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Shooting Stars over Texas
Gander Mountain



CHANGE:  Due to very high registration Gander Mountain can not accommodate our tournament, even after I split the participates into two sessions we are crowded. Also, the sole purpose of this event was to introduce our clubs archers to a tournament atmosphere shooting against our out of town visitors. Once I split the sessions, all of the out of town folks were shooting afternoons while the local archers were shooting mornings.

The event will now be held at the Southside Baptist Church Gym located at 8875 Old Jacksonville Highway in Tyler. We will return to one shooting session at the originally scheduled times. Practice will start at 12:00 noon and the event will start at 1:00pm.

By making this move we will insure that the archers will not be crowded on the line and spectators will have plenty of room to view the event.

Directions are as follows: Find your way to Tyler's south side on Loop 323, turn South on Hwy 164 (Old Jacksonville Hwy) continue South until you cross Grande Blvd. Southside Baptist Church is the 1st church on the right past Grande. We will have target signs up pointing the way. If you get lost call me on my cell phone at 903-262-7161.

I greatly appreciate everyone understanding the need for this change and I know it will make our 1st tournament a complete success.

Rick Walker

2007 Shooting Stars Indoor Invitational
Saturday, February 17th
Gander Mountain, Tyler TX
Practice 12:00 Tournament starts 1:00
Entry Fee: $20.00 single entry
$15.00 family discount per archer
NAA FITA - 60 Arrows at 18 meters
JOAD shoots 60cm 10-ring target
Juniors and Seniors have choice of 40cm or triangle 3 spot
Contact: Rick Walker at 903-262-7161 for more information
Email for information


Shooting Stars over Texas Invitational
Hosted By Gander Mountain
Saturday, February 17th, 2007




EMAIL ____________________________________

ENTRY INFO: Check one for each letter:
A) Male ________ Female_________
B) Recurve______ Compound_______
C) Senior________ Junior________
Cadet________ Cub_________

All Archers will shoot 2 rounds of 30 arrows at 18 meters with a 30-minute break between rounds.
JOAD archers will shoot 60cm 10 ring targets
Junior and Senior archers will have their choice of 40cm or
3 spot target faces

Family discount $15,00 per member

Registration Form must be postmarked by February 3rd


Registrations received by February 3rd will be guaranteed award at event if the applicant places, for registrations received after the 3rd, awards will be delivered after tournament, if placed.

Limited entry due to target availability 1st thirty Registered archers are guaranteed entry.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations will receive 75% refund up to February 3rd. NO REFUNDS AFTER February 4th.

Rick Walker
327 Winchester Drive
Tyler, TX 75701

Waiver Form, Archer, Parent or legal guardian must sign
IN CONSIDERATION of my or my child's involvement at this EVENT, I acknowledge and agree that: (1) They risk bodily injury, including paralysis, dismemberment, disability and death, and while particular rules of the sport, equipment, personal training and discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of injury does exist, as well as the risk of damage to or loss of property; (2) I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown, even if arising from negligence of the releasees or others; (3) I willingly agree to comply with the stated and customary terms and conditions for participation. If, however, I observe any unusual or unnecessary hazard during my presence or participation, I will bring such to the attention of the nearest official immediately; and (4) I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, assigns, personal representatives, and next of kin, hereby release, hold harmless and promise not to sue the National Archery Association, Texas State Archery Association, Shooting Stars over Texas, and Gander Mountain, its officers and board members, volunteers, officials, agents, sponsors and/or employees, with respect to any and all injury and loss arising from my participation, whether caused by the negligence of the releasees or otherwise, except that which is the result of gross negligence or wanton misconduct, to the extent permitted by applicable law. FOR PARTIPANTS OF MINORITY AGE (UNDER 18): This is to certify that, as parent or guardian with legal responsibility for this participant, I do consent not only to his/her release, but also for myself/ourselves, and my/our heirs, assigns and next of kin, to release and indemnify the Releasees from any and all liability incident to my/our minor child's involvement as stated above. I have read this Release of Liability and Waiver Agreement, fully understand its terms and sign it freely and voluntarily.

Parent/Guardian Signature for minor: ______________________Date: _______

Archer Signature over 18 years:___________________________Date:________

1st Annual Shooting Stars FITA Invitational

DATE: Saturday, February 17th, 2007

Practice starts @ 12:00 PM Scoring Starts @ 1:00PM.

Tournament location: Gander Mountain 151 Market Square Blvd, (off South Broadway, Tyler Texas

Championship Format: Single FITA Indoor Round

All divisions will shoot 60 arrows at 18 meters