6th March 2005

Large Hall - University Sports Centre
By Chris Goodman,
president of Nottingham University Archery Team.

  The aim of this webpage is to give a brief overview of the Beiter Hit/Miss target system that will be used during the finals (1/4, 1/2, Gold and Bronze) at BUTC

    The system works on the same idea as the team round at International University competitions for the team round.

Each target has 9 discs of 60mm diameter, and each archer of the team has either their own column or row of 3 discs.

The size of each disc is equivalent to 75% of the 9 and 10 zones on a 40cm FITA face.

The idea of the hit/miss system is the 'even' the competition in the finals, with only a point scored for a hit, and zero points for a miss.  This prevents teams taking a large advantage on 'bad' shots of possibly lower ranked teams.

This will liven up the event for spectators as rounds will generally take until the last end to be decided.




The targets also add a visual element to the competition, as the discs are able to show when they have been hit or missed, by them being pushed backwards when hit.  Also the hit produces a distinguishable sound.

In the event of a tie after the 27 arrows shot by each team, each team member will shot a single arrow on the middle target of their row/column, to determine the winner.

Smaller sized discs can be used if the above method does not produce a result.


This picture is of a test target for the hit/miss system used on a 'Danage Domino' target, to show the initital set up of the discs.


    As shown it is very clear to see when a disc has been hit, as it is pushed backwards by the arrow through the foam holes towards the target.

    Each Beiter Hit/Miss target is screwed onto a 'Danage Domino' boss, therefore no damage occurs to the arrows, which would happen if used on straw butts.

    When an arrow hits a disc it either penetrates the soft plastic of the disc, or just pushed the disc out of the way.

    The arrows are easily removed from the discs, by a gentle pull of the disc down the arrow shaft.








Below is a sample video of how the targets work

To view video (right click -> save as)  (1.5 megs)

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