Here is the schedule and key rule changes for the upcoming 4H season down here in the coastal bend area of South Texas.

We do allow youth guests to come shoot with us and the format is pretty much like a JOAD event. The only real differences are a 9 meter line for the beginners under age 12, a relaxed dress code and the age groups are sub-junior 8-12, junior 13-14, senior 15-18. We try and accommodate the TSAA shoots as well as we can but sometimes the work schedules of the project leaders or venue availability conflict with the other shoots (e.g. the Longhorn Invitational and Victoria tournaments this year.)

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Tournament Calendar: The following dates were agreed to for the 2001 invitational and district tournaments. All Tournaments will have a
preshoot a few days prior to the listed date. It is up to the host club as to when, but Thursday evenings usually are the most convenient for those attending.
October 13 - Goliad
October 20 ≠ Open (Aggie Invitational)
October 27 ≠ East Matagorda ≠ Bay City
November 3 ≠ LaWard (Lolita)
November 10 ≠ Colorado (Columbus)
November 18 ≠ Victoria (Longhorn Invitational also that weekend)
November 24 - Open (Thanksgiving Weekend)
December 1 - Open
December 9 ≠ Tiger Sharks (at Lolita)
December 15 ≠ District 11 Championships at Victoria

The Schedule for future District 11 tournaments is now:
2002 - Tiger Sharks
2003 - Colorado
2004 - East Matagorda
2005- LaWard
2006- Goliad

Age Criterion Date
The criterion date for age determination will be the age on August 31 of the preceding year. In other words, shooters will be classified by their age on August 31, 2001 for the entire 2001-2002 shooting year.

District Tournaments:
It was reaffirmed by all that the District tournament would be conducted as the district championship and not as an invitational. The host club must conduct the tournament according to the rules and guidelines established by the district representatives. This includes shooting classes, age groups and events.

Shooting Rules
A discussion was held concerning our shooting rules. The following were discussed and agreed to:

*Due to the dramatic increase in 18 meter participation, the expectation of additional growth, coupled with the improved proficiency of district 11 archers we are continuing the experiment from last year with the 9 meter line and the 18 meter line. The 9-meter line and 18 meter lines can be shot simultaneously by moving backstops. In the event we have to shoot an A/B line we will suspend the time limit for ends so that the kids can move to and from the line and accommodate as many shooters as safely possible.

* A 9 meter event will be for Beginner Sub-juniors (regardless of age as long as they are 12 or less) that have not shot a 30 arrow round
score of 250 in a tournament. The 9 meter event will consist of 10 ends of 3 arrows (30 arrows round). Compounds will shoot the 40-cm
target (outer 10 ring) and recurves the 60-cm target. A release aid for compound shooters is allowed if the archer can safely handle the
equipment. Multiple pin sites like on a typical hunting or 3D rig are also allowed on compound bows . Parents and volunteers should help
score these youth archers. The graduating score of 250 is a change from last year. Those youngsters that advanced to 18 meters in 2000
are not eligible to shoot the as Beginner Sub-juniors in 2001.

* Sub-juniors who have attained a score of 250 in a 30 arrow round at 9 meters will advance to the Intermediate Sub-junior division
and shoot at 18-meters. The Intermediate Sub-junior 18-meter event will consist of a 30 arrow round. Each end will consist of 3 arrows.
There will be 10 ends. Compounds will shoot the 40-cm target (outer 10 ring) and recurves the 60-cm target. A release aid is allowed for
compound bow shooters if the archer can safely handle the equipment. Multiple pin sites like on a typical hunting or 3D rig are also
allowed on compounds. Sub-juniors in the 18-meter event will score themselves. Once the Intermediate Sub-junior attains a score of 200
he or she will graduate to the Advanced Sub-junior division.

* Sub-juniors who have achieved a 30 arrow score of 200 or better must now shoot the 60 arrow match at 18 meters. This match is two
consecutive rounds of 30 arrows (with a break in the middle) for an aggregate score. . Each end will consist of 3 arrows. There will be 2
rounds of 10 ends. Compounds will shoot the 40-cm target (outer 10 ring) and recurves the 60-cm target. A release aid for compounds is
allowed if the archer can safely handle the equipment. Multiple pin sites like on a typical hunting or 3D rig are also allowed on compound
bows. Sub-juniors in the 18-meter event will score themselves.

