The Trafford Family of Archers

The Traffords are a unique force in Texas, nay, US Archery, and are to be reckoned with at any field venue around the world.

I hope to introduce them to you in a way so as to help you understand what they are, why they are so different in so many ways.

The Texas State Archery Association has for many years extended its umbrella over surrounding states that do not have a state archery association active enough to provide events for archers to compete at. The Traffords reside just over the state line in Louisiana, but from its days as an independent country, Texas has always been proud to welcome anyone that wanted to be here strongly enough. The Traffords have been just such Texans. Skip's job takes him around the world, and so does archery, for the entire family. I reckon at one time or another, every Trafford has represented Team USA abroad in an international level competition, often with podium-level success.

Left: Miriam, then Heather, then Hardy, then Skip, then Rachael and finally last but not least, Charlene (on far right).
This picture was taken by Gary Yamaguchi at the National Target in Hamilton this past August. (2009)

Here are a variety of documents reflecting the archery activism of the entire Trafford family.

The Trafford Family, by Ron Carmichael

Newpaper and Web Writeups(In no particular order):

Colorado Gazette article Aug 9, 2008

FITA Olympic governing body Interview with the Trafford family

Times article world champs 5 22 08

Times family article 01 2006

Trafford Family CV (as of December 2009) AS of this writing in May 2012, they have not altered their trajectory much and continue to contribute to the US Archery organization, the latest event being Skip;s election to the USA Archery Board of Directors.

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