2003 Texas 4-H Indoor Archery Match
Bay City, Texas
March 14-15, 2003


County Registration Form
2003 Texas 4-H Indoor Archery Match

Click here to open/download the MS WORD DOCUMENT REGISTRATION FORM
SUB-JUNIOR U 9-12 C - Clover Kids - Siblings of shooters, no entry fee, no
JUNIOR J 13-14 scores, awards as arranged
SENIOR S 15-18

Participation Classes: Recurve - R     Compound - C     Bare Bow - B


1. Print the form above and then list all shooters who will participate.
2. Check appropriate age classification and please group shooters names first by their age classification:
- sub-juniors (U), juniors (J), then seniors (S).
3. Show events and classes entered.
4. Include the $20.00 entry fee for each shooter entering. (Fee includes a match tee-shirt.)
5. List all adults and youth guests that will be attending and write Aadult@ or Aguest@ through the age classification section by their name.
6. Include a $10.00 fee per spectator or guest desiring a shoot tee shirt. Note: Only orders received by the registration
deadline can be filled.
7. Be sure to include coach=s name, address and phone number.
8. All fees must be pre-paid and accompany this registration form.
9. Be sure to bring the minor=s release form even if the parents will are attending.
10. Make checks payable to: Texas 4-H Foundation.
11. Return this form BEFORE February 21, 2003 (Fax to 979-845-6495 is permissible to get shirts ordered)

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