District 11 Report for Archery in 2002.  The following is the summary of the meeting held August 31, 2002

Tournament Calendar: The following dates were agreed to for the 2002 invitational and district tournaments.  All Tournaments will have a pre-shoot a few days prior to the listed date. It can be Thursday and/or Friday.  It is up to the host club as to when, but Thursday evenings usually are the most convenient for those attending.  The preshoot allows those archers with schedule conflicts such as school functions to be able to shoot on a different day and still have their participation count.  It is also OK for an archer to shoot the preshoot with one bow type and then shoot the regular day using a different type of bow!

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October 12



October 19



October 26

East Matagorda

Bay City

November 2

Aggie Invitational

no District 11 shoot

November 9



November 16

Calhoun/Tiger Sharks

Port Lavaca

November 23

Victoria & Longhorn Invitational


November 30



December 7



December 14

District 11 Championships


 The Schedule for future District 11 tournaments is now:
2003 - Colorado
2004 - East Matagorda

Calhoun and Lavaca counties will be eligible to host the district 11 tournament in 2003 if they want to.

Age Criterion Date

The criterion date for age determination will be the age on August 31 of the preceding year.  In other words, shooters will be classified by their age on August 31, 2002 for the entire 2002-2003 shooting year.

Shooting Rules

A discussion was held concerning our shooting rules.  The following were discussed and agreed to:

*Last years shooting rules were affirmed.  We will still have a 250 graduation score for the sub-juniors to the 18 meter 30 arrow round and 200 for sub-junior graduation to the 60 arrow match.  Sub-juniors and Junior Recurves will shoot the 60 cm target while all compounds and all seniors will shoot the 40cm target consistent with the NAA’s JOAD guidelines.

*We will follow the NAA’s guidelines for maximum arrows size of 9.3mm.  This equates to nothing larger than a 2315 Easton aluminum arrow.

* A reminder that there is a 60 lb. maximum draw weight on compounds.

* Clover kids will shoot the 9-meter distance at the 60-cm target. These youngsters will shoot 5 ends of 3 arrows for a total of 15 arrows (THIS IS A CHANGE). Compounds, recurves, boys and girls will all participate in a single class.  This class is a FINGERS only class, unless they have proven to the project leader and the range officer that they can safely shoot a compound bow with a release aid.  No releases will be allowed in this group without the approval of the range officer.  A parent must be present on the line with the Clover Kids while shooting.  The purpose of the Clover Kids class is to introduce the young archers to the 4H archery program.

* District 11 will allow guest youth to shoot at our invitational tournaments to participate in the 4H experience.  These guests must be members in good standing of some other youth archery organization such as the NFAA, LSBA, NAA, IBO, or ASA.  While they may shoot at our tournaments on a space available basis they will not be eligible for the 4H awards.  They must abide by all of the 4H equipment rules and restrictions.  They will sign the liability waiver and pay the $5 entry fee.  All other archers must be 4H members in good standing, which means they have completed the 4H enrollment forms and have satisfied their county’s “no pass, no play” policy.

* There will still be a 60 arrow plus team max arrow limitation per day on sub-juniors.  They can shoot 9m and 18 meters if they have not graduated as long as they stay under the 60 arrow limit.  They can also shot any combination of two classes, barebow, compound, or recurve if they stay under the 60 arrow limit.  The purpose of this rule is to prevent over use injuries to these archers.


* The team event will require a nominal fee to cover the cost of awards. It was agreed that the clubs would charge $3 per team.  Club teams and mixed club teams are allowed, but they must shoot the same bow class, (e.g. all three members should shoot a compound. However, if a recurve archer cannot find a team and wants to shoot with two compound archers, they are in the compound division.)   Each team should consist of a sub-junior, a junior and a senior 4H archer.  You may substitute up, but not down. We will continue with three archers per team with three rounds of each archer shooting three arrows per round and a three-minute time limit per round.  The recurve teams will shoot at 45 feet at a 60-cm target with no inner ten ring scoring. The compounds will shoot at 45 feet with a 40-cm target with the outer ten ring scoring.  If an invitational tournament wants to conduct their team event in a lottery fashion, that is acceptable also.  This means bow types, and archer ages could be mixed and subject to the luck of the draw.  The team event is one of the most successful and most anticipated aspects of the 4H archery experience.  It is our sincere desire to keep it so.  Also, in the past some clubs have done an adult team round with club bows and this has proven to be successful also.


The Thursday pre-shoots will consist of a clover kid line if needed and two 9-meter lines and the Sub-junior, Junior/Senior 18 meter lines running simultaneously with the 9 meter lines.  Practice rounds for the second 30 arrows rounds will be conducted during the 60 arrow round break. Pre-shoots may also be conducted on other days at the tournament director’s discretion, i.e. Fridays after football season.


We decided to do awards for a tournament at the lunch break of the tournament the following week.  This allows the kids to be there for their awards and allows for last minute award acquisition to make sure things are right.  It also takes some of the rush out of getting everything sorted on short notice. 

Awards for the 9 meter event will be given for 1st through 3rd place for the following divisions:

Beginner Sub-Junior

Recurve            Compound             Barebow (open only)

Female             Open

For the 18-meter event awards will be given for 1st through 3rd place for the following divisions:

Intermediate Sub-Junior

Recurve            Compound             Barebow (open only)

Female             Open

Advanced Sub-Junior,  Junior,            Senior

Recurve            Compound            Barebow (open only)

Female             Open

Awards for Clover Kids will be given for all participants   and all divisions will be combined (female, open, compound, recurve).  Their awards will also say “Champion.”  This is a participation class only and by rule, there are no places awarded.

