This is the information page for the USA Archery level 1 course being conducted by Ron and Lindsey Carmichael. You will need to use the PayPal option to finalize your registration for this course.

To register for this course, first confirm with Ron that there is still room in that course by emailing him. Once he acknowledges your email request to participate, please select the Level/Pay option below, and be sure to include the name of the student. You do NOT have to have a PayPal account in order to use it to pay for the course. NOTE: the USA Archery Level 1 course is formerly what was known as "Basic Certification" - Pass this course and you will be a Level 1 USA Archer Instructor.
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Ron will then email you a final confirmation and request for some information that will help me prepare for the course.


Course Date: October 6, 2012

Location: Dr. John's Sports Center, 1800 Clover Lane, Cedar Park, TX 78613 Phone: 512-259-7545 - share this number with anyone who might need to contact you during the day, cell phones will be turned off most of the time.

Link to Sports Center on Google Maps

Attire: wear comfortable casual, if you are prone to chills from AC bring a light jacket perhaps. You will need note-taking materials, pens or pencils. If voice recording helps you can use that as well. Lindsey especially recommends the Livescribe Pen which helped her for years of college lectures so if you have one be sure to bring it!

Be at the Sports Center by no later than 8am on Saturday Oct. 6th, ready to start. We will have a lunch break, probably have a couple of pizzas delivered, and will finish between 5 and 6 (the center closes at 6).

Download this course study material and be as familiar as possible with the document, which should take you at least an hour if you are a speed-learner - it ALL is relevant information - the final written test is based entirely on the content<hint>.


Take this pre-test from the Easton Foundation (and feel free to work through the modules!) to figure out how much you already know, and to prepare for the course. You will need to be able to name ALL of the parts of the bows and arrow diagrammed in the book before the end of the day<hint>.

You will be given a printed copy of this material first thing

You do not need to bring your own bow. The vast majority of this course does not require actual shooting. We may have brief periods of shooting with basic gear as necessary, but the sports center is not a permanent archery range at this point.

MEMBERSHIP IN USA ARCHERY? The level 1 is the only USAA course where membership is not required, nor is a background check required. If you do join the USAA and pass the level 1 course you are afforded insurance coverage for your instructor archery activities. If you plan to follow in a month with the level 2 instructor course on November 3rd, you will have to do both membership and the background check in order to receive USAA approval of your certification so you may wish to plan accordingly. want to join USA Archery? Click Here to Go Straight to USAA Membership Services System. Click here for information on background screening.

Bring a copy of your background check results to the course if you have one. It can be submitted after the class, but may slow the posting of the certification. And read the manual as thoroughly as you can - you will get far more out of the course!

If you need to contact Ron, send an email or text him, his mobile number is 512-797-4127. See you there!


Level II Course Additional Information

All of the above information applies, in addition:

USAA requires 16 hours for the level II course.

Dates for the Level II are Friday November 2nd from 1 to 6pm, Saturday, November 3rd from 8a to 6p, AND CHANGED FROM FRIDAY TO SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4th, 9AM TO 1PM, DUE TO SPORTS CENTER NOT AVAILABLE THAT FRIDAY - and a minimum of one hour of pre-class homework. If this schedule will not work for you, I do hope to have another Level II course in January that I might be able to hold a Sat/Sun timeframe. Send me an email note if that is the case for you, and it will help me plan.

This is a very information-rich course, success comes with proper preparation (and helps prevent mental overload!) so the more time you invest before the class the more you will actually get out of the course.

Location is the same as the Level 1 course (Dr. John's Sport Center).

MEMBERSHIP in USAA and the background check are both required. See links above to more information, and start the background check process at least 10 days prior to course to avoid delays in getting your certification approved by USAA.

Once you have used Paypal to pay for the course, you will be sent an email with links to the digital study material. The size of the class will be limited, your reservation is not assured until payment received. Full refunds will be made up until the day before class starts if you need to cancel.

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