Alamo Area JOAD - Clout 2004
The Alamo Area JOAD held an unusual event, perhaps the first such in Texas - a CLOUT tournament.

Clout. Clout? Clout! Ohhhh, CLOUT!
By Rick Stonebraker
Clout: (noun) a white cloth on a stake or frame used as a target in archery, according to Webster's Dictionary. In the Oxford English Dictionary it is a piece of cloth.[image](Ann Hoyt Exhibits Perfect Clout Archery Technique During 2002 National Clout Tournament)

CLOUT: A rarely practiced discipline, most archers take part in clout archery only for fun. Basically, it is a test of trajectory skill, the same talent used in the lighting of the flame at the 1992 Summer Olympic Opening Ceremonies. In clout archery, the target (15 meters in diameter) consists of five concentric circular scoring zones on the ground, each ring 1.5 meters from the center. The innermost circle is worth five points, and scores
decrease to one point in the outermost circle. Each archer shoots 36 arrows at the target, 165 meters away for men and 125 for women. Compound arches shoot 185 meters and 110m or 60m for youth archery.

In the olden days, clout was a means of shooting arrows into the air and lobbying them into a castle. Shooting at a flatter arc could send an arrow over the entire castle without doing any harm. There are two arcs possible:
the lower more flat arc and the mortar style of clout shooting. The distances chosen for competition clout might have been meant for archers to get creative. By this I mean the aiming point for most archers is far enough
down a regular site to where the aiming point is directly in front of the handle to where you cannot aim. Therefore the other method for aiming would either be to aim the bow much higher and lob the arrow, much like a cannon
mortar. The other possibility is aiming at the tops of trees in the background.

The faster the bow, the better the aim but if it is too flat of a trajectory, you risk skipping an arrow right out of the clout ring if the arrow hits a hard spot.

Here are some links to learn more about clout archery, the History of Clout, and another overview of clout.

Addendum by Ron Carmichael: Each year at the National Archery Association's gathering for the National Target Championship, a Clout Championship is also held, usually the day before the larger event is to begin. Rick Stonebraker is an extraordinarily good clout shooter, and just as he has several times at the National event, this weekend he actually hit the clout pin with an arrow during competition. This time it cost him - the pin was a 3/4" steel rebar, and his arrow lost the battle with the pin. By the way, 165 meters is a little over 180 yards. How's that for accuracy. [image]
Kathy Adams and the Alamo Area JOAD decided to hold a Clout event in San Antonio. A novel idea! This is the first Clout tournament I have heard about outside of that annual event!

Here's her writeup on the event:
we had 27 shooters and great fun with shooters from Brazos Co., Victoria Co., Houston, Colorado Co., San Antonio, and Helotes. The eight Brazos Co. shooters drove up in one van and just keep piling out like in the circus - we were amazed! They added a wonderful spirit to the clout shoot! [image]

It was a cloudy day but with very high humidity. Little did we know it was a sign of things to come: one of the most torrential rains of this season for our area with 4 inches falling in one hour. However, the rain held off and did let us finish the tournament. As the last arrows were shot we could feel drops of rain and by the time awards came around , we were all huddled together under two tents trying to stay dry.

All in all, I think everyone had a fun time! We even had a couple of shooters "castle" by hitting the target flag.

Tom Barker's arrows were shot so high in the air we would all have to wait until they circled the earth to hit the target (just kidding Tom!) It looks like such a success that we have been asked to host this clout again next year; so for those of you who really want a challenge in your sport of archery; you'll have to come try clout next year !

Editor's Note: We will again post information about the event on the TSAA website well in advance, so make a mental note to try it when it comes around- you don't have to change your setup at all, regardless of whether you are tuned for indoor or outdoors!

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