Columbus Area 4H Invitational Archery Tournament
October 4 and 6, 2007
Colorado County Fair Grounds
Junior Recurve Ladies
1st Place Heather Barthels 254 Victoria graduates
2nd Place Elizabeth Haynes 234 Victoria
3rd Place Holly Gaskamp 231 Victoria
4th Place Mikayla Hollmann 223 Colorado
5th Place Krista Noland 217 Goliad
6th Place Hannah Tupa 208 Wharton
7th Place Taylor Janak 194 Victoria
8th Place Lauren Stone 161 Tiger Sharks
9th Place Fran Powers 127 Wharton
10th Place Megan Reynolds 123 Brazos
Junior Ladies Compound
1st  Place Amanda Van Dorn 159 Brazoria
Junior Open Recurve
1st Place Neilon Reitz 252 Goliad graduates
Junior Open Bare Bow
1st Place Adam Sebesta 228 Colorado
2nd Place Chase Stary 195 Wharton
3rd Place Mark Schlaudraff 115 1 Colorado
4th Place Landon Heffley 115 0 Colorado
5th Place Wyatt Rath 106 Colorado
6th Place Justin Frederick 91 Colorado
7th Place Riley Gott 69 Colorado
Junior Open Compound
1st Place Charles Powers 243 Wharton
2nd Place Preston Brandes 238 Wharton
3rd Place Tristen Knowlton 216 Wharton
4th Place Kyle Smith 209 Wharton
Junior Intermediate Open Compound
1st Place Hunter Merta 174 Wharton
2nd Place Cody Capistran 159 Goliad
3rd Place Landon Wiggen 84 Victoria
Junior Advanced Open Compound
1st Place Sheng Anderson 372 Brazos
Junior Advanced Open Compound
1st place Trent Welfel 450 Goliad
Intermediate Ladies Recurve
1st Place Anastasia Murphy 464 Victoria
2nd Place Allison Wiliams 444 Victoria
3rd Place Emelia Hamiter 398 Brazos
4th Place Sarah Warner 371 Victoria
5th Place Shelby Stary 282 Wharton
6th Place Kisha Acuff 247 East Matagorda
7th Place Tristen Welfel 214 Goliad
Intermediate Open Compound
1st Place Nick Hoganson 565 Brazos
2nd Place Aaron Trevino 518 Victoria
3rd Place Clayton Debord 515 Goliad
4th Place Hunter Barthels 514 Victoria
5th Place William McCleary 479 Brazos
6th Place Clay Glaze 452 Wharton
7th Place Taylor Sizemore 423 Victoria
8th Place Luke Estlubd 414 Brazos
9th Place Logan Rippamonti 377 5 Victoria
10th Place Clayton Ott 377 1 Wharton
11th Place Koy Kresta 313 Wharton
12th Place Hunter Tupa 234 Wharton
Intermediate Open Bare Bow
1st Place Walter Christenson 261 Colorado
2nd Place Bonnie Winkler 136 Colorado
3rd Place William Christian 130 Colorado
Intermediate Open Recurve
1st Place Josh Stone 505 Tiger Sharks
2nd Place Chad Lesak 499 Victoria
3rd Place Daniel LeBlanc 463 La Ward
4th Place Logan Wiggen 392 Victoria
5th Place Corbin McCleary 350 Brazos
6th Place Matthew Seymour 332 Tiger Sharks
7th Place Shawn Faidley 327 La Ward
8th Place Riley Rath 318 Colorado
9th Place Justin Kitterman 315 Tiger Sharks
10th Place Christopher Branham 242 Fort Bend
11th Place Lucas Carillo 235 Tiger sharks
Senior I Ladies Recurve
1st Place Charly Anderson 419 Brazos
2nd Place Diana Jurek 337 Colorado
3rd Place Elise Westfall 304 Brazos
4th Place Taylor Hollmann 283 Colorado
5th Place Erin Vestal 198 Brazos
6th Place Jessica Boehm 135 Colorado
Senior Ladies I Compound
1st Place Elizabeth Landry 528 Colorado
2nd Place Danica Yates 518 Brazos
Senior I Bare Bow
1st Place Tasha Mahagan 308 East Matagorda
Senior I Open Recurve
1st Place Kayla Debord 482 Golaid
2nd Place Colton Fisher 411 Victoria
3rd Place Ryan Vacek 106 East Matagorda
Senior I Open Compound
1st Place Paul Schaudraff 546 Colorado
2nd Place Gavin Gardner 418 Harris
Senior 2 Ladies Recurve
1st Place Megan Knowlton 471 La Ward
2nd Place Jory Schroeder 446 Victoria
3rd Place Simone Petrosky 358 Colorado
4th Place Jenny Acuff 194 East Matagorda
Senior    2 Ladies Compound
1st Place Rebecca Page 480 East Matagorda
Senior 2 Open Recurve
1st Place Bobby Jones 539 Colorado
2nd Place Max Sera 538 Brazos
3rd Place Chris Page 445 East Matagorda
Senior 2 Open Compound
1st Place Megan Lesak 549 Victoria
2nd Place Bryce Brown 547 13 Victoria
3rd Place Derek Yates 547 11 Brazoria
4th Place John Ellinger 524 La Ward

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