Award Purchasing Offer

Ben Dybala purchased the equipment necessary to produce award plaques at a very competitive price for  4X5",  5X7", and 6X8" awards.   You may take advantage of this very competitive offer or do your own thing.  Ben needs at least two weeks notice on the awards and if you send him a JPEG with your logo, he can incorporate that into the award.

Pre-Registration (NEW ITEM)

It was also decided that with the tremendous growth to try a pre-registration format for the tournaments.  If you want to shoot at a certain time you can pre-register and pay early for that privilege.  If a pre-registered archer does not check-in and confirm his or her shooting time 30 minutes before their assigned shooting time, the spot is subject to reassignment.  If you do not pre-register, then it is a walk up, first come fist served basis.  It was also decided that you cannot pre-register to start your 60 arrow match at 10:30.  As more and more kids start shooting the 60 arrow matches, the logistics of trying to schedule matches becomes impossible.  Therefore 60 arrow matches must start the first line of the day or the fist line after lunch.

It was agreed that the standard entry fee will remain at $5 per archer per event.

District Tournaments:

It was reaffirmed by all that the District tournament would be conducted as the district championship and not as an invitational.  The host club must conduct the tournament according to the rules and guidelines established by the district representatives.  This includes shooting classes, age groups and events.


Ben Dybala was elected president of the District 11 archery committee with James Ross president designate for next year and Tom Barker secretary, with Norman Boyd secretary designate.

Ben indicated that he is putting on a Level 1 instructor class Sept. 13th, 14th, and 15h in Rosenberg.  Contact Ben directly if you have any interest in this comprehensive certification program.  Tom Barker also indicated that he would do a one day Level 1 one Sunday in Victoria, tentatively scheduled for September 8th.  Please contact Tom at 578-0973 or by email if you are interested.  Everyone is reminded that the use of certified instructors is the best way to ensure that our practices and tournaments remain incident free.

*We have been asked to do several outreach programs for groups interested in archery.  It is in our best interest to take these tasks on for several reasons:  safety of the participants, quality of instruction so they do it right, and good PR for when we ask for something in return (like a building).  Here are some of the dates and who is helping out:

·        Sept  7 – Adult leaders and ambassadors workshop in Victoria – Shelby Fischer and Tom Barker

·        Sept 29 – Victoria Harvest of Fun – Janet and Mark Lesak, Shelby Fischer

·        October 12 – Aransas National Wildlife Refuge – Shelby Fischer

·        October 19 – Texana Legacy Days – Tom Barker, Dave Marlow and Norman Boyd

·        November  9- Macaroni Fest in Victoria – Tom Barker


* Tom Barker and Jim Krueger will be working on scheduling a coach’s clinic with the accomplished archer,   Hyo Jung (Linda) Kim for some time this fall.

* Since Colorado County will host next years District tournament, they are responsible for setting up next years District 11 archery meeting to discuss rules and shooting dates.

 Accomplishments 2001 / 2002

Jr Worlds

Kevin Barker, Sage Adams, Holly Heinsohn and Garrett Krueger attended the trials. 
Kevin and Sage made the team. 
Kevin finished 33rd individually and 4th in team. 
Sage finished 35th individually and 7th in team.

IBO Worlds

Holly Heinsohn shot the 4th best score.

JOAD Nationals

Attendees and placement:

Sarah Miller – 7th in FITA and 8th in Olympic round
Rachel Miller – 4th and 3
Kevin Barker - 4th and 3rd     with a bronze medal in the team event
Garrett Krueger – 21st and 10
Holly Heinsohn – 7th and 2
Catlyn Curtner – 6th and 4
Leanne Wiley – 5th and 4
Andrea Wiley – 10th in FITA

TSAA State

Here are the 4H youth archers that placed at the TSAA state tournament

Meagan Lesak -1st
Andrea Wiley -2
Simone Petrosky -3
Tyler Janota – 1
Tyler Reagan –2
Whitney Ellis –3
Catlyn Curtner –1
Kenny Holcomb –1
Nick Stricklin –2
Mathew Hickl –2
Kyle Gerla – 3

National 4H match in New Mexico

These District 11 4H archers represented Texas at this match and finished first in recurve and second in compound and won the overall title:

James Page
Andrea Gerla
Jeffrey Kallus
Garrett Poncik
Matt Ross

 USA JOAD Olympian Team
Kevin Barker
Garrett Krueger


Other Tournaments

Many other District 11 archers participated and placed at these other events:

Longhorn Invitational
Aggie Invitational
Lone Star FITA
Texas Shoot-out
TSAA state indoor championships
State 4H indoor championships
NAA Indoor Nationals
State 4H outdoor championships
TSAA State Field championships
Numerous state and local 3D tournaments

4H Alumni

A couple of 4H alumni have distinguished themselves nationally and internationally.

Lyndsey Kubecka – Scholarship Texas A&M Archery Team
Guy Krueger- collegiate All-American at Texas A&M, Bronze medal at the World University Championships, Gold Medal at the United States Collegiate Championships

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