* All juniors, seniors will shoot the 18-meter event. Their 18-meter event will consist of two 30-arrow rounds for a total of 60 arrows.
The two rounds should be shot with the same bow type, i.e. recurve or compound. Release aids are allowed in the compound division and the compound division is an open or unlimited class for equipment (e.g. long stabilizer, scope, peep, etc.) There is a 60 lb. max draw weight limit. Compounds will shoot the 40-cm target (outer 10 ring) and recurves the 60-cm target. A change for this year is that all senior recurve archers will compete on the 40 cm target. The reason for this change is to more closely align these archersí competitions with the international conditions of FITA that they will be competing in outside of 4H.

* Sub-juniors may shoot two 9 meter events with two different type bows or a 9 meter and an 18 meter event or two (30 arrow) 18 meter events with different bow types if there is space available. Each separate event is a different entry fee. Sub-juniors are limited to a maximum 60 arrows plus the team event and practice arrows per day.

* We will add a traditional of barebow class to our competitions this year. Due to the limited number of entries expected, this will be a
single open class by age only (i.e. boys and girls will compete in the same division). The barebow class does not allow the use of any sights or sighting device, release aids or stabilizers. The creation of this class recognizes the challenge these youngsters have taken on and allows them to compete seperately from the olympic recurves. This competition will take place on the 60 cm face.

* Clover kids (previously referred to as cubs and for youngsters less than 8 years old) will shoot the 9-meter distance at the 60-cm target.
They will have two shooting opportunities: 8:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. These youngsters will shoot 4 ends of 6 arrows for a total of 24
arrows. Compounds, recurves, boys and girls will all compete in a single class. This class is a FINGERS only class, unless they have
proven to the project leader and the range officer that they can safely shoot a compound bow with a release aid. No releases will be
allowed in this group without the approval of the range officer. A parent must be present on the line with the Clover Kids while shooting.

The purpose of the Clover Kids class is to introduce the young archers to the 4H archery program.

* District 11 will allow guest youth to shoot at our invitational tournaments to participate in the 4H experience. These guests must be
members in good standing of some other youth archery organization such as the NFAA, LSBA, NAA, IBO, or ASA. While they may
shoot at our tournaments on a space available basis they will not be eligible for the 4H awards. They must abide by all of the 4H
equipment rules and restrictions. They will sign the liability waiver and pay the $5 entry fee.

Other Items

* The team event will require a nominal fee to cover the cost of awards. It was agreed that the clubs would charge $3 per team. Club
teams and mixed club teams are allowed, but they must shoot the same bow class, (e.g. All three members should shoot a compound.
However, if a recurve archer cannot find a team and wants to shoot with two compound archers, they are in the compound division.)
Each team should consist of a sub-junior, a junior and a senior 4H archer. You may substitute up, but not down. We will continue with
three archers per team with three rounds of each archer shooting three arrows per round and a three-minute time limit per round. The
recurve teams will shoot at 45 feet at a 60-cm target with no inner ten ring scoring. The compounds will shoot at 45 feet with a 40-cm
target with the outer ten ring scoring. If an invitational tournament wants to conduct their team event in a lottery fashion, that is acceptable also. This means bow types, and archer ages could be mixed and subject to the luck of the draw. The team event is one of the most successful and most anticipated aspects of the 4H archery experience. It is our sincere desire to keep it so. Also, in the past some clubs have done an adult team round with club bows and this has proven to be successful also.

* Suggested shooting schedule:
8:00 registration
8:30 Clover Kids line 1
9:00 9-meter line 1, Sub-junior 18-meter line 1 and Junior/Senior 18-meter line 1
10:30 9-meter line 2, Sub-junior 18-meter line 2 and 2nd half of Junior/Senior 18-meter line 1
12:00 Clover Kids line 2
12:30 Team
1:00 9-meter line 3, Sub-junior 18-meter line 3 and Junior/Senior 18-meter line 2
2:30 9 meter line 4, Sub-junior 18-meter line 4 and 2nd half of Junior/Senior 18-meter line 2
ca. 4:30 youth awards.

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