If a JOAD archer is able to shoot certain scores in a verifiable way under standardized conditions (ie, a certified tournament), rankings are assigned such as "bronze olympian", "silver olympian", and of course, for the highest score setting, "gold olympian". In addition, for lesser scores, archers can mark their progress towards excellence by obtaining color-coded pins, suitable for wearing on either a chest guard or quiver, to show their accomplishment and expertise!

Regardless, the archer must submit a properly executed claim form in order to be considered for the recognition award.

To see all of the pins an archer can acquire through excellence, view this pdf. To find the CURRENT score requirements set by USA Archery, search on the USAA website. Note that there have been special pins for adult archers provided by both World Archery (FITA) as well as USA Archery.

As of 1/2015, these two charts are the USAA posted methods for determining excellence in performance:

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Print the Indoor Matrix Print the Outdoor Matrix

How pins are awarded - another information page from USAA. Please note that the pins are NOT based on age but rather on ability. Here's a FAQ.

The source for all of these was this location, , and the documents on this page MAY be out of date if USAA has updated anything. Always refer to USA Archery for the official information.

As of November of 2014, I am unable to locate ANY JOAD handbook on the USAA website. Here is the link to the 2011 handbook, which MAY not be 100% accurate at this point.

THE OLD PIN MATRIX below HAS BEEN REPLACED BY THE TWO (INDOOR AND OUTDOOR) MATRICES ABOVE. It remains displayed because it can be helpful to understand the various standards. IT IS NO LONGER OFFICIAL!

The 2009 & 2011 JOAD Handbooks contained in their appendix the following image. Where there are two distances, such as "60/70", the distance is paired with a distance. For example under Olympian GOLD, there is a column with 60/70 and beneath it for the Recurve bow, two scores: 335/320 . This means that to achieve recognition by USA Archery for a GOLD OLYMPIAN a recurve archer (either male or female) must shoot a score of 335 at 60 meters or a 320 at 70 meters.


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