Bob Pian of Arizona Archery posted this how-to for the FITA Windsock:

FITA Wind Sock Set up

The windsock can be purchased directly from FITA.
They are sold from the FITA shop.

The wind socks come with three loose strings.
Tie them to the windsock and then tie the three strings to a big fishing line swivel that can be purchased at well stocked outdoor sports store.

Next you need a windsock swivel arm aka Conduit Swivel Socket Tip

  or just the
Here is a link to an online source in Florida.
They are inexpensive; it doesn’t hurt to purchase couple extra.

Attach the swivel ½” x 6” rigid electrical conduit threaded piece that you can purchase at Lowes or Home Depot.
The nylon swivel base fits inside the conduit and then can be silicon glued in carefully so as keep the swivel free swinging. Make sure the inside of the conduit is clean so the silicone adheres.

The 6” conduit with swivel arm, fishing swivel and windsock assembly is then threaded on to a 10’ long piece of ½ rigid conduit, again purchased from Lowes or Home Depot.
Note that FITA has a recommended range for mounting height which a 10’ piece of conduit meets.

Drive a 4’ piece of rebar half way into the ground and put the conduit over the top.

(Bob, why do you write these things?
Well a friend asked and I answered so I decided to share what I wrote up.)


Thanks, Bob!!!