Goliad Invitational 4H Match - October 10 & 12, 2002

The first 4H match of the 2002 District 11 indoor archery season was conducted in Goliad, TX on October 10 and 12. There were 92 entries with boys and girls from 5 to 18 years old shooting compounds, recurves and barebow. There were many personal bests and three youngsters (in gold) graduated to the next level in shooting. Of particular note was Garrett Poncik’s 280 and 289 compound scores.

For those not familiar with our system, we let beginner 8-12 year olds shoot at 9 meters until they shoot a score of 250 for 30 arrows. At that point they graduate to intermediates where they shoot a 30 arrow round at 18 meters. Once a 200 score at 18 meters is shot, they graduate to advanced archers for a 60 arrow round at 18 meters. To graduate is a big goal.

In addition to the individual shooting, there were 5 recurve teams and 5 compound teams competing for the team awards.

Next week’s match is in Columbus, TX with the following week in Bay City, TX.

The results are listed below.  Pictures are here  
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Goliad Invitational 10/12/02,      92 Entries

Clover County   Score  
Chad Lesak Victoria Champion  
Ty Heinsohn Lavaca Champion  
Amanda Cloessner Goliad Champion  
Mikayla Hollmann Colorado Champion  
Beg Sub Jun Open Recurve
Clayton DeBord Goliad 260 Graduates
Colton Corneilus Tiger Sharks 241  
Jonathan McAdams Goliad 237  
Ben Baiamonte Goliad 232  
Justin Farias Beeville 220  
Daniel Staggs Goliad 216  
Shane Hermes Tiger Sharks 213  
Michael Petru Goliad 208  
Joel Riggs Goliad 204  
Christopher Wood Victoria 191  
Kelby Duque Goliad 175  
Michael Medrano East Matagorda 115  
Beg Sub Jun Open Compound
Matthew Cloessner Goliad 237  
Zane Kallus Victoria 235  
Matthew Hahn Calhoun 230  
Andrew Brown Calhoun 228 6-10's
Nathan Volkmer Victoria 228 4-10's
Travis Barr Victoria 171  
Kyle Motal Victoria 131  
Gaylon Kubesch Victoria 94  
Beg Sub Jun Female Recurve
Laura Gerla East Matagorda 248  
Elyse Hernandez Bee 247 4- 10's
Kisha Acuff East Matagorda 247 3- 10's
Paige Gregory Goliad 174  
Jenny Acuff East Matagorda 145  
Beg Sub Jun Female Compound
Meagan Lesak Victoria 270 Graduates
Lauren Staggs Goliad 180  
Holly Kubesch Victoria 78  
Beg Sub Jun Open Barebow
Tasha Mahagan East Matagorda 208  
Tyler Reagan Goliad 163  
Taylor Hollmann Colorado 44  
Int Sub Jun Open Recurve
Garrett Cathriner Tiger Sharks 196  
Jacob Dannels Goliad 180  
Tommy Moczygemba Goliad 176  
Josh Farias Bee 174  
Logan Gregory Goliad 167  
Jordan Genzer Tiger Sharks 132  
Tyler Reagan Goliad 105  
Int Sub Jun Guest
Travis Cox Guest 247  
Int Sub Jun Open Compound
Evan Lovett Goliad 178  
Matthew Cloessner Goliad 175  
Int Sub  Jun Female Recurve
Kayla DeBord Goliad 262 Graduates
Laura Gerla East Matagorda 186  
Rachele Reagan Goliad 172  
Kelsie Pfenninger Goliad 153  
Kisha Acuff East Matagorda 134  
Jenny Acuff East Matagorda 108  
Heather Dannels Goliad 88  
Int Sub Jun Female Compound
Meagan Lesak Victoria 195  
Whitney Ellis San Patricio 133  
Int Sub Jun Open Barebow
Lindsey McElrath Ft Bend 156  
Adv Sub Jun Open Recurve
Kirby Langford Tiger Sharks 512  
Tyler Janota Goliad 454  
Matthew Cloessner Goliad 379  
Adv Sub Jun Female Recurve
Simone Petrovsky Colorado 464  
Kirby Hickl Tiger Sharks 405  
Abigail Wallace Tiger Sharks 237  
Adv Sub Jun Female Compound
Korey Shroeder Victoria 203  
Junior Open Recurve
Jeremy Pfenninger Goliad 529  
Matthew Hickl Tiger Sharks 494  
Kyle Gerla East Matagorda 490  
Ashton Porter San Patricio 271  
Jordan Brown Victoria 179  
Junior Open Compound
Holly Heinsohn Lavaca 565  
Danny Moczygemba Goliad 501  
Nick Stricklin Calhoun 478  
Mason Bonner Goliad 475  
Ben Hammer Goliad 439  
Junior Female Recurve
Catelyn Curtner Tiger Sharks 528  
Andrea Garner Calhoun 505  
Junior Female Compound
Jessica Bradley Calhoun 496  
Junior Open Barebow
Andrea Garner Calhoun 504  
Nathaniel Rogers Colorado 305  
Senior Open Recurve
Kevin Barker Goliad 557  
Kevin Bone Goliad 501  
Senior Open Compound
Garrett Poncik Colorado 569  
Michael Brown Calhoun 555  
Bradley Innocenti Victoria 524  
Kevin Hahn Calhoun 509  
Chris Barr Victoria 507  
Ben Mieth Colorado 499  
Robert Chastain Calhoun 493  
Karen Bone Goliad 348  
Senior Female Recurve
Mallory Wallace Tiger Sharks 482  
Andrea Gerla East Matagorda 387  
Cassandra Smith Goliad 308  
Abbie Hammer Goliad 253  
Senior Open Barebow
Melinda Medrano East Matagorda 81  
Team Recurve
T. Janota, K. Barker, C. DeBord   226  
J. McAdams, R. Reagan, K. Pfenninger   185  
K. DeBord, T. Reagan, M. Cloessner   179  
J. Acuff, K. Acuff, T. Mahagan   137  
J. Farias, J. Farias, E. Hernandez   121  
Team Compound
H. Heinsohn, C. Barr, T. Heinsohn   209  
A. Garner, B. Mieth, C. Lesak   189  
D. Moczygemba, T. Moczygemba, J. Pfenninger   183  
M. Lesak, W. Ellis, T. Barr   146  
Z. Kallus, J. Riggs, K. Duque   40  

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