rest - what you get when you are behind the slowest group on the course

limbs - what are always in the way of a clean shot

target - what you become when you are the best shot in your club

tab - what you pick up when you are not the best in your club

release - that exquisite feeling of relief you feel after holding your bow on the gold for two minutes

target panic - that horrible feeling of disgust after holding your bow on the gold for two minutes

handle - what you never have on your score

eccentrics - people who love their bow more than their spouse

compound – an archery range where eccentrics hide out from their spouses

peep - someone who inconspicuously watches their neighbor’s target

scope - someone who inconspicuously checks out their neighbor’s form

shooting line – that line on the target you try to clip with arrows as fat as your thumb

grip - what you'd like to do to the judge’s throat when he calls a line-cutter a 9

shaft – what you ultimately get when you lose by one point because of that 9

follow thru – when you stand in a long line to turn in your score card

sight – what you fail to have whenever you aim

dry-fire – what you never get in the afternoon in the Springtime

quiver – a reaction that only occurs when the whistle blows to start shooting

nocks – the hard ones you get that your coach insists will make you better

gold – what you ideally wish your trophy was plated with