Novelty shooting ideas for JOADs and 4H kids - these were blatantly lifted, plagiarized with only the slightest tip of the stetson, from the binary group.  Emails included where possible to identify the miscreants.

From John Dickmon:
You need some plastic pvc pipe, about ten feet of it, a mousetrap (BIG rat type one), a couple blocks of wood, a golf ball, a deck of playing cards, a rag bag target, some string, and a safety pin.

Pin the playing card to the target. Tie the pin to the bail on the rat trap.
Drop a golfball in the pvc pipe, and then draw and shoot the playing card on the target before the ball rolls down the pipe, triggers the trap which yanks the pin and card off the bag.

Here's a pic of me trying it....


From HOODOOWITCH (the Illustrious Ian White):
Reverse scoring.
Inner ring = 1
Outer ring = 10
Do you go for a 10 and risk a miss?

"V" shoot
Draw two converging lines on a piece of paper. One closest to bottom
of "V", without going outside, wins. Knockout basis.

Penalty Shoot-out.
Good for a novice/experienced team paring.
Novice shoots 5 arrows, anywhere on target.
Experienced has to match scores to "save" the penalty. When we tried
this, experienced archer had to get the inner colour to save the
penalty. i.e. Novice scores 1,3,6,9,10 advanced must get 2,4,6,10,10.
Knockout basis

William Tell.
Get a cheap foam wig stand and put an apple on it's head. Small crab
apples for Compounds, Big Cookers for kids. First to shoot apple wins.
If you get a head shot - you're out.

Treasure hunt.
Stick a map of some islands on a boss, pick an island and make anote
of it in an envelope. One arrow each. nearest wins. Or lots of arrows
each but use some cheap ones, it can get crowded in there.

Balloon shoot.
Get some Helium-filled balloons, put some *BIG* numbers on them and a
stamped card with return address. Attach some string, attach the
string to other ba1loons pinned to target. Get the kids to shoot at
the balloons, make a note of who shoots what number and wait a month
or two. Prizes for first balloon returned, furthest travelled etc.
(expect a *very* low return rate)

Floating balloons
Helium filled balloons attached to ~3 foot of string. Fantastic to see
the kids try this on a windy day.

Black & White
Get some B&W card (3" squares is good) and set up on target like a
chessboard. Two teams, 10 arrows per team member. Simply count the
total of whites V blacks.

Hanging prize
Get some strips of paper and hang some chocolates at the end. When
there's enough holes in the paper, the chocolate will fall. You may
want to give the paper some tears to start with.

Last shoot of the day it's good to do a Speed shoot.
As many arrows as you can shoot in 30 secs. 4 Carefully aimed vs 7
random shots is usually close.

The Treasure hunt, white v black, William Tell, hanging prize &
balloon shoots are good because as you're organising other shoots
people not involved can at least do some shooting.

Make compounds and experienced archers shoot without sights. Make sure
you get some back-stop netting or you'll be hunting for arrows all
day. Don't set the targets much more than 30yds ... and get some cheap
arrows ... and *plenty* of chocolate/beers for prizes.

Ben Leighton:
If you don't have any other ideas there is always the quick and easy option of a map. Either painted or constructed on the ground, in our university club we allocate different points to the different halls of residence. Perhaps you could do USA states?

From Albert Potas:
You might try "archery poker". Shuffle a playing card deck and tack the 52 cards to a target (4 rows of 13 or any pattern you like as long as the cards are in random order) about one inch apart. Shooters draw straw or something to establish the order of shoot; one arrow each repeated until 5 arrow shot for each. First to hit a card gets it. Best hand wins.

From Chris Petchey, Grimsby Archers:
Alternative to the reverse scoring, cut a target face into quarters, then rotate each quarter through 180 degrees. You should end up with a square target where the highest scoring spot is now quarter circles in the corners of the square. The lowest scoring ring now takes up a huge area in the centre of the target.

From Marty Sasaki  Arlington, Massachusetts USA
The folks at Verdugo Hills in California shoot, or they used to shoot, a field round with a triangle target. The top triangle was 5, the band below it was 4, and the bottom was 3. The best archers usually shoot at the 5 and occasionally miss. The duffers shoot at the 4 and usually do pretty well.

From John Russell, Pinhoe Cub Scouts, Devon, UK
To finish a serious session with a bit of fun we sometimes have a speed shoot in teams. Two teams, ready to come to the line one at a time, three arrows each. Move the bosses a bit further back than you've been shooting. On the whistle the first player from each team starts shooting, the second player comes to the line and starts shooting as soon as the first is finished, and so on. Have an instructor next to each shooter - for every arrow that hits the boss (or make it a smaller target, if they're good!) stop the other team for a count of five. So the question becomes, is it better to get my arrows off quickly regardless of where they go, or to be more accurate and stop the other guy.

From Ewan Oughton, University of Limerick (no kidding!), UK
Get a cheap ass remote controlled toy car, some string, and some balloons. (Some backstop netting is also good). instant moving targets.