Once again, there are a few of us who still need USAT scores before US Target Nationals... and many more of us who just need the practice (since there haven't been many FITAs shot this year)  So... it occured to me that we should host a couple of qualifiers and OR rounds again this year to try to get those in.  Totally casual, but legal.  No awards, and excess funds (if any) go to Sun Devil Archery (which will be shared with the host venue).
It seems to me that it would be great practice with nice people and hopefully a take some pressure off from having to shoot specific scores at Nats.
Here is the plan:

EVENT 1:  June 28-29      FITA     Papago (MAP)


EVENT 2:  July 4-6          Double 70/OR      Papago

In order to make the ORs legal, we have to have some sort of Qualifier to rank people.  So, if we shoot the double 70 on Friday night, we can technically rank folks.  OR Round Robin matches will work for USAT scores AND the matches do not have to be shot against a person in your class or division.  If you shoot the score, you shoot the score.  So, Men's Compound against a Women's Recurve is fine.  The Round Robin format keeps people from being eliminated and increases the chances of hitting that OR score.  Plus... Tempe has some GREAT 4th of July Fireworks at the lake... so you can make a weekend of it! 

EVENT 3:   July 19-20      FITA/OR       Papago


EVENT 4:   July 26-27      FITA/OR       Papago

I am trying to avoid "surface of the sun" hot times, so you will notice in the attachment, some VERY early mornings.
Also, I am willing to come to PSE for Event 3 or 4 if there is interest, but I would need to know very soon so that we can plan accordingly.
The more participants, the more OR folks in the rRound Robins, and the more chances to shoot that minimun score.
The reg form says you can sign up the day of the event, but a heads would really be helpful.
And please feel free to pass this email and/or the reg form to anyone you think might be interested... or post on websites... or hang on bulletin boards...

Sun Devil Archery at ASU