Tom Barker of Straight Arrow Archery in Victoria, Texas has been a moving force to be reckoned with. He has found many creative and innovative ways to get archery into the lives of countless kids and adults in the region. Here is a project that is upcoming, in a fast and big way!

May, 2010

Tom writes:

Here is an article from the local paper in Victoria about the master parks plan which includes a multipurpose building that will house the archery range.

I have attached a pdf file of the front and footprint of the building.  A couple of things to note.  The building will be 100 feet by 140 feet.  That is a big archery range.  With this project Straight Arrow gets out from under the rent of our current building.   It will be next to the new University of Houston campus in the master plan (way down the road).  Also, note the very aggressive time frame.  The building is supposed to be ready in Feb. 2011. Realistically we are not looking to move in until August 2011 in time for the fall 4H season.  The building will sit on 5 acres which gives us some room for an outdoor practice field too.  The site location is attached also.

Finally, the Saxet lakes plans are a bonus.  This has the potential to be developed into a public field archery/3d  range down the road.  I have a full plate and have not expressed an interest in developing that until I see our building completed.  Nor have I mentioned it to the county park commission, but for archers it is an obvious possibility.  Here is a link with a topo of Saxet Lakes.

Good things are happening for Texas Archery in Victoria.  

Other possibilities include the TSAA actively helping to support the development of the field archery range down the road or work with Joni Brown on an Easton Grant to build a public archery park at the lakes.

Multipurpose Building Footprint

Straight Arrow Site - it is the shaded blue area on the overhead photo of the area...

more on this as it continues....

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