A Level 3 NTS/Community Coaching Certification Course is slated for February 10-12 at UT in Austin, Texas.

It will be conducted by THREE experienced coaches, Tom Barker, Alex Meyer and Ron Carmichael.  It will be limited to no more than 12 coaching candidates.  At this writing we have 2 slots left open in the course. Write Ron at UTArcheryCoach@utexas.edu if you want to attend this, right away! Help Texas continue to grow as a greenhouse of archery excellence!

The CCC is designed to teach basic archery coaching skills above and beyond the "instructing" type of certification. If you want to be a better coach to yourself or to your archers, this course will give you the tools.

While instructors insure safety and can teach the basics of archery, coaches are also capably responsible for the overall development of an individual or groups of archers into a more complete and competitive athlete(s).

This Community Coaching Certification Course focuses on Level 2, Intermediate Instructors who are looking to advance their knowledge and techniques to the higher level required to attain this higher level of competency. Certified Community Coaches will also be able to train/certify Intermediate Instructors.

In general you will receive instruction according to a designated course curriculum. Generally, the topics we will cover in this course include:

1. Introduction and Coaching Challenges, the Philosophy of "coaching"

4. Coaching Philosophies in depth, defining and understanding goals well enough to set them appropriately

2. Mental Aspects of Archery, especially dealing with the Archery Shot Execution - the shot cycle

3. Periodization and creating effective and customized training cycles - Athletic Training Cycles

6. Goal Setting & Acquiring - Reaching Each Goal

7. Preparing for Competition

8. Equipment Selection  & Preparation

9. Training Intermediate Instructors

10. Resources Online, Nutrition, Medication and Drug Knowledge, and other aspects, bringing them all together

The course fee is $250.00 and includes extensive support and digital, and print materials.
Class size is limited to no more than 12, insuring an excellent ratio for student-teacher.

Please contact Ron Carmichael at 512-797-4127 (cell) for more information, as soon as possible, or write using the email address at the top paragraph of the page...

This is a very intensively satisfying way to gain a lot of information quickly, which can greatly improve your abilities as both an archer and as an archery coach, taught in a classroom setting with two very highly qualified archery coach instructors.

It will held in the Anna Hiss Gym on the UT Campus. Registrants will be sent a map with their confirmation, and will also get instructions on how to submit their background check information which is required by USA Archery for all elite coaches.  This background check is simple, straightforward, inexpensive, and absolutely required.

Course Schedule:

Friday, February 10, 4pm to 7pm (with later hours 1-to-1, to accomodate)
Saturday, 8am to 7pm with appropriate breaks (again, we may use more time, for example, over dinner at a nearby restaurant)
Sunday, 8am to approximately 5pm - we will take longer if necessary to insure success.

All Materials will be provided.

Your Teachers:

Tom Barker has an extensive bio history with archery over the last 16+ years, and currently is one of the founders of Straight Arrow Archery in Victoria. A Regional High Performance Coach, Tom is a sterling example of how to do things right in archery, and has a wealth of experience in teaching both complete novices as well as elite, USA Archery Team members. His students routinely represent the USA abroad in international competition, and just as routinely, take many medals in doing so. A vital part of the TSAA.

Alex Meyer has been a JOAD coach in Austin for at least 15 years, and is a member of the USA Junior Dream Team Coaching Staff and therefore has a great deal of experience and wisdom concerning methods for coaching new and youth archers to the elite level. He is a Regional High Performance Coach, a member of the USA Archery's International Training Staff, and a UT Archery Coach.

Regional High Performance Coach Ron Carmichael has been a coach for more than 10 years, has a firm grounding in the National Training System, as a pharmacist an equally firm grasp of additional topics concerning nutrition, supplementation, and USADA compliant aspects, and has coached at the University of Texas for more than 5 years. He was team leader for the USA Collegiate Team championship team to the World University Archery Championships in Shenzhen, China in 2010, as a member of the International Training Staff was assistant team leader to the first stage of the World Cup 2009 in the Dominican Republic.  He coached the first American woman to medal in singles archery competition in 34 years for Team USA, during the Beijing Paralympics. He is one of only two archery coaches ever to have been awarded the IKKOS medal by the USOC for excellence in archery coaching. He is also an expert in the use of photography as a coaching tool.

Together these three coaches will insure you are completely prepared for dealing with the advanced nature of not just instructing, but truly coaching, athletes.