The folks at Diamond Valley Archery have a great target stand design.  It allows a single archer to easily migrate to the next distance. To convert the dimensions to inches, divide the mm by 25.4  ...

The target bale on a completed stand.

The target bale is actually a plywood box....

...filled with plastic pallet wrap inside walls of cardboard..

...and covered with heavy weave mesh ground cloth, made of fiberglass. 

Alan Carter provided the photos and information on the box:   
The target box ends & base are made from 5 mm plywood,360mm or chipboard top is 2 x 60 mm square on each side.  Using a shade cloth,  weed mat, or some other material is stretched over and stapled.  Then cardboard is put in to keep the surface flat and make mounting targets easier.  The box is then stuffed with used
plastic shrink wrap that we get from transport companies.  When you put the plastic in it has to be done in layers.

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