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This was held in Colorado County near Columbus.  There were 94 contestants including several sub-junior kids that graduated and Garrett Poncik, shooting Senior 18m Open Compound, shot an Olympian in the first half during the Thursday preshoot; and then turned around and shot a Silver Olympian the second half!  Great shooting by any measure.
Congratulations to ALL the archers in this event!


OCTOBER 17 & 19 2002
Clover Kids        
Ty Heinsohn Lavaca Champion    
Chad Lesak Victoria Champion    
Justin Holcomb Lavaca Champion    
Kurtis Steffek Lavaca Champion    
Meagan Attaway Matagorda Champion    
Alex Fortner Tiger Sharks Champion    
Luke Helms Colorado Champion    
Cameron Urban Colorado Champion    
Mikayla Hollmann Colorado Champion    
Sub-Junior Beginner 9 meter Barebow        
Clayton DeBord Goliad 229 1st Place  
Mack HelmsIV Colorado 211 2nd Place  
MacKenzie Graeber Ft. Bend 201 3rd Place  
Evan Venghaus Colorado 180    
Tasha Mahagan E. Matagorda 178    
Levi Stancik Colorado 173    
Chelsi Goolsby Colorado 150    
Caleb Helms Colorado 147    
Ashley Charles Colorado 134    
David Bond Colorado 118    
Chelsea Urban Colorado 114    
Alicia Jurek Colorado 103    
Diana Jurek Colorado 99    
Taylor Hollmann Colorado 94    
Danielle Harney Colorado 71    
Brynna Lucas Colorado 39    
Sub-Junior Beginner 9 meter Recurve Open        
Tyler Attaway E. Matagorda 251 1st Place Graduated
Shane Hermes Tiger Sharks 245 2nd Place  
Justin Farias Bee 229 3rd Place  
Colton Cornelius Tiger Sharks 224    
 Sub-Junior Beginner 9 meter Recurve Female        
Kisha Acuff E. Matagorda 222 1st Place  
Amanda Pike Bee 191 2nd Place  
Jenny Acuff E. Matagorda 186 3rd Place  
Sub-Junior Beginner 9 meter Compound Open        
Jared Pohl Fayette 262 1st Place Graduated
Kyle Steffek Lavaca 259 2nd Place Graduated
Ethan Bain Wharton 241 3rd Place  
Matthew Hahn Calhoun 233    
Jake Merta Wharton 229    
Gregory Rod Wharton 224    
Zane Kallus Victoria 218    
Landon Drapela Wharton 216    
Brandon Rachunek Wharton 175    
John Torres Calhoun 118 (28hits)  
Dillon Berglund Wharton 118 (26hits)  
Paul Schlaudraff Colorado 114    
David Grissom Wharton 94    
Reid Berglund Wharton 78    
Sub-Junior Beginner 9 meter Compound Female        
Amber Bain Wharton 224 1st Place  
Sub-Junior Intermediate 18 meter Barebow        
Lindsey McElrath Ft. Bend 174 1st Place  
Sub-Junior Intermediate 18 meter Recurve Open        
Jordan Taska-Genzer Tiger Sharks 208 1st Place Graduated
Clayton DeBord Goliad 204 2nd Place Graduated
Chade Joines Tiger Sharks 199 3rd Place  
Garrett Cathriner Tiger Sharks 181    
Tyler Attaway E. Matagorda 169    
Josh Farias Bee 168    
Sub-Junior Intermediate 18 meter Recurve Female        
Rebecca Page E. Matagorda 223 1st Place Graduated
Meagan Ross Colorado 189 2nd Place  
Jenny Acuff E. Matagorda 168 3rd Place  
Kisha Acuff E. Matagorda 147    
Sub-Junior Intermediate 18 meter Compound Open        
Jared Pohl Fayette 156 1st Place  
Sub-Junior Intermediate 18 meter Compound Female        
Meagan Lesak Victoria 224 1st Place Graduated
Sub-Junior Advanced 18 meter Recurve Open        
Adam Webernick Tiger Sharks 493 1st Place  
Tyler Janota Goliad 492 2nd Place  
Matthew Cloessner Goliad 462 3rd Place  
Sub-Junior Advanced 18 meter Recurve Female        
Kayla DeBord Goliad 482 1st Place  
Simone Petrosky Colorado 450 2nd Place  
Kirby Hickl Tiger Sharks 406 3rdPlace  
Abigail Wallace Tiger Sharks 376    
Andrea Garner Calhoun 517 1st Place  
Nathaniel Rogers Colorado 317 2nd Place  
Cassie Urban Colorado 255 3rd Place  
Megan Parker Colorado 83    
Junior 18 meter Recurve Open        
Christopher Page E. Matagorda 393 1st Place  
Junior 18 meter Recurve Female        
Catelyn Curtner Tiger Sharks 528 1st Place  
Ashley Page E. Matagorda 434 2nd Place  
Junior 18 meter Compound Open        
Holly Heinsohn Lavaca 571 1st Place  
Kenny Holcomb Lavaca 520 2nd Place  
Mason Bonner Goliad 519 3rd Place  
Zack Webernick Tiger Sharks 488    
Bradley Haas Lavaca 484    
Nicholas Stricklin Calhoun 465    
Senior 18 meter Barebow        
Sarah Disparti Colorado 80 1st Place  
Senior 18 meter Recurve Open        
Kevin Barker Goliad 550 1st Place  
James Page E. Matagorda 480 2nd Place  
Matthew Hickl Tiger Sharks 467 3rd Place  
Garrett Krueger Tiger Sharks 460    
Senior 18 meter Recurve Female        
Mallory Wallace Tiger Sharks 448 1st Place  
Sarah Miller Goliad 399 2ndPlace  
Amanda Miller Goliad 331 3rd Place  
Senior 18 meter Compound Female        
Rachel Miller Goliad 436 1st Place  
Senior 18 meter Compound Open        
Garrett Poncik  (scores of 291 and 295 ) !! Colorado 586 1st Place  
Jay Pohl Fayette 547 2nd Place  
Ben Mieth Colorado 513 3rd Place  
Blake Green Wharton 493    
Clayton Swanson Wharton 420    
Team Round Recurve        
Name score place    
Stacked Deck 252 1st Place    
Andrea Garner; Kayla DeBord; Kevin Barker        
Bay City Dodgers 218 2nd Place    
James Page; Chris Page; Rebecca Page        
Timberwolves 174 3rd Place    
Ashley Page;Kisha Acuff;Tasha Mahagan        
Nothing 165      
Josh Farias;Justin Farias;Chade Joines        
Winners 116      
Meagan Ross;Brynna Lucas;Nathaniel Rogers        
Team Round Compound        
Three's Company 236 1st Place    
Holly Heinsohn;Megan Lesak;Kenny Holcomb        
We Learned Something 223 2nd Place    
Bradley Haas;Kyle Steffek;Nick Stricklin        
The Devils 191 3rd Place    
Garrett Poncik;Clayton DeBord;Tyler Attaway        
Robin Hood's Merry Men 76      
David Bond;Zane Kallus;Paul Schlaudraff        
Timberwolf Hunters 57      
Jenny Acuff;Meagan Attaway;Matthew Hahn        

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