3D Fun Shoot for Kids (No Adult Shooters)!
Thanks to the Crossroads Archery Club, and in particular Randy Morgan, for the 1st annual 4H 3D fun shoot. Everyone had a blast.


For future 3D shoots (youth and adults) in the Victoria Area here is 2002 schedule:
Crossroads Archery (Victoria)
March 24
April 28
May 26
June 23
July TBD
August 25
For information and directions: lassmann@tisd.net

Evergreen Archery (Victoria)
March 17
April 21
May 19
June 16
July TBD
Fro Information and directions: ninner@awesomenet.net

Peach Creek (Gonzales)
March 10
April 14
May 5
June 9
July 14
August 11
Spet 8
For information and directions Mike Seale 361-596-7543 or Wesley
Mikulenka 361-293-2432

Ok, project leaders and parents, here is your mission. The Crossroads Archery Club near Schroeder, TX has offered to show your kids how to shoot a 3D round on February 16, 2002!  
This is the same course that the Lone Star Bowhunters Association is going to hold the state match on.

This is an excellent opportunity for your kids to see how the 3D game is played and to practice before the state 4H match in June. There will be no awards since the cost will cover the wear and tear on the targets and the meal.

All bragging rights WILL be retained however :)

Recurves, barebows and compounds will be allowed to shoot. Please plan on coming for a fun day of archery hosted by the Crossroads Archery Club, another fine supporter of youth archery. This is another kids only shooting event, but we need parents to help

Schroeder is between Victoria, Cuero, and Goliad.  Click here to use MapQuest to view the map of the area.

Crossroads Archery Club held a meeting on 1/3/02 & want to have a 3D Fun shoot for all our area 4H groups. These are the plans that we decided on:

Day: Saturday Feb. 16
Time: There will be a shotgun start at 10 am.
Cost: $5 per 4H member. This includes a hotdog meal.
Range: There will be 30 targets set up & each kid will shoot 15 targets. We would like for the kids to score each others cards in their group. After shooting starts, each group will move to the next target until their 15 round score card is filled. We feel this will give the kids a chance to shoot enough targets to make it enjoyable without taking an excess amount of time. The stakes will be set up at known distances (9 & 18 meters) to allow the kid to be more confident & successful with each shot & minimize arrow loss.
Novelty: We will be discussing plans for a novelty shoot @ our next meeting.

Crossroads Archery plans to furnish:
1) Targets.
2) Initial instruction on scoring.
3) Score cards.
4) Range officials along course to answer questions & help in whatever way is needed.
5) A hotdog meal with chips & drink
6) Drinking water along the course
7) Fun

What we would like the 4H to provide:
1) Kids.
2) At least 1 adult per group of shooters.
3) Liability release forms.

If you would, send this out to the other area instructors to we can get a feel of the interest in this. We would like to have as close as possible estimate of how many kid will participate at least 1 week prior to the date to ensure we have an adequate amount of food & drink. If you have any questions, please email or call me @ 578-9074. We look forward to having the 4H out.


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