This is the NAA's Dress Code, as of 6/2005. 

NAA Dress Code


Dress Code 


Khaki Bottoms Approved for NAA Dress Code, Effective May 1, 2004

khaki - light brown to moderate or light tan or beige

The following dress code has been approved by the National Archery Association (NAA) and the Board of Governors. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Officials and Rules Committee, or the Chairman of Judges at the event. It is suggested that you save this article and keep it handy when deciding what you will be wearing at your next NAA event.

Target & Field Archery
During competitions competitors shall wear appropriate, professional and coordinated attire.

Skirts, skorts, shorts or trousers shall be constructed of any suitable navy blue (non-denim), white or khaki (effective May 1, 2004) material. A vertical manufacturer's stripe is acceptable. Blue denim is acceptable for field archery. Shorts must reach the archer's fingertips when standing, as according to FITA rule, bullet 3.

Blouses, collared shirts and tee shirts may be composed of any color or combination of colors. For women, upper garments incorporating shoulder straps shall conform to a 3-inch or larger strap. Men are required to wear long or short sleeved shirts. All shirts must adequately cover the midriff (midsection) during competition.

At no time may camouflage clothing be worn as an upper or lower body garment.

Footwear must be worn by all competitors at all times during the tournament.
Advertising and Trademark Restrictions
Advertising and trademarks on clothing must adhere to the standards established in the FITA Constitution and Rules as set forth in articles 2.2.5, 2.2.6, 2.2.7 and 2.2.8.

Official U.S. Archery Team Uniforms
Members of U.S.A. Archery Teams may be required to provide their own white, navy blue or khaki (effective May 1, 2004) shorts, skirts and trousers. All members of one team, men or women, are to be dressed in the Team's uniform (FITA 3.23.2)

The NAA will adopt and designate Official Team Uniforms from time to time. All Olympic Team, World Team, USAT, U.S.A. Archery or any other NAA Official Team Uniform will at all times be considered to conform to the NAA Dress Code.

The NAA will restrict the wearing of NAA Official Team Uniforms to those individuals identified and for the purposes intended. No individual may procure, copy wear or display an NAA Official Team Uniform without the express consent of the NAA.

The NAA has the right to rescind the privileges of use of any NAA Official Team Uniform.
Dress Code Don'ts
Skin? Cover it up. Be sure that you are not too revealing in your attire.
Shirts, tops and upper body attire must meet the top of your pants, shorts or skirt, even when arms are raised.
Clothes with obscene language or symbols of sex, alcohol or drugs are unacceptable. Leave them at home.
Sweat pants can be worn only if inclement weather has been called by the DOS.
See through apparel, whether tops or bottoms, are not acceptable.
Sleeveless shirts for the gentlemen are not permitted.
Patterned print shirts more suited for casual wear and not NAA Championship events.
Camouflage clothing or clothing trimmed in camouflage will not be permitted.
Dress Code Do's:
We suggest slacks, pants, cuffed pants, shorts and skirts to be appropriate for NAA events. They may be either white or navy blue or khaki (effective May 1, 2004) in color.
For upper body attire, golf shirts, collared shirts and tee shirts are good choices and can be long or short sleeve.
Ladies only are permitted to wear sleeveless shirts.
Shirts or upper body attire may be of any color but it is requested that the colors of upper and lower body attire be color coordinated.
It should not be the intent of competitors to draw attention to themselves through their wearing apparel, but rather through their shooting, their actions and interactions with their fellow competitors, officials and press on the competition field. If you are in doubt about an article of clothing for NAA competitions then it most likely will not be appropriate. We ask that competitors not push the envelope to see how far you can go outside the limits of the NAA Dress Code but rather help set high standards for good taste in appropriate dress for a NAA archery tournament. The NAA Dress Code is a part of all NAA events and will be enforced. This includes Official Practice times. We hope this article will assist you as you prepare for the upcoming season at NAA competitions and thus avoid problems of having to change your clothing just before your competition. That is time better spent on warm up, practice and focusing for the day's event.

Attention JOAD Clubs: Dress Code
With new age classifications and other changes that affect archers, JOAD clubs and archers have a great deal to look forward to and to adjust to. One important issue raised by many NAA members and competitors is the dress code for JOAD Clubs.

It is important for JOAD Clubs and archers to be recognized nationally and internationally. All JOAD clubs MUST adhere to the dress code standards of the NAA (please see above for complete dress code). All JOAD competitors must wear the following:

Navy blue (non-denim), white or khaki (effective May 1, 2004) bottoms
Club shirts/tops are encouraged
Dress code will be enforced. Please ask if you are uncertain about your attire. Anyone in violation of this dress code will be asked to change clothes to appropriate uniform or to forfeit competition as the judges or officials see fit. Please see above for complete dress code rules. Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation. If you have any questions you may always contact a member of the Officials and Rules Committee, or the Chairman of Judges at the event.